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Two-folded. First, expansive. Second, interstellar.

So, first, the potential of InfoWars (IW) is expansive. We can see it explode and expand faster than Control Freak Fake News is imploding. In order to continue to grow, we all have to be visionaries like Michael Jordan was in basketball. See it in your brain like a picture. Believe in it. Follow through like shooting a hoop. Commit to your visions, dreams.

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Blow It Up!

Specifically, the most important thing about InfoCOMMS is this and less so anything else. We are here to expand the reach of Info Wars, firstly, beyond anything else.

In my vision, I believe Info Wars can go live 24 hours a day, 7 days, not 5 days, a week, in the next few years, if not sooner. We have one central command base in Texas, currently. Maybe a few studios for the shows. In the future, I would love to see a new base in Switzerland. Then we could have a show that goes live from there each day. After that, we could have another one in Vietnam or South Korea or Hong Kong or Australia. With the different time zones, that would help Info Wars go live 24 hours a day. And beyond that, it would be awesome to have special weekend shows that would then go live on Saturdays as well. We all can believe in this type of vision where Info Wars command bases begins popping up all around the world like the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) but better. I'm not promoting TBN here. I just saw it as a kid. It was interesting. Maybe TBN helped some people. But maybe TBN did some bad. Not sure exactly. But that is besides the point.

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To Infinity & Beyond

Secondly, another potential is interstellar networking between stars, as in between us, between different people, as in networking as we are stars, as we are leaders or potential leaders of side projects that branches off from Info Wars.

And this website symbolically can serve as that central hub to some extent of leaders that get together like the globalists do with Bilderberg except we are the Infoberg. We are the good guys and we can come together and branch out all around the world a lot better than they can. So, in meetups like Bilderberg, there may be dozens of world leaders, tech leaders, coming together. But with Infocoms, we can have hundreds and hundreds of people like you and me come together, not once a year like Bilderberg but once a day and once an hour and we can implement our strategies in seconds flat. Faster than they can. There is so much potential here. It can take many decades for globalists to get things going. They have to get approvals and everything. Like Hillary Clinton's campaign for example was much slower than the MAGA Movement. And the Infowars Movement is a sub movement that may work faster and harder than the more general MAGA Movement.

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Visit Info Wars at their website:

Info Wars can expand so much.

And we all can branch off from here as well like a good version of Bilderberg. Our first duty should be in making sure Infowars grows before spending too much time on spinoffs, side projects, our own networks, projects, etc. But both things work hand in glove. Believe in this Oatmeal, this vision.

And we all have our different roles, perhaps, in this Infowars Army:

4 Different Infowars Army Roles

  1. Some may be the foot soldiers, activists. Most people can do this.

  2. Some may be the tech nerd, geeks.

  3. Some may be the faces, the speakers, hosts, interviewers, writers, artists, designers, etc.

  4. And some may be the producers, the financial supporters, connectors, the ones that gets things done, gets people together, etc.

Mix It Up

And in life, each person may be a combination of all these things.

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