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Win-win situations are there.

Take the time to smile at people, because that is how you build a win-win situation in life. Learn how to go on offense, not on defense, to win. You can learn so much about the art of the deal, of doing business, of getting done, by Donald Trump, by what he says & especially by what he does.

Taking Censorship To Higher Levels

Corporate Censorship


Wall or Fall

For example, today, as he talked to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer live on television. Trump presented two options. Both choices is a win. Option one, funding for the wall. Option two, government shut down. Funding the wall saves Americans so much money. It creates American jobs. Didn't Roman Empire fall, to some extent, to diminished border security? Wasn't I put in Facebook Prison for talking about what Hitler was trying to do with Europe with the help of Jihadists? Today, Trump was beating Nancy & Chuck in the debate.

Funny Murder

Daring Deception

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Nancy had to shut it down.

So, like that Fake CEO Google said, like Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said, like Twitter Jack said, Nancy said they needed to talk in private. That is a win-win situation because it tells people that the Democrats are trying to hide. Maybe, they can't talk about certain things while the world listens. Maybe they can't handle the truth, the light, like cockroaches which ran from Alex Jones today. In life, you can win. Find them.

Technology Adaptation

Private Coins

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Each little thought counts.

Like they say, it is the thought that counts. Treasure each thought as each thought counts in the moment, in the present, as it is a gift. That is why they call it a present. Each day is a present. We are in the present. Build life. We are alive. We can do so much. There is so much potential.

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