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Jesus went to the tax collector's house.

Jesus went to the sinner’s houses. Romans 12, for we are in the world. Catholic monks have tried isolating themselves from the world. We can try not to be of the world on one hand, but we are in the world to some extent. Jesus was in the world. Jesus spent time around sinners. Romans 3:23, for all have sinned. So, everybody sins. We are all sinners. Matthew was a tax collector. Matthew became a disciple of Jesus. Saul was a murderer but then became Paul, an apostle of Jesus. The Bible is full of these redemption stories.

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Celebrating Christmas

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Christmas Tree Question

So, could we go to a house that has a Christmas tree? Yes, a Christmas tree can be pagan. It can be sinful. We might sin. We might all be sinners. So, having a Christmas tree might be a sin. It might be bad. It might be a question of how bad it is or isn’t. How sinful is it, we could ponder. You could argue either way that it may or may not be a sin to have a Christmas tree. It might be worse than meat offered up to idols; and if that meat causes you to fall, then stay away from it. Maybe Christmas trees and other things are like the ritual meat maybe. I would stay away from ritual meat, as much as possible.

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Not Doing Good Might Be Sin

James 4:17, he who knows to do good and does not do it, to him, it is sin. So, I would try my best to do the most good. That is the motto of The Salvation Army, “Doing The Most Good.” And also, “A Heart To God And A Hand To Man.”

Christmas 1992

We Visited Dad's Family - Los Angeles, CA - Disneyland
1992-12-26 - Saturday - We Visited Disneyland

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I know Christmas is Pagan.

So, I would do my best to stay away from as much of it as I can. But at the same time, should we isolate ourselves from people like Catholic Monks did? Should we beat ourselves like the monks did? Should we live in tall isolated towers like the monks did? To what extent do we isolate ourselves from people? Because people sin. We all sin. We do bad. We do pagan things. And yes, some things are worse than other things. Yes, some things are very very bad. Some things have harsher consequences.

Christmas 2005

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Christmas 1960's

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Whether Christmas is pagan or not, that depends on each person's point of view, because the word says in Romans 14. 22 Blessed is he who does not condemn himself in what he approves. 23 But he who doubts what he eats is condemned, because he does not do it with faith; and everything that does not come from faith, is sin, 17Because the kingdom of God is not food or drink, but justice, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, so in my humble opinion, would do the same with these Christmas festivities, If you celebrate them with faith believing that this pleases God, then for you it would not be a sin.

It is good to see the good in life. There is a lot of beauty in life. There is so much hope over dope in life. We can encourage each other to greatness during holidays and each day. So, there is so much life and joy over circumstances for us for sure.

US pagans share all our holidays with you! Enjoy!

I like Halloween. But my favorite might be Christmas.

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