@ArtTurtle Will Upvote Each & Every One of Your Art/Music Posts

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It Feels Good to Get a Reward for Your Hard Work

But what if it doesn't come? That's what happens to all too many artists, musicians and real content creators that come to Steemit.

Artists are broke by nature and they're looking for an avenue to promote their work and maybe buy a meal or two, you know, so they don't starve.

It Feels Good To Get A Constant Reward

Honestly, I would have left Steemit if it were not for my good friend @DerekRichardson who used @steemvoter to automatically upvote all my posts. It can be greatly disincentivizing to spend hours writing from the heart only to see the 7 votes you get didn't even break $0.00. Getting Derek's constant, consistent vote of about $0.10 encouraged me. I created @ArtTurtle to do for all artists that which Derek did for me; keeping you posting awesome art, music, fashion, video and literary content!

Psychologically Speaking...

Consistency is key. Human beings are social animals and we need social feedback to be psychologically sound. And we need that feedback to be consistent with what we view as reality. If one day we receive positive feedback for the hard work we've done, but on another day we receive no feedback at all, it's the same as receiving negative feedback. If you're someone who puts in the effort consistently, you expect the reward to also be consistent.


How To Use @ArtTurtle and Get an Upvote Every Time

While it's not necessary (see below), the quickest and easiest way to get @ArtTurtle's upvote is to delegate 20 Steem Power or more to @ArtTurtle so that all the artists can enjoy the increased upvote value. @ArtTurtle works on the idea that if we all chip in we can all benefit. I have gathered together about 1000 Steem Power from various investors to give @ArtTurtle it's starting upvote value, but it could be so much more!


To delegate Steem Power and have @ArtTurtle start following you instantly, and upvoting all of your art and music posts, just click the delegate button. It will take you to a form I created on my website https://mike.artopium.com where you can enter how much you'd like to delegate. It uses SteemConnect to authenticate you so be sure to have your Steemit password ready.

Once your delegation is a part of the blockchain it will take about 30 minutes for @ArtTurtle to find your delegation and start following you. Once it does @ArtTurtle will immediately begin upvoting you starting with your next post.

Or Get @ArtTurtle's Upvote By Becoming A Member of Artopium.com

Sign up to Artopium.com. (What, you're not a member already? You should do this anyway, it's free!) Artopium lets you create a profile page and list and sell all of your creative works in one place, whether they be art, music, fashion, video or books. Once you've created your profile and have added all of your Creative Works, send me a message in my Discord server and I'll have ArtTurtle start upvoting you right away!

To Get an Upvote You Must Use One of These Tags

Just use one of these as a tag for your post and you'll get an upvote from @ArtTurtle. Notice that some of the tags get you upvotes from other Steemit organizations. This saves you tag space!!

  • art
  • music
  • musicvideo
  • fashion
  • book
  • books
  • artopium
  • handmade
  • originalworks
  • artzone
  • photography
  • painting
  • paintings
  • utopian-io
  • openmic
  • open-mic

Now Go Forth and Create!

And spread the word! The more who use @ArtTurtle the more we all benefit! Let's pool our resources.

Algorithm Disclosure

Unlike other bots and upvote "schemes", I'm going to share with you the actual algorithm that determines how much @ArtTurtle gives out. I think this is important because I want everyone to be conscious of how the algorithm helps @ArtTurtle grow. It was necessary to create this algorithm because I needed to divvy up the total amount up upvote value in a day to an arbitrary number of people. A Steemit account can only upvote so much before depleting it's voting power, so the algorithm ensures that the voting power is never depleted and that everyone gets an equal upvote. I also want to share with you how I'm using the @ArtTurtle Daily Report and the Artopium Word Of The Day to perpetuate the increase of Steem Power and thus vote value.

The algorithm is very simple and works like this.

Every time @ArtTurtle makes an upvote it counts how many upvotes it's given in the last 24 hours, then uses this equation:

X = (7 / num_of_upvotes * 100) - (100 - vote_power)
if X > 100 then X = 100
if X < 1 then X = 1

To explain this equation in English, that's 7 upvotes (out of 10 in a day) divided by the number of upvotes given in the last 24 hours multiplied by 100. The second part of the equation subtracts the remainder of 100 minus the current vote power. This creates a non-linear equation making the vote values smaller more quickly as more upvotes are given out. This ensures nobody tries to "game" the system by posting too much.

7 is used instead of 10 because 3 upvotes are given out to @ArtTurtle and @Artopium at 100%, one for the Daily Report, and two for the Word of The Day. These upvotes, used in conjunction with MinnowBooster, help accumulate Steem Power into @ArtTurtle.

Why is @ArtTurtle Powering Down?

UPDATE: @ArtTurtle is no longer powering down nor is @ArtTurtle using bid bots to increase it's Steem Power. Since the last hardfork it's no longer profitable to use the bid bots and curation are the only source or profits or rewards. Because of this @ArtTurtle is accumulating it's own Steem Power much more slowly.

ORIGINAL TEXT: This is to help perpetuate the continuous flow of SBD to MinnowBooster, which in turn upvotes @ArtTurtle and @Artopium, which in turn increases Steem Power. @ArtTurtle is currently set to Power Down at a rate less than the amount of Steem Power it's accumulating. It's only Powering Down just enough to accommodate for the tiny amount of SBD lost from using bid bots.

How To End The Madness

I get it. It can be a bit much, free upvotes for life and everything. But if you find yourself in that unfortunate situation where you need @ArtTurtle to stop following you and upvoting your content you can do one of three things. 1) Simply don't use the tags listed above. No tag no upvote. 2) Type "STOP" as a reply to a comment @ArtTurtle left on one of your posts. It's needs to be all capital letters and the only word in the post. 3) Lower your delegation to less than 20 Steem Power and @ArtTurtle will automatically stop following you.

Think This Is A Great Idea?

Or don't? Let me know in the comments below. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on @ArtTurtle.

Also check Out My Other Project SteemAX!!

I'll be making a much longer post about this soon, but for now you should know that my other project SteemAX is currently live! SteemAX is an auto-upvote exchange program that lets Steemians exchange upvotes with each other for an agreed upon length of time. You can choose the percentage of your upvote you'd like to exchange, then set the ratio between your upvote and theirs! This allows minnows and whales to exchange disproportionate upvotes!


For more detailed information please check out my recent post from my other Steemit account @learnelectronics:



Please contact me (Mike-A) on Discord


My Website



@friendly-fenix I'm answering you as a separate comment so I can pin it to the top. I shall write an entire blog dedicated to why SteemConnect is a safe choice and how you can use it to protect your steemit password.

SteemConnect is owned by Steemit inc and created by Busy.org,

So if you trust putting your password into steemit you can trust putting it into steemconnect. ;) Both @ArtTurtle and SteemAX use SteemConnect to ensure your password is never stored or even seen. Instead my web apps get a temporary token that grants very limited usage. You can always login to SteemConnect and revoke permission for a web app to use your tokens. This is much better than giving up your password ;) Hope that answers your questions.

Okay @artopium I delegated 20 SP to @artturtle. This will be a fun experiment!
Thanks for providing this service.

Awesome awesome awesome!!!

Well it works great, the more art you post the more steem you earn, so it's a bit like reward for art/artist related posts, and I like art and I want to support it here on Steemit, I believe art is very important for the future of this platform.


@krugerbecca check this initiatve out

Definitely a great idea. The more it builds, the quicker everyone grows. And yes it sucks not being rewarded for all our efforts

Thank you. I worked hard on this. I hope it helps.


Those are the magic words my friend. :)

Thank you! And I look forward to seeing more of your art on here. :)

Cool, if I get my shit together a bit more I will try to be a part of this, can you do it under a "pen-name", so to speak...?

Oh man, sure. And if you can't delegate just sign up to Artopium. @ArtTurtle is non judging and does not care what names you use. :) And your posts are perfect. No need to get anything together. Just start using it. @Artturtle needs love!

I will try to get into the groove of things and use art turtle, soon.=)

Hey my friend, I've also invited you to use my new project at steemax.info/@friendly-fenix. You'll have to login your first time going there. Would you mind accepting my invite to exchange upvotes? Thanks!

Yeah, I am a bit sketched out by foreign websites and such... But I want to...

img src

Do I have to enter my steemit password?
I like you and all, but it feels like this is how you get "jacked"?

lol, you know you have a legitimate point. I'm answering this as a separate comment which I've "pinned" to the top.

Okay, thanks thats great!

Oh hell yes! I'm on this right now! Thank you!

You bet. let me know if you need any help. :)

Thank you, artopium. Upvoted and resteemed!

@ArtTurtle is an upvote bot run by @Artopium dedicated to upvoting your art, music, fashion, video and books. Find out how you can get an upvote for every creative post you make by visitng @ArtTurtle and reading the latest report.

Now I understand what this delegation thing is all about that popped up on me so suddenly! That is pretty rad, dude. @artturtle was already helpful before. Thanks for sharing! Now, to invent a Library that is open 24/7.

Oh, yeah, I suppose I should have explained delegation for those who are new. Here's a link to an article that explains it pretty well:


Sorry about the paranoia...

Thanks, mate, from Steemboat Springs!

I know, right? :)

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