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My Blockchain Networks

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Email: [email protected]
Email: I've had many email addresses at Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, MSN, etc.


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But this list is incomplete and there are other places you can find me or some of my stuff online and offline and you can Google and Duck Duck Go me and search me online to maybe find me other places and then add those links in the comments below if you want: been online writing and more mostly since maybe 1998 when I was thirteen years old, which was twenty years ago as it is 2018 right now as I was born in 1985 in Oregon: here is a current list of my social networks and places where you can find me as of right now: I'll be updating these lists, these links, sometimes: I'll be adding to this list when I can: this list is or should be alphabetical:

My Social Networks

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Employment Resume

My experience - (Web-Designer) @Small Music Store in Shelton, WA,(Film-Maker) @Forty Four Tapes,Camp-Counselor, English-Teacher, Song-Writer, Actor, Artist, Developer, Landscaper, Photographer, Coach, Carpenter, Musician, Doctor, Philosopher, Athlete, Agent, Historian, Comedian, QAnon, American, & more... (See More)

My Biography

Have lived in - Oregon, New York, West Virginia, Vietnam, Hawaii, Quebec, California, Seattle, Idaho, Cambodia, Oregon, South Carolina, & more... (See More)

My Blockchain Networks

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Please check out - AIG,Crowder,DailyBeast,DailyCaller,Dnews,DrBerg,Drudge,Eagle,FreedomPressFreedomToons,FreeGeek,Hagmann,InfoWars,IntelliHub,Lionel,Lisa,Mark,Milo,NaturalNews,NewsWars,Rebel,RSBN,Savage,Veritas,WikiLeaks,WND, & more...(See More)

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In the comments below, you can add your own links, comments, questions, concerns, connections, messages, feedback, ideas, other links, cyber links, hyperlinks, e links, and more, concerning where people may see my stuff, things, videos, photos, articles, GIFs, memes, etc, or where people can find me, contact me, or whatever, or things not related to me maybe. Eat more oatmeal, haha, and have fun. Good luck. I may update my social networks lists in the comments and in future posts.

My Blockchain Networks

Add me on -Bitchute--Busy--Disqus--Dlive--Dmania--Dsound--Dtube--Freedom--Gab-GitHube-Minds--PewTube--Steemit.com--Steepshot--Utopian--WikiTree--WP--Zappl- ...and more...

My Social Media Ghettos

Add me on -Blogspot--Facebook--FB Group--FB Page--Google--Linkedin--Medium--Periscope--Reddit--Tumblr--Twitter--YouTube- ...and more...


Cool movie!! Your really funny lol

Thanks, that video was when I was 18 in 2003 or so.

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