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Good to see them again. Meaning to life involves freewill. There is no life without love. That is what original oatmeal is all about. Set Deadlines or Die. Walking Dead Morgan dies? Alpha Vader. Flickr Day. Epstein Leak. Project Veritas. Government trafficked Jessica Leigh Collins. FCC to Fine YouTubers. Wicked Witch Judge Jackson. Black Face Joy Said She Never Did Black Face. KSI Defeated Logan Paul. Bringing Light to the World. Zombism is contagious if real. But also curable. Be real. Don't be a deepfake. Blossom Rangers. Men should respect women. Please encourage boys to become real men and not beta wimps. Disney Plus launched to compete with Netflix, etc. Jimmy Kimmel security assaulted two women who confronted their vaccine fraud. Carter Bella is Impersonating Lil Hannah. Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) are giving out false copyright claims on YouTube. | on Friday, the 15th, they found Roger Stone guilty. In reality, Stone is not guilty. White House Contact | Kanye West is Michael Jackson. He performed on Joel Osteen. Food Poisoning Trump Talk on Monday. Adam Carolla. Naked Mole Rat Alex Jones. Apple Texas Invasion. Fake Perfection vs Real Perfection. E-Cigs Debate. Harriet Tubman on Friday. The Good Place. Fence. Turkey prep. Nazi ADL in Dee Hood. Contentment Sunday. Talking reindeer movie. Killing Anne on Monday. Tulsi On Joe Rogan. New Places. Happy Thanksgiving. Dear God My Wife. Don't Dwell Swell. Got a lot of organizing done this month. Sometimes, you should move on to new places. Now, your yard won't flood as much. Next time, we should play more Apples to Apples. Draw more. Write more. Laugh more. Coffee more haha.

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November of 2019

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in November of 2019

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Meaning to Life

2019-11-01 - Friday

I joined Curious Cat | Are you pro-choice or pro-life? Can I be both? Are you pro-chicken or pro-egg? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? How can you have a chicken without an egg? How can you have an egg without a chicken? How can you have choice without life and how can you have life without choice, pun intended? There may be some puns there. Life is a choice, pun intended, on several levels. It depends on where you begin on that circle. Ultimately, you should treasure life first. From that life comes some choices. You should not support choices people make when it conflicts with the lives of others. God may or may not be real. Choosing to follow God is a win-win situation. It benefits you, even if God is fake. Not believing in God is a lose-lose situation either way. @Stefan.Molyneux published a video titled REVELATION! today. But this is my argument that I would use to perhaps counter some of what he was saying. The guy was asking about the meaning to life, if it will end. Well, either things will end or they won't. If things are forever, there can be meaning found in that. If not, then meaning can be found in the moment, in being in the moment, in being present, in doing good as it feels good to do good even if it is temporary and not eternal. The guy asked about what the final end meaning to humans might be. Stefan gave a good response to this. I would add that the meaning to life involves freewill in that there is meaning in the struggle, the fight, in making choices. Life is a product of love. There is no life without love. But love is not love void of freedom. But freedom is dangerous as it gives us the ability to win and lose, to life and die. We live to love and love to live.

Set Deadlines or Die

2019-11-02 - Saturday

Set deadlines. If you don't, deadlines will set you and then you'll be deadlined. You'll be dead, spiritually and then physically as well. You can probably do more than you think. A good friend can help set deadlines for you. That is the value in accountability. The heart of discipline can be found in friendship. A good friend is not going to encourage you down the wrong path. February of 2017 | I created a tire hill. We organized some food. A new cooking pan came in the mail. I was writing an article today all about my Facebook history which goes back to like 2006. So, I talk about different profile accounts, pages, groups, events, posts, etc, of mine. I'm still working on that. I was watching things like Fear The Walking Dead, Craig Mason, Steven Crowder, Geeks + Gamers, & ended with Stefan Molyneux.

Morgan Dies?

2019-11-03 - Sunday

Don't let a racist turn you into one. The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead tends to personify segregation, the wars between tribes as opposed to civilized society. Kanye West influences people towards the light regardless of what may or may not be in his heart. Fake or not, Kanye helps. You can say he is fake. Not relevant. He is helping either way. Spoiler alert. Virginia or Jenny personifies globalism. The group was stuck at the bridge. Virginia came and asked if anybody wanted to join Vader or I mean Virginia. She then created a problem with the firing of the guns which got zombies to come. She then said she could help them out of the problem she created. Globalists create problems for countries and then come in offering to help. It is the same thing.

Alpha Vader

2019-11-04 - Monday

The Devil is real. People laugh about that. But Satan is real. Walking Dead Spoilers. Alpha is like Female Vader. Insane Negan follower murders a woman and her son. So, Negan Cain & Abels him with a rock. Then the Whisperers meet Negan. Weekly photos - 687 pics. Mirror. Walls are good and bad. Great Trump Rally in Kentucky. Cute black girl behind Trump. Do your job. That was the new chant. They could print the name of the alleged whistleblower of the attack on Trump.

Flickr Day

2019-11-05 - Tuesday

Flickr Links | The Red Cross was feeding people poison. HOO (H2O) is water. But what is HHO (2H + O)? HHO is a gas that can be used for energy. It is like water power. There are many different ways to generate current, voltage, charge, electricity. We have solar power. We have wind power. We have water power. We have bio power. We have kinetic power. We have potato power. Eternal Security | OoCities | Time Travel | UK | Facebook launched in 2004. | Some men lied to some children. These men are in the Drag Queen Story Hour thing. These Men are the bid bad wolves. They dress up like women. They pretend to be women. Parents take their children to these events. Dorre Love came there and quoted the Bible. He said men are men. The parents begun to cover their children's ears and run away from such horror. In other words, showing kids the penis of men is fine to these parents. But the Bible, Hell no they say. Let's confuse children. Their hot dogs were out before the children. Their packages were out. The babies saw nudity. The parents were into it. The parents hated the Ten Commandments. The parents love immorality and darkness. Meanwhile the CPS split apart Christian families. CPS don't go after bad families. CPS go after good families. How can we defund CPS and Planned Parenthood more and more? We must always stand on objectivity. When we don't, then anything goes. This is an example of how society falls. This is part of how the Roman Empire fell centuries ago. What is Futex? When I try to close Firefox, I see Futex. My New Flickr Account.

Jessica Leigh Collins

2019-11-06 - Wednesday

Speech Notes | Jessica Leigh Collins @MidNiteMJ on Twitter has been sexually trafficked by U.S. government for "nearly 17 years," from 2002-2019, in the United States of America. When the Epstein news broke this year, they disabled her car. If she dies, then they probably murdered her. Real victims, like Jessica, are generally not represented by lawyers, attorneys. We the people can distribute the videos, the news, about people like her, if we care about the rule of law.

FCC to Fine YouTubers

2019-11-07 - Thursday

Government raped her. | Threats should not be a crime. But rape is a crime. If you say you're going to kill me, should I then send you to jail? No. You should have free speech. Instead, I should not be your friend. I should be careful around you. I should make videos about how bad you are to give you bad publicity. Then people can choose to boycott your businesses or whatever that you do. If you threaten me, then I should simply expose you in the public arena. I should probably dox you and tell people to go to your house to protest. Why? Because that then let's the people decide. If you actually attack me, then the police should arrest you. But words are words. Yes, I should tell the police when you threaten me. I should have body guards. By the way, Epstein didn't kill himself. An Obama judge is going after Roger Stone this week. They have Obama jurors. Bill Gates is involved with Epstein. Trump is in trouble. Republicans have been losing the elections due to voting fraud, theft, etc. Americans lost in 2018 as well. The elections have been extremely rigged for decades in a variety of ways. | 2009 Oatmeal Joey Arnold Facebook Link | Weebly | 85USA | Lift The Veil | The FCC was destroying Xanga around 2004 and now (in 2019) is trying to fine YouTubers who make children videos or anything targeting children, that is thousands of dollars per video. Donald Trump Jr. was on The View promoting his book, Triggered, and those ladies all got triggered and didn't even talk about his book.

Wicked Witch Judge Jackson

2019-11-08 - Friday

Globalists Rape & Murder Children. | Madam Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz, Judge Jackson, is screwing Roger Stone in an 1984 show trial that would make your head spin. Stone is guilty of the crime of helping Trump win in 2016. Stone didn't commit any real crimes. Stone is an illustration of our future. Globalists and leftists are seeking to throw all of us in jail. Pew Die Pie talked about how the Bro Fist is banned. I wonder why Trump is not speaking against 5G. Wait, 6G. Wait, why did Trump praise the cancer of 6G? I condemn Trump for that. YouTube violates Fair Use. People tend to lie about how Fair Use works. Yogurt is very healthy. I love eating yogurt. Epstein didn't kill himself. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, have been censoring any mention of the fake whistle blower of that fake Ukraine Trump Conspiracy Theory that even The View promoted. Meanwhile, in my neck of the woods and hoods, I had a good day finding treasures in the big garage. Black Face Joy Said She Never Did Black Face.

KSI Defeated Logan Paul

2019-11-09 - Saturday

Would you kill a zombie? I would try not to. We can find cures. Zombism is symbolic of real problems. When you get bit, you can at least experiment on finding cures. You have a right to try different medicines, drugs. | Links | Trump passed that Right to Try bill into law. If you find a cure, then you can save billions of people in The Walking Dead. Don't fear that. Nexit = North America Exit From the United Nations, NWO, etc. KSI defeated Logan Paul in like boxing. Not too long ago, Paul was interviewing Alex Jones. Oh, Justin Bieber was there supporting Paul today. So, Paul says the media lies about Justin, pun intended as they also lie about the Prime Minister of Canada as well.

Bringing Light to the World

2019-11-10 - Sunday

Historically, missionaries have brought light to our dark world, a real contrast to the fake and imaginary Obama Hope. Individualism is at the root of our souls. It is not something that we really have to invent. Of course, we can discover and develop as individuals. When we choose Christ, we can think about others on top of that. Now, governments have sought to replace God in some cases. But individualism is not given to us by the state. Also, rights are not fabricated by government. Liberties and freedoms come from God and not from government. Also, individualism is a condition that is constant. But at the same time, Asians have emphasized on collectivism in contrast to individualism. Now, Christians can emphasize on their own type of collectivism. Now, different elements of individualism and collectivism can be be good and some of it can be bad. I was watching Fear The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead, Batwoman, and Alex Jones.

Deep Fake

2019-11-11 - Monday

Zombie viruses would infect germs which are everywhere. Those germs would get into our bodies and infect us. The infection would be air-born. It would be all over the place. It would get into the water and into the soil. So, drinking water would be the same as getting bit by a zombie. Eating food would be the same as getting eaten up by walkers. It would be so contagious and yet also curable in real-life (IRL). Hell, even cancer is curable in reality. A lot of it involves herbs, real food from real gardens that we grow. It involves common sense. The secret to life is about being real and not deep fake. Don't live in a deepfake video. Be real. Be organic. Weekly Photos | Mirror | 510 Pictures | Collider made a second deepfake video, this time featuring not only George Lucas but also a few other actors like Tom Cruise. Imagine if they actually faked the entire body. Now, some people thought the video was just voice actors. But they used computers to make that video. Now, technology is a tool that can be used for good and for evil. Yes, fake news can deepfake Trump to say what they said he said in that faked Ukraine phone call for example. Of course, deepfake will not always fool the most informed individuals. However, some people may not care or may be too busy to know what might be deepfake fake-news and what might not be. So, deepfake can devalue the value of actors and other things. That is bad in some ways and good in the aspect of tipping the scales of competition. In other words, it decentralizes entertainment, the news, etc. More people are able to make movies, videos, etc. With or without deepfake, more and more people have been filming, blogging, making memes, etc, and that scares the establishment so much. The competition can be healthy.

Blossom Rangers

2019-11-12 - Tuesday

Blossom Rangers | Working on a time map, aka blogging lol. Evil fills the vacuums of apathy, arrogance, ignorance, complacency. When we fail to be territorial, patriotic, traditional, innovative, courageous, righteous, and loyal, evil gets a foot in the door of our local communities which are the pillars of civilization. Brittany Pettibone Sellner makes encouraging videos. She is beautiful and smart. Check her out, pun intended. The supreme court ruled, 4 to 3, to allow for gun manufactures to be sued as opposed to upholding liability protection which would root from the second amendment and also the fourth amendment as well. perspective is key to unlocking life. I prefer courting over dating.

Jimmy Kimmel Assault

2019-11-13 - Wednesday

Gab, Minds, and Vid Me. | Jimmy Kimmel security assaults Amanda McKay and Julie Jean for confronting them on vaccine fraud. COPPA is like alleged law that violates the American constitution in a variety of ways. It seeks to go after YouTubers that leftists are against. If you are pro-family, they may take down your YouTube. Hillary Clinton is speaking like seven days a week as of right now talking about the pressure people put her on to run in 2020. She wants to retire Trump. That is a term people use for murdering horses. Hillary has always been attempting to run in 2020 since 2016. They're trying to impeach, remove, imprison, poison, execute, murder, etc, Trump and patriots alike. People generally have about 32 tooths or teeth per person. That is six in front (6x2), top and bottom and five down on both sides, top and bottom, (5x4). Waste of time to always post and speak out disclaimers. That is how globalists get us, by requiring that we spend too much time apologizing and giving out disclaimers and so on and so forth. There are around 75,000 government agents at the moment in America or something like that. I'm talking about certain agencies or whatever. But they don't need that many. They can do better with five people as opposed to thousands of people. Fire at will. Get rid of the swamp. Mike Adams is trying to patent a thing that seeks to counter cancer, tumors, etc. Not a normal patent but a public domain copy-left style which allows everybody to learn how to do it themselves. We are talking about natural remedies, cures. So, if globalists murder the founder of Brighteon, or Natural News, then you will know why. Edward Snowden is right about how government tries to spy on people but is wrong about the weather. Leftists are involved in geoengineering, in trying to dim the sun, in polluting crops, farms, etc.

Carter Bella is Impersonating Lil Hannah

2019-11-14 - Thursday

Carter Bella is Impersonating Lil Hannah | You can watch Star Wars The Mandalorian for free via a website called Swatch Series . to. Medium.com banned me. "My exposing corruption is not corruption." Alex Jones. Magic is Real. | YouTube murdered The Resistance 1776. Trump said that the leftists and the media are in a partnership made in Hell. @CarterBella4 is pretending to be Lil Hannah @LauralSmalls. For example, this post when compared to this newer post from the impersonator. This only took me several hours to figure out. Google Images helped me via their machines. See, when you drag and drop a photo to the Google Images search bar, it then cross references for similar photos. I eventually found one picture that was uploaded to the fake Twitter account, Carter Bella, and also the real account, Lil Hannah. I probably spent way too much time trying to solve this puzzle. I just wanted to know if I could do it. I took as a personal challenge. I should probably be paid as a private investigator. I wanted to practice some of these skills. I could use some of these skills in order to investigate other things that I'm working on, that is other projects. I got this mystery solved around 2 AM on Friday. I started investigating around 10 PM on Thursday.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

2019-11-15 - Friday

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) was founded in 1932. They publish hundreds of educational books, etc. They copyright claim Infowars and Alex Jones videos. YouTube responds by terminating those channels. They also strike music that they have no relation to. Many people are talking about how their videos are removed. Comcast does it. Disney does it. Big corporations have been throwing copyright claims all over the Internet. Websites like YouTube submit to their false claims. Most of the claims are as honest as the 2019 Roger Stone trials or the Trump Impeachment trials. SME is terrible. Capitalism Sucks????? | Carter Bella is Impersonating Lil Hannah | Hillary Clinton is trying to Epstein Roger Stone who was found allegedly guilty today. They're trying to sentence him to at least 50 years in prison. Larry Nichols talked about illegal selective enforcement, prosecution, attack, etc, that is allegedly lawful through the means of global governmental corruption. Globalists infiltrated America, especially in the early 1900's for example, and they began allegedly prosecuting patriots for alleged crimes while not going after leftists and criminals who did the same exact things. According to their own rules, their own logic, if Trump did something, then Joe Biden really really really did something. That is called selective. That is only one example out of many. Long story. Call the White House and tell them that Trump must Pardon Roger Stone. Go march on the White House. Now is the time to protest against the tyranny. Did somebody say they shut off the White House answering machine so you can no longer call them as of today? Does that concern you? It should.

White House Contact

2019-11-16 - Saturday

May of 2017 | Click here to contact the White House. Just go to their contact page - WhiteHouse.gov/contact - Fill out the boxes and click on send. President Trump reads these messages. Tell Trump to pardon Roger Stone. Tell Trump to stop geoengineering. Tell Trump that globalists are trying to murder Trump, patriots, etc. Stop 5G. Stop CPS. Stop them before they stop you, Mr. President Trump. There are so many different bad people and bad things happening. The more we talk about it, the more we can strike back. You can write whatever you want. There are so many big issues out there. Free Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Tommy Robinson, etc. Go after the tech cartels, globalists, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, Soros, and others, while you still can, Trump. Time is running out. Referee Government Pie | Roman Chancery vs YouTube | You can be gold inside fire.

Kanye West is Michael Jackson

2019-11-17 - Sunday

Walking Dead spy. Water. Aladdin doctor. Kanye West is Michael Jackson. Joel Osteen had Kanye West over with his choir. Joel shared a powerful testimony concerning the story of his life. It applies to you. It is very encouraging. Kanye and his group of singers brought the house down. The grand finale included Jesus Walks With Me. There is so much soul in this. Kanye West is a heart beat of culture and humanity, that is to the extent we allow it to take us to the next level. You can feel it in your guts as you align with eternal principles. Today, Kanye was singing with his daughter. Kim was in the crowd. Speaking of children, over a million kids go missing each year in the United States of America. On the record, they admit to 400K. Off the record, they admit that there is a lot more than just that. Lionel Nation and Mrs. L have been talking about this. The number one video on Porn Hub or a website like that was of a boy raping and molesting his two year old sister, a little girl. They try to normalize terrible acts that violate the private property rights of other people. Lionel Nation. Children trafficking. Small potatoes. Church. Baptism. Potluck. Kitchen light install. Family photo album project. Dishes. Mark Levin. Kanye West. Twitter. Taco. Alex Jones. Walking Dead.

Food Poisoning Trump

2019-11-18 - Monday

They say Trump went to a hospital on Saturday. Probably because globalists poisoned his food. In history, globalists and others would try to assassinate world leaders, kings, etc. That is why kings would have taste testers. They have been trying to murder Trump since at least 2015 since he started running, that is at this level. Before that, not as many people were trying to kill Trump. When they test the dead bodies of ancient monarchs, ancient kings, etc, they find poisons in their bodies. That is how they would do it. Green House. Light. Organize. Youth Group. World Vision magazine. Christmas. Project. Fundraiser. Help people in other countries if you want. Buy them a cow, solar power latterns, water filters, chickens, bibles, soccer balls, etc. An elephant can lose balance. Heater. Turtle from Kung Fu Panda. Be in the moment, today. It is a gift. That is why we call it the present. Don't trip. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Dishes again. Alex Jones. Tucker Carlson on Adam Carolla. My Facebook ban ended recently in the past few days as scheduled after a month of be censored. What for? I don't know why I was kicked off and thrown in virtual prison. They didn't say why. Sometimes, they say why and sometimes they don't. You can grow plants in green houses during the winter. Give it a try. Turning Point USA seems to be endorsing authoritarianism through the means of censoring people that the rulers deem as racist, Nazi, sexist, evil, bad, etc. We must always choose between decentralization and centralization. Anarchy and capitalism are the same thing on a fundamental level, meaning that we should let people trade with each other. Governments should be limited. Private property is very valuable.

Naked Mole Rat Alex Jones

2019-11-19 - Tuesday

Naked Mole Rat Alex Jones on the War Room. FBI is taking the Epstein Murder Case seriously now. Huh? What took them so long to finally do their job? Did I miss something? Wait, do you trust the FBI? Weekly Photos - 530 Pictures | Mirror | Can people in India get blockchain Internet? If we don't already have that for them, then we better do something about that.

Apple Texas Invasion

2019-11-20 - Wednesday

Apple is trying to turn Texas blue. Moving factories back to America is a front. They are pretending to bring back dozens of thousands of jobs, but the employees are being imported to some extent. That has been happening. It continues to happen. How do we get Trump to stop the tech cartels like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc, from destroying the world? Space Horses Killed Epstein. Star Wars: Episode 9: Rise of Soy Skywalker: TV Spot Trailer dropped on Tuesday. | Dangers of Copyright Abuse | Bible study. Romans 13. Robots. Hulk Hogan. Mark Dice. Shovel leaves. Facebook censorship talk. Hitler Muslims. Kill All People. No Reason FB Ban in October of 2019. Understanding love. Pick your battles. Understand eternity contrast with living in the moment. Promote smaller government. Green house organizing. I was on Twitter trying to red-pill people. There was the democratic debates. Trump met with Tim Cook today in Austin, Texas, today. Alex Jones came in his tank to protest the suicide nets, the censorship, etc.

Fake Perfection vs Real Perfection

2019-11-21 - Thursday

Bitchute was down. Trump vs CNN Memes | Apple Texas Invasion | Patriot Cups | What you think is perfection may not actually be real perfection. Like, plastic surgery may be described as perfection. However, plastic people are still not perfect. Yet, people will call it perfection. The secret to life involves going after perfection. So, there is beauty in the journey. The exercise of freewill creates character within individuals. These developments become timeless within the depth of our souls.

E-Cigs Debate

2019-11-22 - Friday

Meghan Yeah on Mixer | Richest People in Dee World | CLASH AT THE WHITE HOUSE: Trump EXPLOSIVE Speech on Vaping and E Cigs Youth Epidemic | USA President Trump mentions the black market, that if you ban it, then they will look for it on the black market and that causes other problems as some of it can be less healthy. Romney mentions how 10,000 stores sell them. I would counter by asking how many stores sell guns, alcohol, smoke, medicine, drugs, etc. Some people talk about how many jobs can be lost. Not relevant. Government should be as little involved in free markets as possible. Just let people decide. Let people make their own decisions on what to buy and not buy. Kids can always buy what they should not buy. Teenagers do bad things. You can't stop them completely. The youth rebel sometimes. Families can help guide them to an extent. Government should not be their parents. Romney said there were 6 million kids getting addicted because of the flavors. However, that is not a real argument. It is not relevant. Parents should do their job better. Schools should talk about it more. But prohibition is dangerous. Trying to ban advertisement is bad. The FDA, FCC, etc, shouldn't exist at all. Let the free markets sort it out. People do bad. Government should not keep us safe. Government should help us maintain as much freedom as possible. Protect the borders and settle disputes in a court of law. Who is Harriet Tubman? They saw that this evening. Mom liked it. | Rachel Platten - Broken Glass | They Want Us To Fight | Joey Crystal Games

The Good Place

2019-11-23 - Saturday

Alex Jones Super Deluxe | Tesla Cyber Truck may be vulnerable to backdoor remote access hacking. | We Are Roger Stone - Throw Us in Prison | Why is Bitcoin dipping? | Facebook Censorship Screenshots | Boycott MSNBC is trending on Twitter | Fence | Realign | Book Shed | Big Garage | Clothes | The Good Place | Turkey is Roasting | Beep Beep | Craig Mason | Joe Rogan | Kevin Hart | Roseanne

Nazi ADL in Dee Hood

2019-11-24 - Sunday

ADL is attacking Facebook and other tech cartels. ADL was taking over the Internet several years ago. Why is Trump letting ADL murder all of us? Is this the kind of future that we want? Contentment vs Competition, Character, Course, Cast, Content, Call. Gravy. Watch Log | Video Games 1990's | Top Songs Per Century | Video Games 1980's | Facebook Won't Let Me | Favorite Video Games Per Decade | Diamond & Silk | Mom is watching Blizzard, a movie of a reindeer and a girl. It takes patience to listen to people. It can be tough as different situations can be unique. Men prefer lowering taxes. Women favor increasing taxes. These are vague generalities. Exceptions do apply. Historically, women have had excessive amounts of power over men. Yes, not always. But many times, men would go to war as a way to impress ladies. Otherwise, their chance of passing on their bloodline goes down. Way down. Like the Titanic down. Why is Bill Barr lying about Epstein who did not kill himself?

Killing Anne

2019-11-25 - Monday

YouTube Murdered Ojawall | Dear Netflix, Please renew Anne With An E (AWAE). Or else we might not renew you. Anne with an E was scheduled to end after season 3. The fans are outraged almost as much as Firefly and Dollhouse fans were enraged during the first decade of the 2000's. Can the Star Wars Space Horses Fly Now Too Like My Little Pony with Wings hahahaaaa? My Travel Log With Pictures | Star Wars Last Gerbil | My Life Plans For the 2020's | My Passport Scans | Face Block | Watch Out For CFR | Banned Oatmeal | Weekly Photo | Mirror | 466 Photos | Alex Jones | Facebook Blocks Vaccine Talk | Banned Oatmeal Talk | Answers in Genesis | Geeks + Gamers

Tulsi On Joe Rogan

2019-11-26 - Tuesday

On Joe Rogan, Tulsi said that half of America watched Fox News. Not true. Yes, you should try to talk to everybody and Tulsi is right about that. Tulsi may be a CFR agent and that might a red flag. Bottled Air. Not just Bottled Water. Banning Vaccines Talk. Smart Cities. USA Return | My face is looking good today after a good shave. Still looking fresh and young. Well, thank you gardens. Should people date online or offline? My answer would be to do both and to tweak it as you go. Experiment and focus on your priorities first. Go after what you believe in before getting lost in dating.

New Places

2019-11-27 - Wednesday

You may find yourself in new places. Those new places are unexpected. Those new places will change your life. That is the good thing about life. It keeps you on your toes. When you are aligned with what cannot end, then you will last through the fire. That is what you can be thankful for during this Thanksgiving season. It takes a lot of work to get there. Part of the magic is in seeing how you are already there in some ways. You are not always going to be there in all ways and that is ok as well. There is so much guilt that can be gained from hindsight. Don't let that take you down as you go to what might be familiar places. You may find yourself in the driveway of an even bigger place the next year around. That is the cycle of life, the circle of life. Go with the flow and keep your head up in the game. It is your choice to some extent, in some cases.

Happy Thanksgiving

2019-11-28 - Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm not saying things are not hard. However, you can still focus on the better things in life at the same time. Stay focused. Stay hungry. Life is both good and bad. You can blame the majority of blame on people, things, events, circumstances, etc. To some degree, that can be true. Some excuses may be reasons. However, it can be and might be to an extent or to some extent in some situations. Keep an open mind and focus on each moment on what you can do each moment and each day.

Dear God My Wife

2019-11-29 - Friday

Dear God, I pray for a wife. Wait, I take that back, I pray for a friend. Wait, hold on. Hold the breaks. I pray for some friends or at least a good friend. Yes, I know I've prayed this kind of prayer before, going back to like the early 1990's possibly. As I got older, I started thinking about these kinds of things more. But what makes this slightly different is my awareness of what I'm looking for in a life-mate. Beyond that, I understand a bit more now concerning what to do and not to do. I understand at deeper levels what I'm really looking for. In some ways, I'm looking for the kind of people that are on my path that I can hold hands with. I've coined that metaphor going back to like 2004 at WOLBI NY. I was going see a girl and look at her as we were both on the same path, the same journey. I was going to butter up my lips and wink my eyelashes, "Hey baby, can I hold your hand?" Now, I'm writing this right now as a reminder to myself concerning commitment, focus, goals, concerning many things in my life that summarizes the meaning to my life. People can get lost in what might be the meaning to life in general. It is important to understand the value in understanding the meaning to a life, to each life, to your life, to my life, as opposed to only trying to find the meaning to life that then must be forced upon all humans everywhere. I find value in that. I've enjoyed trying to help people find meaning in their lives. I find that rewarding. I'm not here to say there is no objective meaning to life. I believe in eternal principles. At the same time, I believe that principles can be applied uniquely to individuals. So, I've been thinking a whole lot about these things during Thanksgiving 2019. This was the last Thanksgiving of the 2010's. I believe strongly in the value of telling stories, in going through the journey of life in a step by step process. I'm beginning to understand the value of prayer more and more as I get older. It is hard to explain and there is a lot to unpack there. I'm always learning and life is totally terrifying and totally awesome. Life is both the best of everything and the worse of everything. Life is rewarding. Life is full of rewards. I have so much to say on these matters and more. I will try my best to continue writing things each day. I enjoy doing it. I will try my best to focus on my passions. Thank you so much for being part of it. Have a beautiful day. Yours truly, Doctor Oatmeal.

Don't Dwell Swell

2019-11-30 - Saturday

Take the time to sit down. Appreciate people you know, even if they hurt you. I'm not telling you to dwell where you swell. Thou shalt not do that. But there comes a time when you need to simply butter up your toast and relax for a moment. Please be in the moment when you're taking a moment. Laugh at some jokes. Appreciate the puns. Workaholics like me need to heed my advice. I try my best to heed my own advice. If you're a lazy sloth from Zootopia, then get back to work or hit the road jack and don't you come back. Love that song. Take the time to organize sheet music. Organize them alphabetically. Take the time to empty shelves. Archive your life. Your mind is a terrible thing to waste. Your brain has shelves you can clutter. Organize them. Sing while you work. Culture Wars | Stop Antagonizing Her | Eat some fish. Enjoy the ice like Vanila Ice did. We can be Frozen. We can be lost. Enjoy the journey of life. Enjoy the pain. Remember, no pain, no gain, right?

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Meaning of life... Life has no meaning.. Sunday. 💕

Oh, really? Do you like chocolate? Yum yum.

@joeyarnoldvn Yes and hot chocolate too.❤️

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