Beer in Vietnam

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She was in acting college in Saigon, and she was pretty passionate as an actress. I'm Oatmeal Joey, which means I love to eat oatmeal, hey hey, says the Cool-Aid Man, haha, but that doesn't mean I don't ever, never ever, cross out your eyes and hope to die ever, like at world's end with Jack Sparrow never ever, enjoy a nice cool beer, like my father (cue in a beer commercial, haha). The Hanoi Bia (beer) was pretty good. There is Tiger Beer. There is Saigon Bia. My favorite might be the Ba Ba Black Sheep, the Ba Ba Ba 333 Beer. One time in like November of 2015, my English students got me pretty drunk. I barely made it back to my hostel room. I probably threw up that night, right into the toilet.

Oatmeal Joey Arnold Beer HCM Saigon Vietnam 2015

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JSA Joey Arnold Oatmeal Saigon 23/9 park vietnam 2015

Ngày Tết Quê Em (Tết, Tết, Tết đến rồi)

Published on Dec 8, 2015 on YouTube by Joey Arnold: singing a Vietnamese song to his students in Saigon at a restaurant bar in district 1 across the street from our school which is down the road from Bui Vien Street, the bus station, the 23/9 park, Pham Ngu Lao, in Vietnam. People would ask me to sing this song a lot.

Timeline: Beer in Vietnam

2015: some of my photos while living in Vietnam
2018-09-14 Friday 05:02 PM LMS | Beer in Vietnam
Published at 06:51 PM Friday

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