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Carman Trump Blues Song. Make Music Great Again. Christmas 2020. AOC Zumba. Yang For Censorship - Thursday, August 1st (01) of 2019. Fired on Friday (02). Saturday, there was the Walmart Shooting. Freewill plays a role in actions. A murderer chose, probably, to murder, through a conscious choice, generally speaking. It is not always or merely a mental health issue. It is normally a decision that some people made. Use proxies, open DNS, and encryption. Protect yourself from the big tech cartels of Google, Facebook, Comcast (ISP), etc (03). Didn't go to the picnic (04). Facebook said that this Tommy Robinson picture went against community guidelines (05). Reviewed 2015 (06). Change my Jesus (07). Many Joey Clones out there as seen in this video - Metal Gear Joey Clones. Moved the stump to the pile (08). January 2016. Grass Day (09). Favorite websites & Epstein Murdered (10)? Copyright Origin (11). Potatoes Bled. Chocolate Chip Cookies (CCC). Youth Leaders Met (12). Oatmeal Health | Rooster Visited NYC (13). Project Veritas Google. February 2016. Legality vs Morality Debate (14). Trump Rally (15). Ground Gutters (16). Patriots PDX Antifa Rally (17). Prayer is Like Spiritual Flying (18). Hong Kong Video (19). Blockchain Research (20). Met Pastor Sam (21). Infowars News (22). Funnel Extension (HF21) | April of 2016 (23). Oatmeal Phomeal (24). First Love (25). Star Wars Trailer. Trump G7 France. Copyrighting Brains (26). 1980 (27). City Walk (28). Lightning & Thunder (29). Banned Dot Video (30). Google Triggered by InfoWars (31).

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Freedom Force

August of 2019

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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August of 2019 - PST - Daily journal:

Make Christmas Great Again

2019-08-01 - Thursday - Make Science Great Again. Millie Weaver - Yang Admits He Wants To Enforce Censorship! Answers in Genesis (AIG) - The Forensic Science Behind God’s Fingerprint Design - August 1, 2019. @mamunkhan: "If there is a lack of vitamin in the body, many diseases start to bind. Vitamin deficiency means that the ability to prevent disease also decreases." Talk about tribes, communities, hashtags. Video Games Debate. Talk about differences between game emulation and non-emulation. Talk about Paper Mario Game Cube. Abatement. Allodial. Qanon Q Debate. Rigged Market. Brighteon - Faith of the Heart - 911 song by Russel Watson. AOC is a Zumba Instructor. Hello, AOC! Make America Comedy Again. YouTube banned two of my accounts for background music when I live-streamed from McDonald's. My Fair Use claims were rejected without going to trial (court). There is background music in this Walmart video. So, watch out.


Carman - Tomorrow's Music Today. I saw Carman in concert one time around 2001 or so.

Make Christmas Great Again

Carman's new 2020 Christmas Tour Project Announcement Video.


2019-08-02 - Friday - Work Day 2 on sprinklers installing. Day 1 was Tuesday. More on that, below. Also, watched Louder With Crowder. Facebook Girl Debate. Creative things video. Found that video on Purio Coffee. Website. Friend Request Sent From But Then Canceled by Nancy Nguyen. Reviewing December of 2015.

Magazines, books, comics, etc, preserves history, educates, entertains, archives, encourages, equips, long-term, and serves as a backup for whenever power is not working. Some content is evergreen, even if old to you or to me. An article can still be new to somebody or serve as a reminder of tomorrow's news today, when seen coming true. Imagine having a limited edition of an Infowars Magazine that was never ever opened that details Brain Phones. Then show that to people in 2020 and beyond. You could show them the date to show them how Alex Jones predicted the future.

Walmart Shooting

2019-08-03 - Saturday - Walmart Shooting. Found TBN Night Lights in the Mommy House, AKA bookshed. I was reviewing December 2015. I wrote more about Friday work. I researched DNS. I'm still looking at that. An open DNS could be better. Also, proxies. Also, encryption. Jordan Illusion attacked Alex Jones of Infowars it seems. Lionel Nation made great points concerning the value of being honest, authentic, transparent, direct, in what you believe, whether you are religious or not. Don't pretend to be Christian if you don't really believe in it. Also, it is ok to say you don't know something. Like the Walmart shooter. Why did he shoot people? What if there is no reason? It may not be due to one thing. It can be ultimately the choice of a killer to kill. But too often, people can ignore freewill and they try to blame murder or violence or certain things on guns, weapons, television, games, health, social life or lack thereof, etc. Sometimes, we don't know everything. Oh, can we be racist towards robots lol?

No Picnic

2019-08-04 - Sunday - Too Many Cooks Poem. Led Sunday School. Ephesians 6. Was thinking about different ideas for videos and life, work, etc. Wrote a bunch about Steemit, Gab, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Infocomms, etc. Didn't go to the church picnic. Probably should have since I love picnics. Fun church today. Good songs. Many people came. Good videos on YouTube. Good conversations on the Infocomms. Wrote 2015-12-04 - Friday. Watched Infowars, Geeks & Gamers, Doom Cock. Continued Reviewing December 2015. Gun debate. Tech debate.

Hating Tommy

2019-08-05 - Monday - I found an email saying that my post on Hyper Space mentioning Steemit was rejected. Conservatives Must Run Against Trump 2020 - We should be making YouTube videos promoting candidates who could beat Trump. Because either we find ways to put in a better President than Trump. That’s possibility #1. Or, maybe this would wake Trump the Hell up towards making even better choices, possibility number #2. Or we lose, #3. Facebook said that my Tommy Robinson picture went against Community Guidelines. Meanwhile, he may die in jail. His crime, journalism.

2015 in Review

2019-08-06 - Tuesday - 2015 in Review - Deamon Slayer - INFOWARS THE NEW LIGHT FORCE PART 1 - Vacuum Day. Table. Living Room. Hallway. Dishes. Containers. Wrote a bunch on the Infocomms. Spent most of the day reviewing 2015. Worked on Templates. Alex Jones talked about World War 4. Learned history from him. Maps. Began reviewing 2016.

Change My Jesus

2019-08-07 - Wednesday - Amazon - Human Animal Hybrids - starring animal hybrids. So, Alex Jones was right, they do exist. Some animal hybrids are human engined and others come from breeding between humans, animals, aliens, angels, demons, sons of god, giants, lizard people, interdimensional species, etc. Follow the Lady of Liberty: The Conscious Resistance - Regan Keely: Healing is Voltage: Website. Female Force.

Insurrection Act

2019-08-08 - Thursday - Many Joey Clones out there as seen in this video - Metal Gear Joey Clones. Dooned out. Good instructions. Tomorrow morning, I'll get on that. Today, housework. Yard work. Moved stump over to the pile. Reviewed January of 2016. Powerful Alex Jones show about how Trump needs to look at the Insurrection Act and whatever he can to stop tech cartels from stealing 2020 and many things. We all need to vote and take pictures of our votes and watch the voting places for fraud.

January 2016

2019-08-09 - Friday - Grass Day. Front Yard. Bricks. Over Sewer Thing. If you don't play with words, then words will play with you. Trump is wrong because we already have background checks and choice plays a factor. Elise Blake - Rob, you found my long lost daughter. If I had a daughter. I should get busy on that. Elise Blake is brilliant. I've not seen her before until now. This is like a river dance of words. That nice kind of quiet. Liberty Hangout - Teacher Admits to Indoctrinating Students.

Epstein Murdered?

2019-08-10 - Saturday - Favorite Websites - Version 001 | Jeffrey Epstein is dead? Mass Resistance Against Children Destruction. Facebook is surveillance monster feeding on our personal data - Richard Stallman. Zionist Trump Debate. Picard Talk.


2019-08-11 - Sunday - Church. Origin of Copyright. Bags. Dishes. Led a Sunday School Small Group. Physical world is like a monitor, when compared to spirituality. Half in the Bag videos. Alex Jones. Lisa Haven. Beauty & the Beta. Amy. YouTube Videos. February 2016. Predator. Watering grass.


2019-08-12 - Monday - Chocolate-Chip Cookies. Enter the CCC contest (CLICK HERE). Replace bad habits with good habits. You can also join our forum as well. Rick Hates Blockchain? Internet 3.0 will be accelerating even more in the 2020's like Facebook did in the 2000's. Bi-Tolerance in the world of beauty. Youth Group Leaders Meet. Epstein Week.

Oatmeal Health

2019-08-13 - Tuesday - Rooster Left The Nest for NYC. Introducing Oatmeal Health. Pay It Forward Contest. It's takes original oatmeal, AKA wisdom, to know how to navigate through freedoms. Lady Bug Troll Debate. Health Advice. Rainbow Rivers. Killing Freedoms. Private Property Debate. Crockpot Chicken. Potatoes. Macroni Soup Lunch. Plant Watered. Dishes. Killed Fly.

February 2016

2019-08-14 - Wednesday - Project Veritas Google Day. February 2016. Shelton Music Update. Bill Gates Epstein. Jim in Vietnam. Nothing Speech. Bible Study. Epstein. Legality vs Morality Debate.

Trump Rally

2019-08-15 - Thursday - Google Whistle Blower in Infowars. Yard work. IWA Adorable Deplorable Angie Harmon. 1996 Joey Audio. Guy who didn't do anything. L4OJ. Deep Search. Reviewing March of 2016. Uploaded to YouTube these seven videos.

Ground Gutters

2019-08-16 - Friday - Health Ground Gutters Cleaning Day. A-Team 2010 Movie. Yummy. Bar. House. Food. Talk. Work. Gloves. Steemit Talk about Communities, Groups, Tags, Hashtags, Categories, Lists. Pictures. Good day. No beer for me. Lemonade. Jessica in that movie. Internet 3.0 is coming.

Patriot Rally

2019-08-17 - Saturday - PDX Antifa vs Patriots Day. The Info Girls - Queen Capitalist - Rebecca Wright - Savannah - Mahgdalen Rose. BLOCKED by The Player & The Fan on Twitter. Was reviewing March of 2016. Was watching the patriot rally on YouTube. Watched some film theories on Star Wars 9. Ate some cake & ice-cream. Watered gardens. I wrote about Nick.

Prayer is Like Spiritual Flying

2019-08-18 - Sunday - Praying is Like Spiritual Flying. Why we must hide and share books. Secret 1969 meeting reveals all. Alex Jones interviewed Patriot Prayer 2019 stars, including Joe Biggs and her little sister. Good discussion during Sunday School. Overlord DVD: The Inquisition! Game of Thrones! HBO! Star Wars!

Hong Kong Video

2019-08-19 - Monday - My Tagged. Hong Kong protest tactics: occupy, disrupt, disperse, repeat. Tagged. Was watching Infowars today. The Alex Jones Phone debate. Star Wars Theory videos. Reviewed April 2016. Weekly Photos 01 - 02 - 360 pictures

Blockchain Research

2019-08-20 - Tuesday - Hooked up the scanner after moving it to the wall, near the monitor. Researched different blockchain networks, etc. I talked to people on IWA about phone secrets. Bible videos on lost autographs. Children's Craniofacial Association (CCA). uJO Music. 90+ Ethereum Apps. Ay, Congratulations PewDiePie! Watered gardens for like three hours. NY pictures.

Pastor Sam

2019-08-21 - Wednesday - Met Sam. Google Whistle Blower was on the Alex Jones Show today. I was practicing driving. Knife. Big talks. China is engaged in sea pirating globally. Countries are standing up to that. Amazing. New website called Meme World. The founder of that website was blocked on Facebook. Nerds vs Geniuses. Please continue to call your representatives and tell them what you want. Focus on what you believe and not on how you feel. Wake up and focus on what you want long-term. Make a daily agenda and pray for patience and for wisdom each day. As you sleep, you connect to the Real Internet Matrix in the spiritual world where all humans are connected.

Infowars Wow

2019-08-22 - Thursday - Pastor Sam on YouTube - Gospel Gunslingers. Taxes versus renaming streets. Nicole Rose. Facebook. Ring of Fire Parody. Unauthorized. Alex Jones Show. WAR ROOM (FULL SHOW) Thursday 8/22/19 • Charrise Lane, TTP Brandon, Based Amy, Zach Vorhies, News. April of 2016

April of 2016

2019-08-23 - Friday - Pigs. Hello. Head phones behind the door. Funnel Extension (HF21) | April of 2016 | Lionel Nation | Autoclick code discovered for Tagged. Half in the bag. Prostate pills. Star Wars 9 news. Hong Kong news. Crypto news. Stefan Molyneux in San Francisco video. Trump is going to like France. Alex Jones. Harrison Smith

Oatmeal Phomeal

2019-08-24 - Saturday - Corn. Pew Die Pie Wedding - Marzia & Felix - Wedding 19.08.2019 - Our footage from the wedding, best day of my life! Too many people say don't get married. I say get married. This is why | I'm Oatmeal - She is Phomeal | Prager | They went shopping. Figured out how to copy photos from 2 phones to the computer. The files had to be unhidden on the desktop. Also, click on the option on the phone to share to the PC.

First Love

2019-08-25 - Sunday - Led Sunday School. First Love. Bit Bay | @Stefan.Molyneux - The Red Man Group Featuring Stefan Molyneux! Join Stefan Molyneux at the 21 Convention in Orlando Oct 24-27 2019. Level1Techs - Qubes OS Part 1: Overview and Features | List of 31 Networks | Burger King Amazon Destruction | Reunion. 60's band. Or 70's. Talk about medicine.

Copyrighting Our Brains

2019-08-26 - Monday - Copyrighting Our Brains | Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | D23 Special Look - Trailer 2 | G7 - Trump - World Leaders - Continues | CDC: Deadly Superbug Outbreak Happening Now In the US… Here’s What You Should Know! | Origins of Europeans IWA Debate


2019-08-27 - Tuesday - 1980 Year In Review | 1981 | 1982 | Finger Problem Talk | Sargon Infowars | Star Wars Talk | Red Letter Media | Music Thing Clearance Unloaded | White People Origin Theory | Bingozee said sin is perfect, meaning murder is perfect | DVD vs SSD | Red Cooler

City Walk

2019-08-28 - Wednesday - 1982 | Carefully, hand injury from the island day from earlier this month, from Friday the 16th of August of 2019 | Pew Die Kaitlin - In honor of Pew Die Pie getting 100 million subscribers, Kaitlin Bennett Hosts Meme Review | Millie Weaver - Hong Kong - China's Hostage In Trade War With US

Lightning & Thunder

2019-08-29 - Thursday - 1983 | 1984 | Lightning downtown Shelton | 4th planet wall. Link tax. NY post. Prohibition. Censorship. Freewill violation. Sin by association. Geeks & Gamers - Disney+ Won't Have Rated R Content | How Will This Impact The Mandalorian? Try Be One. Empowr might be a Ethereum Phishing site | Anybody who is anonymous is obviously a puppet of Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Just kidding | @4LoveOfTheRoad Ryan Forrest blocked me on Facebook. | Pardes Selah | Your day is a cycle of your life. You begin eating soft fruits which symbolizes babies. At night, nuts which looks like old wise brains | Hong Kong China Tanks Coming | Star Wars Talk | Weed-eating


2019-08-30 - Friday - Meme World | Banned.Video | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | Brighteon | Boar Invasion | Half in the Bag: Robocop 2014 | If Your Avatar Was a TV Show | Greenhouse Pipes Cover Prep Dig | Sprinkler | Dirt | Salvation Well Debate | 4th Planet Block FB Reminder via MM

Google Triggered by InfoWars

2019-08-31 - Saturday - Google Triggered By InfoWars! | 1987 | 1988 | If Your Avatar Was a TV Show | FCC vs HAM | Make Money Great Again | USA to buy Greenland? | PERSONS vs PEOPLE - LEGAL DEBATE | Open Borders Debate | Fighting the Federal Reserve | Solar Power Time | 1871 | Bitcoin | Too Quick to Judge | Apple Pippin | Red Letter Media | SJW NPC Zombies - Alex Jones Exclusive Video - Gradual Decline - Divide & Conquer | Geeks & Gamers - Star Wars 9 Plot Spoilers


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