Hello from a former beer swilling, chain smoking, cake eating, greed machine


I’m a habit coach.

People present me with their bad habit, I perform my mysterious juju and just like that the habit’s gone.

Doesn’t matter what the habit is. Could be smoking, could be drinking, could be eating too much, could be nail biting or obsessive facebook checking. It could even be mental habits, like anxiety as they’re drifting off to sleep at night (didn’t realise that was a habit? It sure is). No bad habit can continue to exist once I’ve performed my mysterious juju. It’s like I clean the lenses of the glasses they’ve been wearing and with this new clearer vision the habit sort of, ups and leaves them.

I’m here on Steemit to discuss the mysterious juju.

The truth is there’s a throbbing misunderstanding lying at the heart of humanity and believe it or not, every piece of nastiness that plagues this planet of ours, which includes our inability to say no to another slice of pizza, or beer, or cigarette etc stems from this one misunderstanding. I am here to lance this misunderstanding, by pointing to where our human experience is actually coming from.

Calling it a misunderstanding is kind of like calling Jack the Ripper “a bit of a rogue”, but for want of a better word, if we were to correct this misunderstanding all the nastiness would go away. Seriously. Maybe even to the point where we could stop talking about nuclear weapons all the time, maybe even stave off climate change too.

As a bonus, none of us would have to sport nicotine stained fingers, big bulbous whiskey noses or an ass, visible from space.

For a long time I had an arse that was visible from space. I also drank like a fish at a frat party and smoked easily a pack a day. More if the day involved drinking at an actual party. I also picked my lip, constantly, to the point it’s now permanently dented and disfigured which is very annoying to someone as vain as me.

At first I did what we all do to try and get my shit together, I tried to change my behaviour. So I cut the carbs, went to crossfit, bought nicotine gum and marked off the days in my desk diary when I didn’t drink. It worked … to a point.

I drank less, sure, but every time I did, I smoked, and holding myself back from carbs took Herculean will which I rarely had available. If someone passed around a bowl of nachos I’d want one so bad that it was all I could do not to leap from my chair and pounce on the plate. So I was still in chains, I was just doing enough pistol squats to keep the ass in check. Until I went on holiday, or got sick or simply had a few days when I didn’t fancy training, then I ballooned. I had no solution for the lip picking so that I just carried on.

That was me for years. On the wagon, off the wagon, lifting my shirt in front of the mirror to check my abs were still there following a run in with a box of wine. At best choosing the small pizza. At worst saying to hell with it, I’ll start my diet again on Monday, ordering the large pizza, drinking most of the box, launching myself at a packet of cigarettes and then munching on the cold, stale crusts for breakfast. Round and round and round I went, all the time making sure I did enough burpees and toes to bar to minimise the damage. Until the holiday came along, or the injury, or sickness or general malaise that I referred to earlier. Then I was screwed.

See that's the problem with trying to fix your habits at the behavioural level. It ignores the thumping great yearning we feel in our chest that makes us want to do these things in the first place. We want to sit outside a bar on a sunny day, order a beer and unwrap a brand new packet of cigarettes. We want to spark up first thing in the morning, alongside a cup of strong coffee. We want a fun Friday night to celebrate the end of another week and we can’t do that with a kale salad and mineral water.

So it’s the yearning that’s the real problem. I call it The Nudge. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking boozing, nail biting or gambling, bad habits all come down to that feeling that churns away in our chest until we either give in to it or throw ourselves off a bridge, because those are the only two ways we can think of to make it stop. We might be able to resist The Nudge briefly while our tank’s full of willpower but once that needle is pointing near empty? No chance. All the behavioural changes in the world aren’t going to make it go away.

Fortunately there is another way. Though it’s not a new way of doing that we need, it’s a new way of seeing. That’s why I’m here, glasses cleaner in hand.

Contrary to appearances, we’re not flawed or undisciplined or saddled with dodgy genes. Neither do we need psychoanalysis. Also we can hold off on stapling our mouths shut. We will be rid of our unwanted behaviour when we realise we can LAUGH at The Nudge when it hones into view, instead of taking it so seriously we’re virtually sweating trying not to look directly at the beer, or cigarette or slot machine (or whatever is your poison).

This is the nub of the misunderstanding that I alluded to earlier that makes us humans crazy for pizza, gambling, porn, cigarettes ….. and the maelstrom of other nonsense that engulfs this planet. We don’t realise laughing’s an option. So we essentially treat the bowl of nachos or beer or whatever it is like some kind of deity that we must bow down and worship.

Once we see the truth of where our experience of the nachos (and everything else) is actually coming from though, it’s hard to take The Nudge, or the nachos seriously. Cut to the end, you stop stuffing them into your mouth and your ass no longer features on Google Earth.

Curing you of a lust for fried corn snacks might seem petty, but waking up to the truth of where every experience we ever have is coming from, which includes those of all the stuff we're hooked on, is the next evolutionary phase of the human race. So there’s a kind of poetry about me publishing it here on Steemit, because those who do evolve are going to want a wallet full of crypto, myself included ;) So I’m excited to be here, albeit a tad late to the party.

So who am I? My name is CB, well it’s Celia really, but no one ever calls me that. I live on a sailing boat. Currently we’re in East Africa.

For ages I couldn’t decide who I found more annoying; hipsters, millennials or digital nomads, but as it’s transpired, I’m all three. Though back when I was starting out, the term was Location Independent Professional (not as pithy a moniker, I can see why it was dropped). Anyway, I’ve got the Thai fishermen’s trousers, the Jamaican anklet, the Glastonbury festival wristbands up my arm to prove it. I’ve even got chia seeds from my morning oats stuck in my teeth. It does mean no doubt I’ll also be posting snaps of street food and candid shots of me on a swing - or reporting on my dengue fever and all the latest from the pirates, you know, whatever.

Right, enough chit chat, there’s no time to waste. We’re going to correct this misunderstanding together, rid ourselves of our powerlessness in the face of our filthy habits and in so doing, improve the planet for one and all. So grab my hand and follow me.

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You definitely got my attention as I can say that bad habit are a part of my life that so much energy is spent with that I lose other opportunities because of them! Loo forward to your thoughts and experiences!

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Hi there newageinv! Habits are a pain in the backside, that's for sure. So time consuming, so energy sapping, but fortunately, so reversible. Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to check it out.

Glad to see others jumping in there to help the new accounts! Hopefully, we can work together to help them become amazing Steemians!

This post was really engaging and made me return to it already twice.

And I really begun to think of would I have some bad habits of my own?

Well, anyway... Your story was really, really good and I came back to follow you.

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Oh you old charmer.

I'm glad I gave you a smile.

And your story was full of things to ponder on.
And I really want to see those sort of thought turners.

And there's my bad habit, I want to find more thought turners and I tend to turn away as soon as I find unimaginative texts.
Well, aren't them also thought turners? I just turn out of the story

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Juju sounds cool. Perspective, how we see, is key, you're right. I'm sharing your post here because it is awesome. When I lived in Vietnam, I think I got some dengue fever. One of the keys to breaking habits involves replacing it with another habit, good or bad.

Yeah, juju is an awesome word. Doesn't get used enough in my opinion.

What does juju mean?

What a super intro :)

I would like to find out more and have given your account a boost so you are actually able to reply to these messages.

Any questions, just ask. Welcome to Steem!

Thanks, I love the word super!

A pleasure.

OK so lesson 1, even though you didn't ask is that you need a little STEEM Power to fuel what you do here - like write a post, reply to a comment, upvote/downvote content, etc.

I noticed you've deposited some STEEM but this is in 'liquid' form at present and not 'powered up'.

This is a suggestion, because telling people what to do with they crypto is bad juju but the liquid STEEM is not fueling your account and is just safely held ready to be moved around.

To put the STEEM to use it would need to be 'powered up' to STEEM power, and this can be done by clicking the arrow next to your STEEM:

The Steem Power in brackets is the loan to get you up and running with 'Resource Credits' which Steem Power gives you and fuels your actions.

If you can no longer do stuff (like comment/post), these have run out and will need a few days to recharge.

You can check Resource credits (and a bunch of other stuff) here: https://steemworld.org/@downthehabithole

Hopefully this will help and not scare another new user away!

I'm eagerly awaiting advice on managing my Steem addiction, whilst drinking a coffee and eating a couple of chocolate biscuits. Cheers :)

Ooh a fellow Brit - the word biscuit gave you away. Always happy to receive advice from a seasoned pro. I'll do as you suggest (who doesn't need all the help they can get).

You won't be waiting long for advice as in the next few days I'll start posting my super-duper mini-series on how to ditch any bad habit in record time. In the meantime enjoy that coffee and relish those biscuits. I'm jealous, all I have to alleviate my sweet tooth this afternoon is a banana dunked in peanut butter - it's not even the sweet stuff, it's the healthy, runny, no added sugar blah blah blah, stuff.

The arse gave it away, not yours, I've never looked down from space :P

Err, anyway, I hope you solve lesson 1 - I didn't want to mention Keys but that should maybe have been the first advice.

https://steemitwallet.com/ - go here with the key on you got on sign up and head to

Copy all these down and keep them safe - preferably written and on a USB stick. (If you lose the key 'blocktrades' gave you when you registered then you are mostly stuffed, and completely stuffed if someone else gets hold of it).

The Posting key is what you use most of the time, and from now on the Active Key for accessing the steemitwallet link above. You'll need the Active Key to power-up (lesson 1) the 'liquid' STEEM.

A ripe banana is all the sugar you need, i'll just continue with these hob-nobs :)

Well done, I see you completed lesson 1 :)

Maybe you can teach me how to quit Steemit!
Or, wait. No. Don't do that.

I'm going to get completely hooked on Steemit too, I can tell. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire ....

Well I wish you all the best and only postive habits from now on, hopefully you'll find some addiction in steemit or rather a healthy addiction in it. I know i'm pretty hooked on it. Welcome to this crazy corner of the internet where anything goes and you can well be yourself online or be whoever you want to be, its all up to you!

Enjoy East Africa, If you're ever keen on sharing your east african travel experiences I'd love for you to connect with me as a guest blogger on our travel site! Keep well and see you around the chain :)

Thanks for the offer chekohler, I'll keep that in mind. I do want to share my experiences because this is a gorgeous part of the world - and somewhat off the beaten track.

That's one roller-coaster of a title :D


Welcome to the site! Great introduction, purging bad habits one person at a time.

Yup, they're toast.

Hello CB,
A brilliant and hilarious introduction ... Welcome to Steemit and WONDERFUL to meet you! - I look forward to leaning more about your and your adventures!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Hi and thank you. I must say I'm intrigued to find out where this Steem train goes (points for the pun?)

Hmmm. Welcome to Steemit @downthehabithole. Do I sense some 3 Principles coming onboard? 😁

You've got to get up early to catch you out!

Hello there!
If you'd like write about habits - you grab my follow! :)

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Welcome to STEEM @downthehabithole

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You are welcome to steemit!

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This is such a good article, so many people think bad habits are impossible to overcome but this was a real eye opener. I look forward for more content from you.

Welcome to steemit @downthehabithole.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Welcome dear
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Honestly, I didn't read the whole thing, but to my defense I want to point that I just woke from a nap feeling groggy. I do read books though so I promise I'm not making inattentive reading a habit 👀

Welcome to the pond! There's loads of cool stuff on Steem, like emerging tribes rewarding their own custom tokens around a particular niche topic. Kinda like subreddits in Reddit, except here you get rewarded! If you use steempeak.com (a much better UI than Steemit imo), you can browse and find some of them in the 'tribes' section.

I hope you like it here!

Welcome to Steemit downthehabithole. The official FAQ can be found here and has A LOT of information https://steemit.com/faq.html - Also remember, Steemit is just ONE of the sites built that uses Steem the blockchain. You should also check out DTube and DSound for starters and if you're a gamer, Splinterlands! There are many other cool apps but I can't list them all here, there's just too many! But I'd also like to mention Steempeak, it's a better blogging platform that has a lot of cool features. The latest project you should also check as a new member is a palnet! Welcome to the blockchain! :) Oh, and if you're interested in creating your own tokens or smart contracts, check Steem engine!

Welcome to Steemit - great introduction...... bring on the juju. Haha I gave up habits with meditation... can’t wait to read your methods though.

I love meditation. I pretty much want to do it all day long. Sod work.


You have arrived at the ideal place and had the blessing that you were received by the best.

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Hello @downthehabithole

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Welcome to the Steemit community @downthehabithole!
We sincerely hope you find everything you are looking for and have found a new home here.

Seven suggestions:

  1. Guard your passwords carefully, and only publish with the posting key,
  2. Use your active key only for wallet transactions and steemconnect,
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Hi!! Your are a newest like me!!

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That's a pretty cool job reallyyy :) Great post btw!

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