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Old People on Facebook.

Back in December 2018, Pew Die Pie was talking about some funny posts on Facebook by old people but was covering up their names but not the names of YouTubers, generally, but why? I was watching that a few minutes ago. I told Mike that I've been studying the written driver's test online, the past few months. That's a goal, to drive. I'm turning 34 next month and have yet to own a car. Was in Vietnam teaching English for 5 years until 2017. But came back to be part of MAGA USA. Came back for a lot of reasons. Wanted to see how things were. Long time no see kind of thing. Maybe a mid-life crisis. Uploaded around 800 photos to a Facebook account and then also a page as I do normally each week.

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Time to settle down.

Did recycling. Bought $10 USD squirrel food from Tractor Supply. Cute receptionist girl. Mom told me to buy it for their outside pets. Had some weird dreams like mom was lost on my desk as a small person. Had that dream some minutes ago during a nap. The past few days, I've had pretty crazy dreams that I can't remember but they sometimes involve stuff mixed with computer using and tabs and it is like I dream of surfing the Internet while doing things in a normal dream but in the tabs of the computers at times. The first made I made in 2019 was of the Xhale Cashier for freaking out at the Trump Shirt Customer as seen above. Second meme I made today was of the male woman freaking out for being misgendered at a GameStop store as seen below. Told my mom that my arms have been sore for the past month. Maybe from not stretching enough. I was out shoveling a lot. Some yard work. I guess I got to keep a daily warm-up routine, like as if I was a car that was getting too cold during the winter. Fox News was saying that they were waiting for a report from the Russia Investigation. But they've been waiting since like October 2018. So, how is that breaking news? It looked like it was CNN. Did Disney buy it so they could mess it up like they did to Tim Allen's Last Man Standing, Roseanne, and Star Wars? Good first day of 2019, where I went to store, did chores, like yesterday, made memes, was on Facebook, Tagged, and the forbidden frog forums. Mom was telling me about the man who has been investigating geoengineering. They have the flight paths of the airplanes that would drive back and forth above what became the Californian fires of 2018 which ISIS took credit for. Right now, Lisa Havens is talking about how they're preparing to false flag YouTubers like her, Pew Die Pie, etc, and others in order to push millions of people back to CNN, to corporate Control Freak News. That's a big aim for this year, 2019. The good news is that millions of people already get it and are turned off by Soros funded news. That article goes on to say that everything on YouTube is fake. That's a big narrative that they continue to push along with their push on alleged fake news, hate speech, over emphasize on man-made global warming, the fake Russia collusion which Hillary Clinton was involved with concerning Uranium and also China, etc. My New Years 2019 Revolution, I mean Resolution, is to make more memes, my day in rewind, review, and more overall consistency in the things I already do.

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