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Amazon - Human Animal Hybrids - starring animal hybrids. So, Alex Jones was right, they do exist. Some animal hybrids are human engined and others come from breeding between humans, animals, aliens, angels, demons, sons of god, giants, lizard people, interdimensional species, etc. Follow the Lady of Liberty: The Conscious Resistance - Regan Keely: Healing is Voltage: Website. Female Force.

2019-08-07 - Wednesday

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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Murdering Trump

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2019-08-07 - Wednesday - PST - Daily journal:

Bitcoin Mint

12:31 AM - Steemit

Fmr Director US Mint: "Bitcoin is good competition for Gold and Fiat" - That's awesome.

Plants Eating Animals

12:52 AM - Steemit

First Animal-Eating Plant In North America has been discovered; and It is partial to Salamanders. Is this like the Venus Fly Trap?


12:54 AM - Steemit

India is trying to regain back independence from the NWO.

It was stolen. It was taken by force from India long ago, historically. Globalists were behind it through England. You have Pakistan, China, etc. India is trying to get back what was taken from them many years ago and that is good. Meanwhile, China is trying to take over the world.

Vietnam China

12:59 AM - Steemit

The good news is that India is trying to get back stolen land from Pakistan, China, the NWO. Also, Hong Kong is protesting. There are things happening in Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Asia, Vietnam, Brazil, Europe, USA, India, etc, etc. Some good things are happening. I was living in Vietnam for 5 years, from 2012-2017. I've talked to Vietnamese about some of these things. Thanks for sharing this video. I always hope for the best in Vietnam. Cam on (thanks).


01:30 AM - 08:30 AM

Promoting Power Insurance

09:12 AM - IWA

I got this idea from The War Room with Owen Shroyer, from Monday's show, 2019-08-06. Callers were calling in. They talked about being prepared. They talked about insurance.

So, I was thinking about different kinds of insurance. What are the different kinds of insurance out there? There is life insurance, house insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, etc. People can invest in securities, gold, etc. It might be good to have insurance. It depends, but it is generally good to have insurance.

Could we continue to red-pill people by endorsing and promoting Economy Insurance?

What is that?

Well, Economy Insurance is what I call our ability to survive off the grid. What else should we call that? Should we call it Power Insurance? Should we call it Society Insurance? Should we call it Government Insurance? Should we call it Grid Insurance? Should we call it Freedom Insurance?

What's the question?

My question is about trying to find new ways to encourage more people to have solar panels, which could serve as a power insurance or backup.

My question is about trying to find ways to encourage people to prepare for the worse like we did for Y2K.


A lot of people understand the word "Insurance."

So, I think connecting the word Insurance to another word could wake new people up.


Because it is new.

When you combine two words for the first time, you can get new people to think about new stuff for the first time for them. Believe it or not, Trump would do this. In 2015, Trump began using words that normal politicians would not use. Trump would give people nicknames like Lying Ted, Crooked Hillary, etc. Dilbert Creator Scott Adams talked about that.

Well, we can do that too.

For example, we could combine the word Insurance with another word like Information maybe. Since we live in an Information War, maybe we need Information Insurance or Destiny Insurance.

I suggest we continue to find ways to do online and offline activism via videos, posters, memes, pictures, GIFs, books, websites, stickers, campaigns, polls, Tik Tok, comments, articles, posts, threads, conversations, questions, etc, etc.

What should we call it?

Life Insurance
Power Insurance
Economy Insurance
Structure Insurance
Grid Insurance
Destiny Insurance
Money Insurance
Government Insurance
Nationalism Insurance
Anarchy Insurance
Crypto Insurance
Independence Insurance
Insurance Insurance
Patriot Insurance

AI Debate

09:18 AM - IWA

Why not buy robots and become employers like they do in Vietnam? Did you know that Chinese go to Vietnam and steal jobs from the Vietnamese? So, in a way, like Alex Jones said yesterday, Chinese are like robots and the Vietnamese lose jobs. So, many Vietnamese become their own employers.

Can we learn how to maintain robots, computers, machines, etc, etc, to buy, sell, trade, operate, maintain, rent, etc, robot body guards, and robot drones, and robot workers, and robotic this and robotic that, etc, like @Memeart said, as we become our own employers as we try to become independent, meaning we can rely on ourselves for our own jobs even as corporations hire less people perhaps, why not become our own employers of ourselves and of local communities in order to not rely on jobs provided or jobs not provided by monopolies, corporations, big companies, big factories, by centralized globalists, bankers, billionaires, etc, why not, or why not at least try?

@Minutemen-Of-America, maybe Bernie Sanders can save us?

If Bernie cannot save us, then can self-employment save us instead?

@Pippydop, but there is good news and bad news in regards to all of this. It is a long story. Yes and no. But some of this is not new. In the world, historically, things have taken jobs away from people. It could be related to technology or other things. Now, this is different in some ways. But, at the same time, can we adapt? Can we buy robots ourselves? And again, can we adapt to changes? And of course, not all changes are created equal. I’m making generalizations. Because the robot thing we are talking about is not just one topic or one subject. We all got to keep in mind that there are different kinds of robots and programs that can be inside robots. So, it depends on many different things. Many things. Because it is technology that can help and hurt us. Both. I emphasize on both. Remote Controlled Robots is very bad, generally, probably. But that is only one kind of robot or drone or whatever. That is why we must have our own robots like we have our own computers, phones, etc.

We should never try to learn from how Vietnamese do it.

@Minutemen-Of-America, did you know that I lived in Vietnam for five years and I can tell you otherwise?

Are you against independence? I’m asking because it appears that your previous comment is anti-Self-Employment and anti-Freelance, and anti-freedom of the individuals who turn their houses into hotels, stores, etc.

Minute then shares a link about China Vietnam relations and I responded with a question. Why do you hate people so much? I was talking the individuals while Minute talked about government. There is a difference.

Are you really against small businesses?

We should just let globalism win. Give up. Die.

True. It is not easy. It should NOT be easy.

I am obsolete. I will go back to my room now and wait to be used like batteries for the robots.

Can we reduces taxes that employers are illegally forced to pay?


09:23 AM - IWA

Local farmers can continue to try to sell, to trade, with Americans, like @Memeart said, and it can be hard as corporate farms, like virtual monopolies, rise and continue to eat up smaller farmers and farms. So, we have to continue to promote and buy from smaller farms. We do that here in Washington State. We buy produce from a small farmer's market. We get orders from a small farm. It can be tough, but we can continue to buy and sell, nationally, locally.


09:25 AM - IWA

Why only have one provider for your website? Why not multiple providers, simultaneously?

@Rob_Roy, in other words, you do not know. I know. But you do not know. I have already talked about it. There is that magic word that I like to throw around everywhere. You know what it is because you mention it sometimes. But that magical word is how some people do it.

@Rob_Roy, is blockchain really that bad?


10:00 AM - Dishes.


10:30 AM - Oatmeal. Grapes. Honey.

Fox News

10:49 AM - Donald Trump Jr. sounds off on New York Times headline change


10:53 AM - Carnival Row Season 1 - Official Trailer | Prime Video - Starring Orlando Bloom of the Pirates of the Caribbean - IWA

Also starring animal hybrids. So, Alex Jones was right, they do exist. Some animal hybrids are human-engineered and others come from breeding between humans, animals, aliens, angels, demons, sons of god, giants, lizard people, multidimensional species, etc.

Internet Bill of Rights

11:11 AM - IWA

@Pippydop, did you know that Facebook got money from the government? Do you think that has something to do with Facebook being like a town square?

@Pippydop, do you know about liability protection, Fair Use, and more importantly, Safe Harbor?


11:30 AM - IWA

Propertarianism sounds like common sense, Libertarianism, anarchy, minimalism, conservatism, local communities first, family first, wisdom, private property first.

@Benoaks, too many people live in fantasy land. So, some people can talk about achieving anarchy in the same way that other people talk about turning the whole world into a social state that is run by socialism or globalism or whatever.

But too much of what people want can be too extremely hypothetical.

When I promote anarchy, I'm not really promoting anarchy. But it is easier to say "ANARCHY" than to write a @Bingozee Book explaining what I mean.

When I say anarchy, I'm simply trying to find words to describe countering globalism with an extreme word that appears to be, allegedly in some cases maybe, to be going in the opposite direction with a goal of NOT eliminating all governments but in simply limiting federal 1984 government tyranny, control, regulations, taxes, codes, rules, bad laws, etc, etc, as much as possible as many people will always be doing the opposite in trying to make government bigger and bigger all the time and most people promote making government bigger and bigger for their love for safety over freedom and I love freedom over safety and I try to counter the cancer of making government bigger and bigger and most people and most kids will and do try to make government bigger and bigger and I really try to find ways to counter that and to promote extreme opposites to that in order to regain balance.

Key word is balance.


11:40 AM - Took out the recycling & garbage. Jumped on the trash can outside. Moved things around. Cleaning. Boxes. bookshed.

Reality Extension

12:04 PM - IWA

@antifathugs, I strongly disagree with so many things for so many reasons. I don't necessarily disagree with ideas relating to keeping people safe and stuff. I love many good things like safety, security, etc, etc. So, I agree with what you say, theoretically, hypothetically, ideally, but not practically, not in reality, for many reasons; like I would agree with socialism, communism, 1984 Big Brother, Globalism, an imaginary Utopia, a virtual reality, a perfect world, with no problems, no death, no diseases, no struggle, no life, no story, no journey, etc, etc.

However, I value freedom over alleged safety, security, and David Knight agrees with me, and there are many reasons for that; so many reasons which many people have been talking about since the dawn of time. The Internet is a virtual personification of the real world. That means that whatever applies in the real world also applies in the virtual world as the virtual world is simply an extension of the real world in the same way that Drunk You is an extension of Sober You or in the same way that The Mask was an Extension of Jim Carrey or in the same way Super Man is an extension of Clark Kent or in the same way Batman is an extension of Bruce Wayne or in the same way Christianity is an extension of Judaism or in the same way a Movie can be an extension of a Book.

Should government become our parents?

Real Friends

12:47 PM - Facebook - IWA - Twitter

You find out who your real friends are during the tough times.

Sun Planet

01:16 PM - Steemit

Could the sun be a planet that has a fire spot or something on it that we call the sun? Are there pictures of the sun from space that could tell us?

Treasuring Treasures

01:28 PM - Steemit

Yes, I taught for free at times. I don't remember everything lol and that is why I try to journal, write, blog, archive, as much as I can. I've lost at least 3 YouTube channels, dozens of Facebook accounts, etc, meaning that I've lost thousands of videos, photos, articles, and I'm trying to save as much as I can now as I know how bad it can get when things are stolen, deleted, removed, taken down, disabled, erased, terminated, etc.

Hidden Blade

01:36 PM - Steemit

My favorite drawing here is the one of the city, mostly because I like the sky, the spinning thing. Like maybe the sky will suck up the city. I kind of feel like things try to suck up my life lol. My second favorite is the last painting of you. Beautiful. Sorry to hear about panic attacks and I understand it can be tough as my mom talked about getting panic attacks.

Most of my things have been unfinished, too, like 90% of the things I draw and videos and things I write and many different things all of my life. I was born in 1985 in America. Some of our neighbors were from the Philippines, beautiful people like you and I love them and you know I was in Vietnam. So, I've been making videos and drawing and many things all my life. It is like therapy and it is fun and it can help people too. Keep up the good work. I shared your post here because it is good work. Beautiful as always, like you. I'm following you now. You're amazing.

India News

01:44 PM - Steemit

Muslims stole land from India. So, India is trying to get back some of their land.

Tea Heaven

02:01 PM - Steemit - IWA

That's what I need, lol, more brain cells. So, anything to help that or get some back or whatever it takes. I'm sharing this post. I'm following you now. Beautiful. Smart. Very smart. You surprise me sometimes, Lady of Liberty. I like sweet hot tea. Agreed, spices can help. Yes. Inflammation is a problem. Fasting, cleansing, helps. Tea helps. Tea soothes the soul, like you. Keep up the good work.

Make Health Great Again

02:04 PM - IWA

Make Natural Health Remedies Great Again. Post your questions, advice, comments, links, videos, articles, ideas, etc, etc, etc, relating to health, natural remedies, etc, here.

Freedom Birds

02:14 PM - IWA

Individualism is fundamental to the fabrics of freedom over safety. Government have been crushing freedoms which minimizes independence. By default, humans long for safety, security. That's why government gets bigger and bigger, in order protect us. But independence comes from spreading wings like birds in leaving that safe nest and flying like a free bird through dangerous skies and storms which we find in life. It's scary but also amazing, exciting. Life is an adventure. Perspective is key. A new perspective, AKA paradigm, is a secret. A best kept secret. When you look at things differently, then potential and opportunity emerges.

Second Neo

02:31 PM - Steemit

Agreed that we live in a new world with this Information Age, globally, for the first time ever in some ways, unless if they secretly had the Internet thousands of years ago. But even if they did, maybe it was different in some ways. But we could assume that many things are new in some ways this time around. That reminds me of the Matrix. So, in the movies, Neo goes to like the Architect or Key Maker or whatever, and that guy says to Neo that this place, this Matrix World, was not the first version and that Neo was not the first Neo. But as far as I can tell, in the third film, it looked like Neo went to save the day. I guess there should be a 4th film to show what happened after the end of the 3rd film. But I guess they made a cartoon movie that talked about it or something.

But regardless, it is kind of like we are all Neo in some ways or we have the potential of doing amazing things and some people more so than others. But still, it is the tale of two cities, the best of times and the worse of times right now in the world. So people are being given more opportunities to choose which side of history they want to be on.

It does not matter if we are not the first Neo or whatever.

We have amazing opportunities of saving the day or whatever. Big opportunities all around us and some of it may be new in some ways.

Infowars Expansion

02:41 PM - IWA

A new call-in podcast show is coming.

AI Good Bad

05:52 PM - IWA

Yes. No. Irrelevant and relevant. Long story. Depends on the AI. Again, it depends on many things. So, it's good and bad.

This thread is at the center of several different topics.

Which topics?

  1. Globalism
  2. Technology
  3. Work
  4. Back-doors
  5. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
  6. Innovation
  7. Centralization
  8. Tyranny
  9. Independence
  10. Efficiency
  11. Agenda 2030
  12. The Future
  13. Socialism Implementation
  14. Transhumanism
  15. Oatmeal
  16. Automation
  17. Matrix
  18. Terminator
  19. Judge Dredd
  20. Bicentennial Man
  21. Data from Star Trek
  22. Apathy
  23. Nihilism
  24. Invention
  25. Productivity
  26. Progress
  27. Revolution
  28. Remote Control
  29. 1984
  30. Losing Jobs
  31. Gaining Jobs
  32. Open Borders
  33. Trojan Horses
  34. Robot Cops
  35. RoboCop
  36. C3PO from Star Wars
  37. R2D2
  38. Johnny Five of Short Circuit
  39. Pre-Crime
  40. Matrix
  41. Fat People in WALL-E
  42. Subjectivity over Objectivity
  43. Safety over Freedom
  44. Pacifism
  45. Enlarging Federal Robots
  46. Enlarging Federal Government
  47. Local Communities First
  48. Nationalism
  49. Private Property Rights
  50. Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, etc.
  51. Open Source Technology
  52. Proprietary Technology
  53. Welfare
  54. Communism
  55. More Fat People
  56. Lazy
  57. Very Lazy
  58. Hopelessness
  59. Obama Drones
  60. Giving Up
  61. Robot Body Guards
  62. 3D Printers
  63. Solar Power
  64. Blockchain AI
  65. Underground Houses
  66. Flying Cars
  67. Space Travel

Matt Christiansen

06:32 PM - The Call-In Show LIVE 9 ET

Crying is a fountain of youth. Some people might want to help you, meaning maybe not too much of a burden.

Bad Bingozee

06:49 PM - IWA

@Whisperatnight, since 2018, I've seen Bingozee promote transhumanism, Mormonism, nihilism, apathy, hopelessness, etc, but in isolation it seems or at times to some extent. He talks about problems. That's good. There are problems. It's good to talk about problems. However, we should also promote solutions at the same time. In isolation of promoting enough solutions, alternatives, options, choices, opportunities, freedom, potential, etc, the announcement and emphasis and focus on problems too extremely and stuff can be and might be and has been in some cases too problematic and Bingozee mentions some good things too like Patriotism in isolation of the source and real origin of patriotism and the values of Americana and western civilization which stems from philosophy, law, principles, wisdom, morality, objectivity, Plato, other people, other things, and especially Judeo-Christianity like you have been saying.

@Whisperatnight, I have not heard his voice. You can see my face and my voice in videos. He uses a robot voice in his videos. What he writes appears to be written via a voice app where he speaks and the computer writes. I'm going to assume he or she or whatever is using a voice app. I guess that is ok. None of this really matters in and of itself, well unless if there is any hypocrisy involved. If Bingozee tells people to not do whatever that he might do, then he might maybe be a hypocrite.

Stefan Molyneux

08:03 PM - Defamation, Deplatforming and Deep State Whistleblowing: Robert Barnes and Stefan Molyneux - Section 230. Expecting a bill at the end? Just a joke? I wonder.

Make Justice Great Again

08:05 PM - IWA - Post Justice Stuff in this thread

Star Wars Info Wars

08:08 PM - Assuming you made the Star Wars theme that was thirty minutes long. It began like a New Hope. It shows Trump and Alex Jones. There is this deep voice narrator. There is some history or mini bio of Alex which made me cry. Very inspirational. The background music during this first episode was amazing.

Bill of Rights

08:29 PM - IWA

@Crit1kal, I agree with that on a local level but NOT REALLY on a global or federal or national or state level. I prefer letting individuals, families, communities, employer, property owners, neighborhoods, cities, towns, villages, town halls, groups, companies, parties, entities, etc, make these rules, polices, guidelines, laws, codes, etc, over their private property, websites, online, offline. Make private property rights great again.

Dear government,

Get out of my phone.

Get out of my website, etc.

However, if Facebook got tax dollars, then government should run it because it is ours and Facebook should then therefore have a bill of rights that is federally enforced, globally. If not globally, then they could either remove international accounts or delegate them to their respective countries that the accounts were made in.

But this whole debate is almost as dangerous as the red flag laws relating to the gun debate and what happened at Walmart in Texas and in Ohio, etc.


People should not do bad stuff which includes doxing, incitement to violence, death threats, spam, hate speech, terrorism, viruses, etc, etc.


I don't want to force people to do good.

I want to give people the freedom to do bad.

That's life.

The freedom to do bad stuff if you want.

And suffer the consequences for doing bad things.

And private property rights to be kings.

Steven Crowder

10:15 PM - Insane Anti-Trump Protester goes BESERK on Crowder! | Change My Mind - Jesus Christ

Our Cartoon President

10:32 PM - 11:04 PM - S01E16

Insert MS13 compared to Mexicans joke here. They talk about how government do bad things while calling it good things like the Patriot Act and other things. Paul Ryan is there to train Trump. A doctor evaulates his health. Trump Blockage. Coins in the gut. He gets surgery without pain medicine.


10:53 AM - Carnival Row Season 1 - Official Trailer | Prime Video - Starring Orlando Bloom of the Pirates of the Caribbean - IWA

Also starring animal hybrids. So, Alex Jones was right, they do exist. Some animal hybrids are human-engineered and others come from breeding between humans, animals, aliens, angels, demons, sons of god, giants, lizard people, multidimensional species, etc.


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