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My brother Rick and his wife visited in January of 2019 for a week. We visited Seattle, Canada, mountains, a sea port. I played Rick some basketball. We had a good Thanksgiving trip. In the summer, I met Pastor Sam. I spent most of 2019 blogging. I was working on the family photo albums, chores, projects around the house, organizing the book shed and big garage, and my autobiography. I made a few videos. I was trying to inspire patriots, conservatives on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Infocomms, etc. Especially the Infocomms. I made some memes. I wrote articles about history, politics, life, psychology, health, technology, etc.

Other Random 2019 Highlights

I love Breaking Bad. Walter White got this trailer. Road trips. I love Easter. Father Knows Best. I built a snow fort. I was learning how to drive. We were working on the garden. It's good to lead sometimes during Adult Sunday School. Helped out at the youth group. Started attending the men's Bible group. I've been reviewing my life in Vietnam. In April, I was watching Anne of Green Gables for the first time. Was watching Game of Thrones, season 8. Oh, the Lawnmower Man films was fun to watch. In October, Facebook banned me for no reason. New places in November. Rise of Matan Even in December. I was sorting old coins.

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2019 - Year In Review

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in December of 2019

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Brothers Reunion

2019-01 - January of 2019

rick joey arnold brothers january 2019 oatmeal
We were hiking and sight seeing one day

The biggest thing that happened in January of 2019 was the surprise visit from Rick Arnold, my brother, and his wife, for a week, where we went hiking, and we visited Port Angeles, a dam, Seattle, British Columbia in Canada; we played basketball. They were able to tell people at church about their ministry in Honduras. Personally, that's very interesting, as I've not seen Rick since like 2008. I don't remember if I saw him in 2009. Globally, there were the meme wars. The FBI raided Roger Stone. The left went after some children. I learned about Laminin. There is a new frog forum called Infocom. You can see an outline of this month, below. We need to build more wall as walls work. Sadly, people can come and promote the tearing down of walls. That's dangerous. We are in a war with Big Pharma, technocracy, China, geoengineering, 5G, progressivism, etc. Are you red pilling people? I was watching Fuller House, Gotham, Mark Dice, Pew Die Pie, Alex Jones, Louder With Crowder, Owen Shroyer, David Knight, YouTube videos, etc. Generally, I spend all day researching, writing, watching, learning, and sharing, a bunch of different things, in order to help educate, entertain, AKA Edutain, making the world greener with one oatmeal at a time.

Banning Oatmeal

2019-02 - February of 2019

oatmeal joey arnold february snow feb 2019

Infowars Banned Oatmeal from the INFOCOMMS for alleged spamming. Spyware Chips. Dalat 2013. Gun Debate. Alex Jones was on Joe Rogan. Began going to the Leaf Pagoda in August of 2013. Rat Cat Bats. Socialism Versus Free Markets Debate. Snow Day 1992. The Walking Dead 909. Can we learn from Athens? Banned From Travel? Water Versus Snow Debate. State of the Union 2019. Needing Friends. Gotham 505. Animal Heart.

Snow Hill

2019-03 - March of 2019

aoc bill nye march 2019

We began working on the garden. They prepared for a road trip. I worked on my snow hill. I reviewed my life in Vietnam in 2013 and 2014. I prepared to teach Sunday School. I talked about Banning Oatmeal. Youth Group. Watched Alita.

Anne of Green Gables

2019-04 - April of 2019

space force picard trump april 2019

April, 2014 - Captain Picard Trump Video - Steemit Wallet Fork. Added 3 months to my phone. This wife is with a purpose. Anne With An E. Open Borders Butt. Home Alone. Long road trip for L&M.

Borderless Documentary

2019-05 - May of 2019

alex jones wanted may 2019

Borderless - Soph - Fake Joey On Free Square - Tim Pool & Bill Ottman on Tech Censorship PLUS Sexy Burkinis - Read the comments on this Lauren Chen YouTube Video - Participate #SPUD! [Steem Power Up Day] with Travelgirl - Banning Oatmeal - July 2014 - Wayback Machine & Robot Dogs - Xanga - Info Graphic News For Kids - Fake Dreck Briana is Not The Real Marissa Da'Nae - Home Alone Podcast - February 2015 - Fair - Video Games - Gardens - Sunday School - Infocomms - Mueller Report - Game of Thrones Finale

1992 Audio Found

2019-06 - June of 2019

trump kim north korea june 2019 oatmeal joey arnold

@oatmealjoey is my 2nd Steemit account. Facebook Banned Me. 1992 Audio Found. Nicole Kidman. Earthworm Jim. Punching Bag: Project Man. @Bingoze and @Mischief_With_Griff are right about how the Extended Internet works. VHS To DVD 2019 Began. Post Swamp Creatures Here. Bunny Ears. Dairy Queen. Child Porn Debate. New Facebook - Oatmeal Joey. I applied to work at camp but was rejected. I taught Sunday School. Yard work. House work. Wrote articles reviewing my life in Vietnam in 2015. Spent most of my time writing, watching, reading, researching, educating, passing on the information war to others.

Lawnmower Man

2019-07 - July of 2019

mark dice tulsi july 2019

Brain Phones. Banned on Infocomms. Tommy Robinson News | Soph On Alex Jones. June 2015 in Vietnam. Island Trip. I'm a Prince of Troy. Epstein Arrested. Cherry-Picking. Drunk Brandy. Practiced Driving. September 2015. Roofing The Shed. Clown World. Stopping Antifa. Picard. Lawnmower Man

Reviewing The 1980's

2019-08 - August of 2019

Carman Trump Blues Song. Make Music Great Again. Christmas 2020. AOC Zumba. Yang For Censorship - Thursday, August 1st (01) of 2019. Fired on Friday (02). Saturday, there was the Walmart Shooting. Freewill plays a role in actions. A murderer chose, probably, to murder, through a conscious choice, generally speaking. It is not always or merely a mental health issue. It is normally a decision that some people made. Use proxies, open DNS, and encryption. Protect yourself from the big tech cartels of Google, Facebook, Comcast (ISP), etc (03). Didn't go to the picnic (04). Facebook said that this Tommy Robinson picture went against community guidelines (05). Reviewed 2015 (06). Change my Jesus (07). Many Joey Clones out there as seen in this video - Metal Gear Joey Clones. Moved the stump to the pile (08). January 2016. Grass Day (09). Favorite websites & Epstein Murdered (10)? Copyright Origin (11). Potatoes Bled. Chocolate Chip Cookies (CCC). Youth Leaders Met (12). Oatmeal Health (13). Project Veritas Google. February 2016. Legality vs Morality Debate (14). Trump Rally (15). Ground Gutters (16). Patriots PDX Antifa Rally (17). Prayer is Like Spiritual Flying (18). Hong Kong Video (19). Blockchain Research (20). Met Pastor Sam (21). Infowars News (22). Funnel Extension (HF21) | April of 2016 (23). Oatmeal Phomeal (24). First Love (25). Star Wars Trailer. Trump G7 France. Copyrighting Brains (26). 1980 (27). City Walk (28). Lightning & Thunder (29). Banned Dot Video (30). Google Triggered by InfoWars (31).

How Dare You Greta

2019-09 - September of 2019

Why am I being flagged for starting conversations with people? I'm like a young Jay Leno who starred alongside the Karate Master in 1989 Collision Course which I watched during the second day of this month. Gangsters were trying to kill them almost as badly as they're trying to take down Trump. I was reviewing the 1980's and 2016. In life, it's not always about prosperity or poverty. Rather, it can be more about productivity, purpose, the path, the process, the pace, the philosophy, and especially the people. Some people tried storming Area 51. Greta said, "How Dare You!"

My REP fell from 57 to 55 because people are jealous of my hospitality to greet new user | SJW Writer Kobe Bryant | Zombies Are Drug Addicts? | Joey Rabbit | I'm too sexy for my meme | How do you make a meme? | Google Quantum vs Bitcoin | Storming Area 51 | Impeach Trump | Steem Crashed | Collision Course starring Jay Leno & the Karate Kid Master | 1980's - Decade In Review | Ricky Ross | Geeks & Gamers Live | Not About Prosperity or Poverty | Oh Sheep | July 2016 | Clown World 3 | Tommy Robinson | Beauty Beta Sargon | Phone Refilled | Logan's Run | Eddie Bravo Infowars | How Do You Watch Infowars? | Great Greta | Drinkin' Bros | My Dissenter

Facebook Banned Me For No Reason

2019-10 - October of 2019

Killing Trump in Dallas | Facebook Ban For No Reason | I was using the Dissenter web browser. Trump Finland Press Conference. Llamas invaded Infowars. I washed the truck. Black Summit. I was feeling a bit sick. The Walking Dead 1001. Baptism. The Marines are guarding Trump. We were eating pizza. October 2016. Hillary Clinton is trying to run in 2020. Globalists are trying to remove Trump. Americans are trying to protect Trump from infiltrated invaders within the United States of America (USA). Been watching Infowars videos. Infocomms died. Trump had a big Minnesota Rally with over 50K people. Friday night, El Camino - A Breaking Bad Netflix Movie. History of U.S. Elections. King of Jokers. Batwoman. CNN Leak. China Censors NBA. Garden weeding. Monday Youth Group. Dem Debates. Pan Talk. Family Album Work. Rain. Bible Study. Vape. November 2016 Review. Trump Dallas Rally. Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook won't police posts. But then banned me for no reason. Saturday: Pew Die Pie is Banned in China. Maleficent 2. Fear The Walking Dead 5. Free Geek Day Sunday. Rooster flew off. New Star Wars Trailer dropped. My Tetris Game. Laura Loomer is running for office in Florida. George Lucas Reacts to Star Wars Trailer Deep Fake. Snowden on Joe Rogan. Gary is Beautiful. YouTube banned Red Ice TV. December of 2016 Review. Dear Deer. Deer 2. Facebook bans Add Me. You can't say that. It goes against their rules. Trump got the ISIS leader. SNL mocked Trump for that. No church. Walking Dead. Batwoman. Mandalorian Trailer 2 broke on Monday. The guys that brought you Game of Thrones are now choosing not to do a Star Wars Trilogy. Ales Jones Halloween Eve Special. Silent 9/11 Planes. They're not going to stop trying to murder Trump and millions of other people as well. We must always try our best to stop them before they kill us. Time is running out, dear patriots.

New Places

2019-11 - November of 2019

Good to see them again. Meaning to life involves freewill. There is no life without love. That is what original oatmeal is all about. Set Deadlines or Die. Walking Dead Morgan dies? Alpha Vader. Flickr Day. Epstein Leak. Project Veritas. Government trafficked Jessica Leigh Collins. FCC to Fine YouTubers. Wicked Witch Judge Jackson. Black Face Joy Said She Never Did Black Face. KSI Defeated Logan Paul. Bringing Light to the World. Zombism is contagious if real. But also curable. Be real. Don't be a deepfake. Blossom Rangers. Men should respect women. Please encourage boys to become real men and not beta wimps. Disney Plus launched to compete with Netflix, etc. Jimmy Kimmel security assaulted two women who confronted their vaccine fraud. Carter Bella is Impersonating Lil Hannah. Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) are giving out false copyright claims on YouTube. | on Friday, the 15th, they found Roger Stone guilty. In reality, Stone is not guilty. White House Contact | Kanye West is Michael Jackson. He performed on Joel Osteen. Food Poisoning Trump Talk on Monday. Adam Carolla. Naked Mole Rat Alex Jones. Apple Texas Invasion. Fake Perfection vs Real Perfection. E-Cigs Debate. Harriet Tubman on Friday. The Good Place. Fence. Turkey prep. Nazi ADL in Dee Hood. Contentment Sunday. Talking reindeer movie. Killing Anne on Monday. Tulsi On Joe Rogan. New Places. Happy Thanksgiving. Dear God My Wife. Don't Dwell Swell. Got a lot of organizing done this month. Sometimes, you should move on to new places. Now, your yard won't flood as much. Next time, we should play more Apples to Apples. Draw more. Write more. Laugh more. Coffee more haha.

Rise of Matan Even

2019-12 - December of 2019

They are trying to impeach Trump. | My YouTube History - Part 001 | We had a lick of snow on Sunday, the first day of December 2019. Homeless Barber Video. Matan Even. Pistol Shrimps did an amazing Star Wars parody thingy which involved deep fake technology. Tagged Bumble Dating is a good idea for people. They should try to get married. Escapism vs Realism. Globalists are trying to blow up even more and blame it all on us. They've been doing it. They're ramping it up. Most People Are Babies. LED lights are blue and that hurts our eyes. Never Ending Path. Free Hong Kong & Jerry Nadler. Can you say Merry Christmas? Cable Box Spying. Why not tell people about that, huh? I like trucks. I like gifts. The rain is cold. You can accept new gifts. Are Americans kings or slaves? Steemit Communities are here. They are like Facebook groups. On Friday the 13th, was pretty sick. I took magnesium for my headache. For information, why not go to Infowars Store dot com? Love 2012 Talk. Pewdiepie called out YouTube. Panopticon Sunday. Break a leg as they say for good luck. Just kidding. Athena is a city from long ago. Pewdiepie Deleted His Twitter. Reddit Star Wars Rise of Soy Walker Leaks. Love Shack. Impeaching Trump. Fuller House. Ray Donovan. Star Wars Rise of Skywalker For Seven Hours. Is Palpatine Inside Her? Too much cake. Oh, DVD player. Facebook Bans Kissing on Saturday, the 21st. Egg Nog Coffee on Sunday. Unstoppable Domains. Epstein has a YouTube channel that recruits men who like to be around underaged girls. Counting Money On Christmas Day. Lower Dimensions Might Be Higher. That Oatmeal Dude on that last Friday of the decade. Sea Elf Car Saturday. 20-Year Increments Towards Globalism Theory. It's Okay To Be White Monday. Banana Nut Bread on this last day of the decade.


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I don't know. It depends on the posts, comments, and the links. You can read what I'm writing, right? But are you saying there are problems with my links?

Because Beta Steemit is designed to only show some things it appears because it is kind of like Facebook Groups. It is supposed to keep things separate to some extent. So, my posts will show up on Beta Steemit. But the comments appear not to show up. I'm not completely sure how that works but I have heard a little bit about it.

Cool. Thought you may have been targetted for some reason.

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