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Began 2007 in Bradley, West Virginia, USA, at my second college, the Appalachian Bible College (ABC). I began attending ABC in the fall of 2006, right after graduating my first college in Pottersville, New York (NY), The Word Of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI). In the spring, in May of 2007, I returned to my house in Forest Grove, Oregon (OR), to my mother. I started volunteering at Free Geek Computers in Portland (PDX). My younger sister, Crystal, encouraged me to apply at Camp Kuratli in Boring, Oregon. This is a Salvation Army Camp. On the application, I drew a cartoon version of myself. Mike Kurtz saw that and hired me to work in the Wilderness Program for that summer. In August, attended a youth conference (WYI), met Lincoln Hawk who encouraged me to apply for Revolution Hawaii. Outline of 2007 - Revolution Hawaii Diary & Photos - I donated my income to mom.

Revolution Hawaii

I applied and made the team. I arrived in Hawaii for Revolution Hawaii on Friday, the 31st of August, 2007. Our mission trip lasted for ten months into June of 2008. In the morning, we had missionary training courses. We had a daily Quiet Time (SOAP) where we studied the Bible individually and then would share our insights as a group. We had seven members on our team, including me. We would exercise in the morning, around 06:00 AM. Devotions around 07:00 or 08:00 AM. In the afternoon, we would do ministries. I volunteered at the Boys & Girls Club or actually a YMCA, a homeless shelter washing the dishes, and a few other places. On Saturdays, we fed homeless people sandwiches and water. In December, I acted in a music video called Get Your Joy On (GYJO) which was directed & edited by Jeff Walters. The producer and musician was Mejee Lutcher. All three of us starred in the video. A few other people made cameos and helped in making it.

By Oatmeal Joey

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Some highlights from Reviewing 2007, as follows:

All time-stamps are in Pacific Standard Time (PST) unless otherwise noted:

Love Life Outline

2007-04-09 - Monday - 11:00 PM EST - April 9th - Steemit

Love Journal

2007-04-18 - Wednesday - Apr. 18th - 02:00 PM EST - Steemit - I wrote: "....Refocus. PURPOSE: The purpose of this entry is to remind myself of my first Love instead of being distracted by other things. I am amazed at how God is working in my life, and I am amazed at the prayers of others, and that prayer works. This entry, the idea behind prayer, and even my own way of life may often be unpopular but it is right. I must be motivated to remember who I am. DETAILS: I wrote to myself, before today's chapel, "You have been distracted with a deep feeling of liking [X] and therefore have forgotten who you are." Sure, the feelings are strong or full of emotions, for X, but why am I letting my feelings control me when I should let God control me? I pray that I seek to be refocused each day....."

Met Jen

2007-04-20 - Friday - 08:00 PM EST - Steemit - I wrote: "...MEETING WITH X: That Friday night is a night to remember because it was then that I was able to tell X how I felt. She seem relaxed and understanding. I am still thinking about all this and I am thinking about what I feel about all this. I need to write more about this special night. FIRST SPECIAL MEETING WITH FEMALE: It was the first time I ever had like a planned meeting with a girl ever, in such matters. Never have I ever fell for a girl in such a way, before; but now, I feel, never will I ever fall for a girl like that ever again....."

Heather Christenson

2007-04-23 - Monday - 10:57 AM - April 23rd - L4OJ - Facebook - Heather Christenson‎ to me: "I knew Tiffany as well...it was very hard to say goodbye to such an amazing young woman and friend. You know, I have so many fun memories with her....it just makes me smile to think about the time that I was able to spend with her. She touched many people in her life and isn't forgotten." Liked by Jill Mill, The Oatmeal Joey Arnold Memorial Facebook Page Profile Account.


2007-04-23 - Monday - 08:00 PM EST - Steemit - I wrote: "...JERK: It is now official that I feel like a jerk because of my actions that came from feelings. The last couple of years I have thought about dating girls that I would like; however, I dare myself not to until it is time to get serious (married). That dare never changed but somehow I let my guard down. I basically started liking a girl. Then, like a jerk, I started talking about her online (like I am doing right now). I was not considering starting anything with her and I did not even think that she or anybody should know about such matters. Somehow, I started letting more people know until she found out about it. I met with her and told her what she already knew and then she told me some things that I somewhat already knew. It is sad that I have to live such a life....."


2007-04-25 - Wednesday - 07:03 PM - Apr 25th - L4OJ - Facebook - Laura Courser‎ to me: "Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.

Laughter and tears are both responces to frustration and exhustation. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward. -Kurt Vonnegut

Nobody really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy. -Chynthia Nelms."

Revisiting Childhood

2007-04-25 - Wednesday - 07:22 PM - Facebook - Laura added: "*Sometimes I wish I were a little kid again, skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts. *I thought when love for you died, I should die. It's dead. Alone, most strangely, I live on."


2007-04-26 - Thursday - 12:00 AM EST - Steemit - I wrote: "....04/26/07 r 12am est. PERSPECTIVE: I do not know exactly what I have been feeling and thinking this past year concerning life, love, girls (or even that particular girl), or anything; but I do know that I often forget to look at life through the lens of eternal perspective. I may try to better define what I have been feeling, thinking, and doing but I must better yet talk about what I need to be doing in life. I was talking to a good friend of mine, Ryan Blok, and I was being reminded that I must focus on giving all my time and energy to my first Love, my Creator and Savior. Let me tell you that I officially do not like anybody as of right now and I do not plan on even considering it for a long time. It will only be harder for me to fall for a girl but it is better, actually, now. It will be tough to consider becoming more than friends with a girl from now on but that means I will not fall for junk (not saying that x was anything less than not junk). Recently I thought about becoming more than friends with X but I knew that I could not but I told her about it anyways. I am better about all that, by the way. I need to talk about my past in this love journal. I keep forgetting. I need to focus on my first Love. So much to say about all this but so very little time; But what is most important?....."


2007-04-28 - Saturday - 02:00 PM EST - Steemit - I wrote: "...I need to learn how to be a genuine friend even if I feel sad and lonely. Please note that this journal probably only makes sense to me, the writer, but what would you expect. Never mind that. With that said, let me just spill out my guts. Through, I need to make a more secret journal because I will not say everything here. This school year has been the toughest yet best that i have ever have. I may have liked one girl or the next during the course of my life but I think that I foremost desire not love immediately but instead friendship. I may be a good friend but I want to learn how to do so better. I feel too weird. I do not want to go back to my home in Oregon. I do not want to leave the friendships I have with so many people....."

Forge And Forget

2007-04-29 - Sunday - 03:00 PM EST - Posted at 03:18 PM EST - Steemit - I wrote: "...I have a lot of things I need to be doing the next couple of years; therefore, I cannot be trying to do too many things at the same time and I must wait for things to come together. I do not know what will happen in the future but I do know that I have a day job, so to speak, and I must stop day dreaming or planning to do something that was never meant to be, maybe. If you are praying for me then thanks because it is working...."

Love Journal

2007-05-06 - Sunday - 03:00 PM EST - Steemit - I wrote: "05/06/07 s 03pm est. Library, ABC: Start Over: As of right now I plan to rewrite this love journal. It is long. This means editing and maybe deleting what I have wrote in previous entries, here. I should. People say I should. I could. I would. I plan to do that. I have spent too much time looking at the fruits that I have forgot to observe the root problems in my life. I am a mess. But I know a doctor. Do you know the Doctor. I feel that it is the end of the world when I return to my home in Oregon but I know the Doctor. I can schedule an appointment with Him any time I need to. That is better than anybody, anything (or any girl) that I have or ever will know. Do you know the doctor? HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY DOCTOR VISITS?"

My Dad

2007-05-09 - Wednesday - 09:00 AM EST - Steemit - I wrote: "I have challenged myself to not only share my feelings towards who I may like or whatever ('love') but I should also share my feelings and thoughts towards upcoming events. MY SUMMER OF 2007 LOOKS SCARY: I am not looking forwards to my summer but I know that my Creator has my back, yo. I am coming home to a trailer. I have no official room or room for anything. I do not have a job yet. My abusive unsaved alcoholic dad will be near by, I am coming home to help out my mom. I do not know how long that will last. I do not know what tommorrow will bring but I know that I cannot do anything by myself. I know that I cannot rely on my feelings. I know that I need to stay more loyal to whatever that I need to be doing."

Timothy Knight

2007-05-09 - Wednesday - 09:48 PM - May 9th - L4OJ - Facebook - Timothy Knight of Australia to me: "Hey Joey. Thanks for making me an officer. I'll do my best to be worthy of my title." Liked by Jill.

Camp Kuratli

2007-06 - June of 2007 - Worked as a Wilderness Counselor at Camp Kuratli with Maverick Mike Kurtz, Tree Duck Jeffrey Walters, Fiona Heidi Dixon, and Monster Kaitlin Wood.

Pirates of the Caribbeans

2007-07 - In July, we saw At World's End, the third film of that saga starring Jack Sparrow.

Met New Girl

2007-07-23 - Monday - 01:15 AM - Steemit - I wrote: "I like a new girl. Eh. Woa. This is not suppose to happen. Sad. Good. Bad. Does anybody ever read this? A while back I met Melody Millermon. Then I met Amanda Krubensacker. Later, met Jen Moore. The Doctor made people to be liked by other people. It is good to like people but it is not good to fantasize and worship them. So, what am I trying to say? I am trying to say that I have seen many people, have met less, and have liked fewer. Somehow, I am thinking of three different people right now but I will not mention their names, yet...."


2007-07-29 - Sunday - 02:58 AM - Steemit - I wrote: ".....My favorite was Shelby, then Grace, then the taller Brandon Smith because they taught me about how to express joy and life in a very practical way. Thank you, my best friends. Shelby would always say, "best friend" and I learn so much from her words and life. The first week of camp had many fun characters, the second week had many real rough draft people, but the third week was worth it. I love life more now. I love the things I learn. I have been struggling with how I look at life but I am learning that I need to express more life....."

My Facebook

My Facebook URL was http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501543935 - Notes


2007-08 - August of 2007 - After Kuratli, I attended a week-long youth retreat (WYI). I let Lincoln Hawk who encouraged me to attended Revolution Hawaii (RevHI).

About Mom

2007-08-24 - Friday - I wrote about my mom and about music.

Revolution Hawaii

2007-08-31 - Friday - August 31st - Flew to Hawaii - Began a ten-month mission trip in Hawaii which was sponsored by The Salvation Army. There were seven members on our mission team, including me. The trip ended in June of 2008.

Homeless Beach

2007-09 - As a team, we lived on a homeless beach outside of Honolulu for a week in order to find out what it would be like to be homeless.

Rob Bell

On Tuesday nights, we would watch Rob Bell videos and talk about it. One time, the TV was on Obama in a big debate. I looked at him in 2007, on the television, and thought to myself that he would become the next President even if there was something odd about him.


2007-11-04 - Sunday - 11:42 PM - Facebook Picture

Quiet Time

2007-11-04 - Sunday - 11:53 PM PST - Facebook Picture - The second Revolution Hawaii team of Rob Noland doing their morning devotion, AKA Quiet Time, AKA SOAPS. This was in Hawaii. I was on this team: a Salvation Army ministry. This picture features the whole team from left to right, starting with the left side of the table, Joey Arnold, Corey Gaus, Jess Jessica Franklin Stevenson, Martina Pound, Kealohaopuuwai Irvine, Blake Webb, and Jeff Walters.

2007-11-04 - Sunday - 11:53 PM PST - JA Revolution Hawaii Beach Quiet Time1929297_8390521141_3217_n.jpg

Kids Outreach

Event at Major or Mayor Wright Neighborhood in Honolulu, Hawaii (HI), USA - This picture was uploaded by Rob at the same time as the previous picture, above, according to Facebook. So, these two pictures are of things that happened in September, October, or maybe even November of 2007 in Hawaii. We began our year in RevHI on the first of September, '07.

2007-11-04 - Sunday - 11:53 PM PST - Major Wright Neighborhood Thing RevHI Team Pics UPLOADED AT THIS TIME.jpg


2007-11-22 - Thursday - 07:00 AM - HST - Revolution Hawaii Diary & Photos - Rough Dravt Journal Notes, Rough Draft, of my life in September, October, and November, of 2007.


2007-12-09 - Sunday - 01:02 AM PST - Facebook


2007-12-15 - Saturday - Jeff Walters finished editing the Get Your Joy On (GYJO) video. In December, I acted in a music video called Get Your Joy On (GYJO) which was directed & edited by Jeff Walters. The producer and musician was Mejee Lutcher. All three of us starred in the video. A few other people made cameos and helped in making it. The video was less than ten minutes long. It took us like a week or so to film. We spend several hours filming and editing and everything. Jeff got the video finished on that Saturday, on his birthday. After that, he flew to California and I flew back to Honolulu.


2007-12-25 - Tuesday - On Christmas Day, or around that time, I saw Enchanted with Dave Hudson and his family. I enjoyed that song, That's How You Know


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Get Your Joy On Video

2007-12-14 GYJO 01.png

Reviewing 2007

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2007 RevHI Camp Game Me 01.jpg


2007-04-17 - Tuesday - 02:21 PM - Blogspot Screenshot at 2019-11-05 11:02:41.png
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2007-04-17 - Tuesday - 02:21 PM - Blogspot Screenshot at 2019-11-05 11:03:06.png
2007-04-17 - Tuesday - 02:21 PM - Blogspot Screenshot at 2019-11-05 11:03:38.png

Direct Her

2007-04-17 - Tuesday - 02:21 PM - Blogspot - The 17th of of April of 2007 - By Oatmeal Joey Arnold at Appalachian Bible College, Bradley, West Virginia, USA

I wrote:

Dear Joey Arnold, instead of worrying, you should pray. Even pray for x. Pray that she is drawn to you or drawn far from you. Pray that you are drawn to or from her, and for wisdom regarding that. Pray, do your part in life and leave the rest to the Creator and Savior to each of our souls [to those who have trusted in His salvation, that He gave us Hope Over Dope]. Stop tempting your mind about the future decisions of education, friendships, and now even love. Pray for wisdoma dn help because you cannot do it by yourself. You are so poor and must rely on the only One that can be relied on. Please spend more time with your Savior, that is quiet and quality time. This is your challenge for today. Stop getting distracted by anything. Ask Christ to give you a bigger heart for people and for more of a heart for people than for me. My wife would have to be a people's person. Ok. Just pray about that. Make friendships. Pray. Study. Wait. You can do this. Keep yourself posted. Pray for things even when God can say no to them. Do your part in confidence. Trust God. He has a plan for you.


Where in the world is OATMEAL Joey? TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 2007. Posted by Joey Arnold at 2:21 PM

I worked at Camp Kuratli in 2007 & 2008.

Camp Kuratli 1930323_21010243961_2280_n.jpg

2007-10-23 - Tuesday - 06:33 PM HST - Office Screenshot at 2019-11-06 19:26:41.png

RevHI Blog

2007-10-23 - Tuesday - 06:33 PM HST - Office - Blogspot

10/26/07 f. Some notes on this week.
Here are some notes.................

10/23/07 t 6:33pm hst JSA Office
BLOG THEN INTERNET: yesterday, Rob Noland, who is the director of myteam, Revolution Hawaii, mentioned with urgency and delight: "blog, weekly, and email me the link." He said something like that. I need to do that. What website? I don't know. Blogger.com. Maybe.

You hate something. I hate smelly druggies. Homeless failures. Missing-teeth, blbber-mouth drunkers. Rebelous kids. BUT STILL. Today, me, Cory, and Martina, sat with kids in a home work room at the YMCA, from around two until almost five in the afternoon. I live for this. I have counseled before. I had childcare class in high school. Work in children church. I am like a kid. Hey. My passion is there. Influencial seems best there. But I was not sure if I would relate. How would I relate to the kids. I started drawing. Kids thought it was nice, funny, whatever. Different things were thought, depending on the kid. The kid next to me drew a Japanese cartoon like ninja. One next to me was doing math. Another had a wrist band that had an interesting symbol. The kid two seats from me waved to me from a truck during departure. Near the end, I walked around. Wow. Skate board. Plastic cup creation. Almost stole girl staff's pen while filling out the application. Talked to Jess about truth as a jewel in the mist of mud, after all that. She worked with the old folks. There was love in all that we did. I think. Martina was doing arts and crafts with some eight year old girls. Or how old were those girls? But it was good. When we arrived at the YMCA, I noticed an article in a magazine talking about self-confidence. This is true. God wants you to have joy, hope, courage, confidence, purpose, and things like that: that can make you strong. YMCA's motto is about making strong people, families, communities. You know. God-confidence is more accurate. Confidence, as like God, comes from God and goes through us and is then self-confidence but not for self, from self, or anything like that. DOn't be negative. Have confidence. But good kind. It was nice to be with the kids. Because of the parents-teachers conferences, kids were stuck at the YMCA for around some hours instead of around less than an hour. This will be going on for next week, also: that makes it two weeks.
The other guys were at the boys and girls club. Around 50 kids. they played games. It was good. Fast.
I want to work with River Of Life and old people, for Wednesday and Thursday. That will be my hope. And also this other kids place.

Christmas 2007

2007-12-25 - 07:11 PM - Aaron Ryssemus

2007-12-25 - Aaron Ryssemus said Oatmeal Joey Called Him and Merry Christmas everybody Screenshot at 2020-02-05 02:27:53.png

is hoping that you had a merry christmas and he's glad that he got a call from oatmeal joey!


2007-06-17 - HCBC Alumni Hand Prints Photos | BW | Blog

I was in this same youth group, 1999-2004. So, I put my hand prints up there in 2004 alongside Eric Koelbl and others who graduated that same year.

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