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Brain Phones. Banned on Infocomms. Tommy Robinson News - (click here to see more). Soph On Alex Jones. June 2015 in Vietnam. Island Trip. I'm a Prince of Troy. Epstein Arrested. Cherry-Picking. Drunk Brandy. Practiced Driving. September 2015. Roofing The Shed. Clown World. Stopping Antifa. Picard. Lawnmower Man.

By Oatmeal Joey

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My Life in 2019

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Some highlights from July of 2019, as follows:

Soph On Alex Jones

2019-07-01 - Monday - Youth Group. Bike. Daniel in the Lion's Den. Hide & Seek. Soph was interviewed again on Alex Jones today. Research Gone. @Bingozee is right in how it is better when we address the root, the source, of the problems, first, and completely, and systematically. Climate Kid: Greta Thunberg - @GretaThunberg. ANTIFA: Why not just arrest criminals? The problem is that the police are not already doing their job of arresting criminals. You don't have to be a terrorist before a police can arrest you. Taught Well how to mute, ignore, block, on the Infocomms. Told him that topical theology is like fake news theology. Might as well take Alex Jones out of context while you're at it. My second account @oatmealjoey reached 40 REP today. I created it yesterday to highlight my best posts.

June 2015

2019-07-02 - Tuesday - Review of June 2015. Family First. Jumanji 2017 - Welcome to the Jungle. Body Language: The First Trump Kim Korean Border Meeting in North Korea 2019. Spent most of Tuesday reviewing June 2015. Watched ten hours of Infowars.

Drag Queen Three Stooges

2019-07-03 - Wednesday - No Bible Study. Nobody told me anything. Ate too many beans. New Steem Versus Old Steem. Review of June 2015. The Joey Symbol. Motorcycle Mom. Miley Cyrus Versus Britney Spears - Same Red Jumpsuit. GC Services might be harassing me. I looked up the phone number on the Internet and found this: "GC Services may be calling from 877-551-9781." On this website, in a box that looks like a Facebook message box that is directed to me, it reads: "I'm the Agruss Law Firm Bot! We can stop harassing phone calls from GC Services TODAY! You have rights under the law. What can we help you with?" The First Amendment: American Masterclass with Historian David Barton | Louder With Crowder. Dtube vs Dlive. @OatmealJoey got over a dollar on the first post this week.

Island Trip

2019-07-04 - Thursday - USA is Ephraim? We went to the island - click here to see the pictures and notes from our trip. Dream of moving, travel, recording things, bags, friends, losing things, enjoy moments, reuniting. LIVE: Independence Day Parade & President Trump's Salute to America from Washington, DC - Right Side Broadcasting Network I love orphan red heads. Fashion Elizabeth.

Prince of Troy

2019-07-05 - Friday - Dug holes for the water thing in the morning. Accidentally melted the bowl last night. Fireworks scary. She left the phone on the garbage can near the cherries in front. Oh, I found it. Oh, I'm a prince of Troy. If you are wrong, you will be sorry forever. Mark Dice: It's Everywhere: New reboot: Party of the Illegal Five. That's coming. In other news, on The Connors, the reboot of Roseanne, a boyfriend got kidnapped by ICE and thrown out of the country. Religion is not a room but the entire house. Internet Kill Switches is Fake News. Creation vs Evolution. Conservatives in Space: Reason TV - Stossel: Star Trek's William Shatner Debates Safety and Space Travel. Naomi Brockwell: Weekly Crypto Recap: US Gov to Libra "you must stop!", Cuba eyes crypto, and more!

Epstein Arrested

2019-07-06 - Saturday - Prepared for moderating Sunday School Class. Epstein was arrested. Cernovich helped. Tommy Robinson Will Be Sentenced Next Week. I was watching Godzilla King of the Monsters 2019. I had a dream about breaking my glasses while at a hostel in like Vietnam. Homelands: Katie Hopkins - @GreggHuestis67: Homeland A British Documentary. Drama Girl. Mother Stephanie, my parents divorced when I was 23 in 2008. @revsimonsideways Video - 3Speak - A freedom of speech platform. Tucker Carlson - President Trump on UFOs: I'm not a believer but anything's possible. Democrat Alex Jones vs Trump 2020 - Debates To Confront Trump.

Salvation Debate

2019-07-07 - Sunday - Taught Sunday School. Salvation Debate Sermon. Pure Flix. Can you lose your salvation? We had this debate at church today. Feel free to debate this topic of soteriology and the aspects of fellowship, grace, and the law. Most of the debate depends on the the fundamentals of theology and specifically within christology. We could all threaten Owen Shroyer, to hold the Infocomms to ransom, that if certain demands are not met, then we'll just all go back to Free Square. Libra might be banned. What about Bitcoin? Isn't Ham radio too censored or regulated or limited or something? America is Ephraim: Could the Bible be multifaceted? Everything Jesus says is paraphrasing as Jesus was not speaking in English. Can Christians lose their salvation and then earn their eternal life back and does that mean Christ has to die on the cross again for us to save those Christians a second time according to Hebrews 6:6?

Drunk Brandy

2019-07-08 - Monday - Barbie Anna Attacked me on Facebook. Bought a $130 TV / speakers. Tom Sawyer. Tim the Tool Man Home Improvement Taylor. Larry the Cable Guy. 5 glasses or cups or shots of Brandy. Like drowning. Cleaning. Vacuuming at Tom's house. Talked about Star Wars. Ray Donovan 603. How are you supposed to reach NEW people if you're not on Facebook? Naomi Bramwell: Exclusive Walkthrough of New ShapeShift, with CEO Erik Voorhees. What is @Bingozee trying to say? Bingozee said: "The only sin, is that which is offense unto life and the living." Specifically, which sins, according to @Bingoze, is NOT an offense or offense until life and the living as he puts it? Which sins would NOT be an offense to or unto life? The answer is none would be. They're all an offense. Mark Dice: Plot Twist - Some think global warming will destroy the world thanks to the super Terminator Matrix Globalism computers that are being developed. They also say that people can't save money thanks to climate change and stuff. America is Ephraim: I'm always trying not to make too many promises about the future, including prophesy, but at the same time, I enjoy the ability to compare and contrast things to some extent as that can be educational, encouraging, insightful, revealing, therapeutic, regardless. Plutocrats vs Globalists: How do you distinguish between plutocrats and globalists? I'm seeing many similarities between the two. Specifically, plutocracy is an aspect of globalism or that of the bigger problems that the world faces. When you say plutocrats, does that mean technocrats, corporate overlords? The Donald On Reddit: Alex Jones Lied - You Can Google The Donald On Reddit - You can click here to find out where The Donald is on Reddit. Click here to search for The Donald on Reddit. The Donald on Reddit Link.


2019-07-09 - Tuesday - 2016-05-02 - Monday - Barbie Anna Lai Kehn. Cherry Picking. Ray Donovan 604, 605. Antifa Attack, What Is Happening In Portland? | Andy Ngo | Rubin Report Golden State Times: 🚨LIVE: State Department URGENT Press Briefing with Morgan Ortagus - Morgan is hot and a woman. Fox News: WILD Video: Elephant slaps girl in the face - Even elephants know that humans girls spend way too much time on their 5G FIBER-OPTIC-LESS Cancer-Making PHONES - and elephants never forget that lol. Facebook Issues New Policy Saying It’s Acceptable to Issue Death Threats. Dear Facebook, In 2018, I wrote on my Facebook, "Kill All White People," and then Facebook banned me. What's the deal? Hypocrisy much? Oatmeal is here to call out Oatmeal. Covered up the holes of the 2 removed stumps. They saw Toy Story 4 and liked it.

Practiced Driving

2019-07-10 - Wednesday - Invalid Cookie. Tommy Appeal Video. Ray Donovan 606, 607. Practiced Driving. David & Goliath. AA clean. Tim Pool: Trump Invited Me To The White House Social Media Summit, Here Is Why I Am Attending. Looks like a fake message from somebody who is not really 13. It is unlikely that a 13 year-old would say that because, psychologically, generally, teenagers begin to separate themselves from their parents, and they begin acting (allegedly) like adults in some ways and in many cases, especially boys, and they begin thinking they know everything. Abortion Debate: Bingozee is right that a human may not be living until that human is breathing. However, that is not the same as being alive, which begins before birth. It really comes down to etymology. It really comes down to how you define different terms. I see infighting everywhere in life. Can you show me a place that does not have infighting? Good vs Better: @Zor, if Infocomms makes you angry, then that is probably a symptom, a sign of deeper issues inside your own soul, unfortunately, as they say, "You can get the man out of the ghetto, but can you get the ghetto out of the man?" Anger is just an emotion. It can be good and bad. It depends. But ultimately, life is about which choices can be better and not just good. Don't just settle for doing good. That's a subjective rationalization that can lead towards a path of destruction. Nehemiah.

Killing Tommy Robinson

2019-07-11 - Thursday - Click here to watch Tommy Robinson YouTube Videos. Trump Tweet: "I'm not a fan of Bitcoin: Is Trump a Rothschild Lover? Killing Tommy Robinson. Trump's First Social Media Summit. Resistance Chicks. Ray Donovan 608, 609; Alan Alda. Alex Jones is talking right now about the fundamentals to business. Alex Jones Did Nothing Wrong. Social Summit Waste: Adriene @ajweeks asked if others agreed. So far, yeah.

Roofing The Shed

2019-07-12 - Friday - Tommy Robinson News: (click here to see more). Put up transparent roof panels on the shed. Bitcoin vs Trump: Thread - 8 Reactions To Trump's Anti-Cryptocurrency Tweetstorm Storming Area 51: Depends on whether you want to play the long game. Or the short game. If you're really old and might die soon. You might want to play the short game. And go out with a boom. While trying to change the world. Post an Article, Headline, or a Link: Click here to see more. Infowars Shirts, Gear, etc... Bitcoin Music Videos: Click here to see more.

Family History

My grandparents were drunk and missed boarding the Titanic. Thank you Alcohol for saving the life of my grandpa, my dad's dad. If I ever have kids, I would like to tell them stories like that.

Internet History

Internet 2.0 refers to Big Tech Ghettos, places like Facebook. Internet 1.0 refers to the era prior to the Tech Cartel Era. As we speak, we're transitioning into a third era.

Boat Thing Construction

2019-07-13 - Saturday - Cryptocurrency Music Videos: (Click Here). Our Cartoon President. Click here to download the first episode of Our Cartoon President. Code Pink is into International Laws, AKA Anti-American Laws. They said they believe in "SUSTAINABILITY" which is code for what eugenicists promote with Agenda 2030. They like women rights, unless if the women are hiding in the bodies of other women. They love gay rights but hate Trump who defends gay rights. The Left Can Meme. Her Website is LisaHaven.News

Moved The Desk

2019-07-14 - Sunday - July 2015. LS M S. The Value of Undercover Reporting - More people are beginning to recognize Kaitlin Bennett. Our Cartoon President - I'm actually a Pokemon. I can only say my name, Donald Trump Jr. Investment Advice - Only Invest What You're Willing To Lose. Kill All White People - We can start with this girl. She assaulted Kaitlin Bennett. LS M S. Lionel Nation.

August 2015

2019-07-15 - Monday - Our Cartoon President - Make Big Pharma drug addicts great again. Random Yoko - I GOT BANNED BY FACEBOOK IN JAPAN... temporarily - For Something from Six Years Ago From Not 2019 But From 2013 - Facebook is a Country - a Nation - Bigger than most Nations. The eighth month of 2015 in review, when I was living in Vietnam - The Joker LEGO Mark Zuck Lee was also my main manager around August, 2015. So, he was not only my English student in Vietnam. I met Adam Wills at WOLBI NY back in 2004. So, Adam told me to stop adding him to Facebook groups, I didn't, and he blocked me. I wrote about excuses in order to teach a life lesson online. Anna Barbie took what I wrote as an insult to her friends. I wasn't trying to attack people. Was only trying to help. I wasn't actually specific in what I was writing. I was teaching English to people at different places and at the 23/9 park. I lost my house key. I shared a video of Trump in the first debate. I watched a video about a South Park theory about being stuck in a time-loop or something.

Alternative Energy

02:50 PM - Ditch the Batteries: Off-Grid Compressed Air Energy Storage ?

Fish Net Work

2019-07-16 - Tuesday - We tried fixing the shed door from dragging. Worked on the fish net. Naomi Brockwell - Breaking: Facebook's Libra Hearing, w/ Caitlin Long - Drug Wars. Ashley StClair is an awesome patriot. Watch her videos. Monergism is the idea that God saves people while violating their freewill? Our Cartoon President - They turn Trump into like a late-night show host, kind of like a cross between Jay Leno, Alex Jones, and yet inverted in most what he says to say what leftists would say. Smiling Like a Scary Clown.

CFR Screwed

02:56 PM - Obama was helping in taking over China. Technocracy was and has been moving to places like China and especially China; but China began reversing that, stopping that, in taking over technocracy, around 2013, especially in 2013. Infowars in tomorrow's news today. So, Fox News and main stream dinosaur news began talking about how China controls and runs Google, Apple, Facebook, etc, now, in 2019, this current year, and yet Infowars has been talking about that for years. That's why people go to Infowars. Bingozee promotes morality without authority.

September 2015

2019-07-17 - Wednesday - Our Cartoon President S01E05. Raiding Area 51 might be a distraction. Thou Shalt Have Free Speech. Unless If Thou Are Not CONTRIBUTING says Bingozee LOL. September of 2015 - Was living at the Old Ink of Saigon. Was teaching English at that 23/9 Park. Was probably still teaching LEGO Mark Zuck Lee. Taught English on Facebook.


2019-07-18 - Thursday - Brain Phones. Tu La Đạo LEGO Mark Zuck Lee. Helped with the fish net construction. He killed some mosquitoes like a ninja. CL called. Oh. Childhood tradition. Nice.

The White House

10:40 AM - President Trump Meets with Survivors of Religious Persecution - 24:45 Minutes - Published on Jul 17, 2019 on YouTube - In the White House - Right before Trump went to his North Carolina Rally - Trump met with religious represenatives from around the world, pastors, leaders, of different religions; including Paula White, a Holocaust survivor, a lady who escaped ISIS; there were people from Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Africa, etc.



Naomi Brockwell

05:21 PM - Day 2 Libra Hearing Highlights: Shitcoins, not crypto, and word play - Today was day 2 of hearings for Facebook: The U.S. House Financial Services Committee hosted a hearing on Libra, and there were actually some pretty great moments!
I gathered some of my highlights of the almost 7 hour hearing.

Huong Thu Nguyen reminds me of one of my students from like 2013.


2019-07-19 - Friday - Banned On Info Wars - It appears that I was banned again. Our Cartoon President S01E07. Net work. Rice & eggs. Dollar vs Bitcoin Debate. Megan Thee Stallion - She is the Real Nicki Minaj. I'm impressed. Apollo 11 Was Fake? Some people say that the real videos burnt up...

Banned On Info Wars

01:11 PM - It appears that I was banned again. That's too bad. I was a member of the Info Wars Army (IWA) Community Infocomms. Click here to read the history behind the Banning of Oatmeal. I've written 23 articles about it so far, mostly in 2019. I've been writing and posting some good stuff on it. Need to contact the admin thread.

Infocomms Banned My IP Address

05:45 PM - By the way, you can use proxies to mask your IP address which I began learning how to do in the early 2000's at FGHS. But that's besides the point. Earlier today, I wrote about how @joeyarnoldvn was banned from the Infocomms, The Infowars Army (IWA). I've confirmed that I was permanently banned, again from their community forum. I'm suspecting that some of the administrators, moderators, editors, I.T., there, have some beef with me, or something.


2019-07-20 - Saturday - Muslims murdered a cow behind a Home Depot in Connecticut. Watched Cartoon President. Ate too much soup. Swept the patio. Monster Leviticus - CLICK HERE TO READ MORE - Mischief With Griff wrote about Leviticus who has been too aggressive. Again, I was banned from the Infocomms forum, online. Even my IP address is banned there. I've been writing about some of this since 2018. If you don't know, Infocomms is a bulletin board website of Infowars that is focused on organizing offline activism towards family-first values. Many of us have been doing what Alex Jones does. We try to educate, encourage, entertain, inform, equip, people towards better choices in life. CLICK HERE TO READ MY LATEST ARTICLE ON WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING. Again, it is a long story and please CLICK HERE TO READ WHAT GRIFF WROTE ABOUT IT ALL. Griff has been archiving some of what has been happening between different people in the Infocomms, on Discord, on different websites like that. Griff even talks about Owen Shroyer who helped with the launching of the current Infocomms website in 2018. Infowars have had forum websites before 2018 as well, but this is the newest version of all of that. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE INFOCOMMS WEBSITE TO SEE WHAT YOU THINK. Like I said, I've been writing dozens of articles about these things in 2018 and 2019 and to this day about some of these things. But please look at what Griff has been saying and writing. He makes videos. He does many things. Sadly, he doesn't always get the credit he deserves.

Star Trek Picard

03:51 PM - Star Trek: Picard | SDCC Trailer - Sir Patrick Stewart Returns - Why is DATA different? We see Seven of Nine. We see a Borg ship. We see aliens. We see a girl who must be the daughter of Picard. It does look interesting. Data does look different. Fatter.


2019-07-21 - Sunday - Church. Overlord DVD - The Inquisition Comic Con Edition! Star Trek Picard! The Expanse! The Orville! Pop Culture on Trial!


12:03 AM - I would be a leader if people wanted that. I write to help educate people in the info war that we live in as often as I can. I am trying to prepare myself to do more than just write. I want to get back to doing more videos, etc. Yes, the Information War Tag can be harder for the average person to find as they may not always look that up when they're researching. Some people may not know about certain hashtags like that for example. That is why we use multiple tags and the IW tag helps some of us to see what is already there and coming.


02:37 PM - The Candace Owens Show: Carl Benjamin - British YouTuber Carl Benjamin, also known as Sargon of Akkad online, sits down with Candace Owens for a discussion on multiculturalism in Europe, online censorship, political correctness, and why we must preserve western values.


07:07 PM - Facebook Video of the Day - English Chorus on Culture, Technology, Dangers of the Future, on Health, Diet, a Modern Commentary on how things are in the world from these Vietnamese and possibly kids of different countries - 1.9 Million Views - Published 2019, June 21, Friday, 02:51 AM PST LMS Online FB - Chúng tôi những đứa trẻ của thế hệ hôm nay - Love Plus Vietnam


07:36 PM - Nga Nguyen

October of 2015

11:54 PM - My last full month at my last apartment in Vietnam at the Old Ink of Saigon. I moved out early in November. Our FYG English Classes started back up again in October 2015. I would email my students our class notes after each session. The biggest thing that happened in October was reuniting with FYG for our classes. So, we began interviewing students in order to assign them with suitable classes. So, I was teaching I think four classes, Starters, Beginners, Medium, and High. My favorite class and group of students were my High group and we even went drinking and eating at like a cafe for like an English party a few times. My High class invited me a few times and it was fun. I was living in Vietnam from 2012-2017. I'm from the USA, born in 1985. I was teaching with FYG from 2013-2016.

Infocomms Day

2019-07-22 - Monday - Youth Group. Mexico mentioned. Idaho. Cereal. Swept. Bye. Watered. Bingo Zee on YouTube. Soundcloud. @sophikclr wrote about water. Kelly Kelly is trending on Twitter. She became the first woman to win the 247 title on like WWE Raw or maybe a reunion thing. This is wrestling. She looks strong & hot.


12:20 AM - God! Wow. Some of these might have been accidents maybe. But most of them look like ruins made by humans, aliens, hybrids, or who knows what. Had no idea Texas had things like this.

Final Move

01:18 AM - READ MORE - End Times Productions - The Illuminati Are About To Make Their Final Move (2019-2020) The Illuminati Are About To Make Their Final Move (2019-2020).

Pee Body Owen Shroyer Video

03:13 PM - Lefto The Clown Talks. Bingozee Song.

Mister Rogers as Tom Hanks Paradox

04:48 PM - READ MORE - A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Official Trailer (2019) Tom Hanks, Fred Rogers Biopic Movie HD

The White House

08:20 PM - President Trump Hosts a Bilateral Meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan - Trump is wrong. 5G is bad. Do FIBER OPTICS instead. Dear Trump, kids are dying of cancer. Dear God, I pray that many people bite the dust in order to SHOW Trump how deadly it already is. We have to show Trump picture of the TUMORS already there. People are already suffering. Flood his TWITTER with pictures and videos of what 5G does to CHILDREN. It is dividing CHILDREN from their parents and from their own lives.

The Lawnmower Man

2019-07-23 - Tuesday - Facebook Copyright claim on this video of mine. Discrimination is Hate Speech Bitchute Video. Two words. Sweetty. Why do globalists like Tim Apple & Mark Book have giant black eye pupils like drug addicts or Borg Brain Chipped NPC Players? Car recaptured. String Anime - Awesome work. Jack Black vs Pew Die Pie - Jack Black BURNED down my Minecraft House!! 2nd. Witch. Interesting. Joshua Coleman was part of a protest against bad vaccines. Refusing Service or Not Debate. Danielle Stella. Reminds me of that movie called Lawn Mower Man from 1992. Here is the full movie right here: 2 hours and 20 minutes and 52 seconds long.

Discrimination is parallel with alleged hate speech.

New Friends

Bùi Ngọc Hồng

Headache Day

2019-07-24 - Wednesday - Mueller Hearing today. Htxr made funny videos about Griff & Minute Man. John Mcafee Thread. Learning English. Fuck is like trời ơi in Vietnamese.


09:00 PM - Welcome to my Facebook

Sheep Wolf

09:12 PM - Why is Oatmeal Joey Arnold a well-known pedophile and murderer?

One Life English

10:20 PM - Why to Travel & English Video on Facebook


2019-07-25 - Thursday - Return. Talk about airplanes. Basic questions. Airports. How to find your gate. How much might be allowed on the plane. Bathroom size. Radiation scanners destroying medicine and food. Lionel nation and Mrs. L had a great evening livestream. Yummy potatoes. Joined Fubar. Make a Meme - Download These Pics. Click here to vote for your favorite social-network here. My Fubar Account.

Feel free to download any of the pics from this thread. You can turn these pics into memes. Cowboy Joey Jib Jab Music Video. How-to Find Transparent Pictures.

Doom Cock Oatmeal

2019-07-26 - Friday - @OatmealEnglish - @OatmealJoey - @JoeyArnoldVN - Doom Cock mentioned Oatmeal in his livestream today. Issue Voters vs Party Voters Debate. I created Oatmeal English. Mark LEGO HCM VN Page Unpublished by Facebook. Mario Girl Video on Facebook. Best of the Worst: Hawk Jones, Winterbeast, and ROAR by RedLetterMedia.

November of 2015

2019-07-27 - Saturday - November of 2015. Lee vs Mike - Article. I got third place in the Daily Hit-parade Comments in a Post Contest. Flash #FreeTommy Demo takes over Manchester Shopping centre - Free Tommy Website.

2007 In Review

2019-07-28 - Sunday - 2007 in Review. ABC. Kuratli. RevHI. Love Journal. Girls. Movies. Travel. Hawaii. West Virginia. Hawaii. Oregon. 2009-03-23 - Monday. Bots can do what only humans can do? I want to do what I want to do with my land. Led my table during Sunday School. Told somebody about my life in Vietnam. Talked about food. Cooking. Life. Choices. Read the Sam book which talked about thousands or millions of Americans who were imprisoned around 1917 and 1918 thanks to the Espionage Act to go after Draft Dodgers. But they were right to not fight. I want to know who their ancestors are. Many links of JA. Life outline.

YouTube Subscriptions

2019-07-29 - Monday - Yard work. Raking. Made a list of my YouTube Subscriptions today. Portland Hippie Mom. Are you against Brexit?

Ditch Dug

2019-07-30 - Tuesday - Ditch-digging work. Young People Talk on the patio. But I didn't drink beer. Catholic Hitler. Bitcoin Map. Good vs Evil. Batman Asylum Woman marries her dog. Oh, I would have married her. Twitter Banned Dan Dick who said a MAN is NOT a WOMAN. Oh, hello Jessica Man. Racist. YouTube Banned Marketing. Violin.

Clown World

2019-07-31 - Wednesday - They censor Tulsi Gabbard. Romans 9. Joe Biden fought back. Nice. Clown World 2, Night 2. Hearing Loss Remedies. Racist Trump. Culture Wars. Naomi Brockwell - Senate Crypto hearing today: What happened?

Correction & Prevention

When you run into a problem, you can try to correct it, and you probably should try to correct it. You should try to fix it to some extent as the first thing you do. That can be a short-term goal. However, secondly, it is generally better to simultaneously seek after prevention. Below, I've listed a rough draft list of remedies for hearing loss. Some of these remedies may be correction and/or prevention based. Sometimes, both prevention and correction is necessary. It depends on the situation. But generally speaking, it's better to eat healthy, to sleep healthy, to breathe healthy, to think healthy, to exercise healthy, to feel healthy, to believe healthy, to talk healthy, and to live healthy.

2019-08-01 - Thursday
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