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Killing Trump in Dallas | Facebook Ban For No Reason | I was using the Dissenter web browser. Trump Finland Press Conference. Llamas invaded Infowars. I washed the truck. Black Summit. I was feeling a bit sick. The Walking Dead 1001. Baptism. The Marines are guarding Trump. We were eating pizza. October 2016. Hillary Clinton is trying to run in 2020. Globalists are trying to remove Trump. Americans are trying to protect Trump from infiltrated invaders within the United States of America (USA). Been watching Infowars videos. Infocomms died. Trump had a big Minnesota Rally with over 50K people. Friday night, El Camino - A Breaking Bad Netflix Movie. History of U.S. Elections. King of Jokers. Batwoman. CNN Leak. China Censors NBA. Garden weeding. Monday Youth Group. Dem Debates. Pan Talk. Family Album Work. Rain. Bible Study. Vape. November 2016 Review. Trump Dallas Rally. Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook won't police posts. But then banned me for no reason. Saturday: Pew Die Pie is Banned in China. Maleficent 2. Fear The Walking Dead 5. Free Geek Day Sunday. Rooster flew off. New Star Wars Trailer dropped. My Tetris Game. Laura Loomer is running for office in Florida. George Lucas Reacts to Star Wars Trailer Deep Fake. Snowden on Joe Rogan. Gary is Beautiful. YouTube banned Red Ice TV. December of 2016 Review. Dear Deer. Deer 2. Facebook bans Add Me. You can't say that. It goes against their rules. Trump got the ISIS leader. SNL mocked Trump for that. No church. Walking Dead. Batwoman. Mandalorian Trailer 2 broke on Monday. The guys that brought you Game of Thrones are now choosing not to do a Star Wars Trilogy. Ales Jones Halloween Eve Special. Silent 9/11 Planes. They're not going to stop trying to murder Trump and millions of other people as well. We must always try our best to stop them before they kill us. Time is running out, dear patriots.

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2019, October

Published on 2019-11-01 - Friday

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in October of 2019


2019-10-01 - Tuesday

I was flagged for small talk | Voice | Police Questions Man For Watching Video | 1987 | Have you seen the True Legends? Are giants real? Did they have electricity thousands of years ago? What is the Vatican hiding from us? Why do they burn books? Why are globalists using Disney to destroy the world? Why hasn't Trump launch his own news organization or social media network? How do we get Trump to go after the tech cartels? Send your activism videos to [email protected] and please publish those videos on websites, social networks, etc, first. Have you seen the Guinea-Pig Soldiers? Were their bodies deformed into aliens? Is a Steemit comment a form of private property? What is the meaning to life? Should we skip levels and dive into magic? Is the process of life part of the meaning to life? What is Secure Drop? Lawn Mower Jam.

Trump Finland Press Conference

2019-10-02 - Wednesday

MK Ultra | Real Capitalism vs Fake Capitalism | I never realized how beautiful Laura Ingraham is. What is the best graphic card? Currently, anything with at least 32 GB RAM, dedicated to the GPU, is excellent. 1 GHZ bus speed is good. I'm like a bird as the wheels on the bus goes round and round with Tom Sawyer. Good dinner. Device. Trump destroys corrupt evil media alongside Finland President. Hillary Clinton is running around. Alex Jones. War Room was partly hosted by two patriot women. Fire Power had on a lady who is running against Nasty Nancy Pelosi.

Llama Party

2019-10-03 - Thursday

Llamas Invaded The Alex Jones Show. Bitchute Dissenter Problem. Trump Medicare Signing. Washed the truck. Bit Tube might be better than Bitchute. Hi Spam. They can see your WIFI location. That's dangerous. They can find you and kill you. They're trying to murder Trump. After that, they'll go after you too. Make Local Farms Great Again. Leslie Lane Farms. MK Ultra. Who is not retarded? Who is not brain washed? Cough cough. China has missiles that can hit America in 30 minutes. Evil people are secretly tricking humans into killing themselves. Some vaccines are bad. Big Pharma is messing us up. Big tech cartels are warping our brains. They're putting stuff in the sky that goes into the crops. They're poisoning us. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to ignore this or will you join the revolution and be part of history? Which side of history are you on? My phone is Blu. I use TracFone (AT&T).

Black Summit

2019-10-04 - Friday

I saw a video of new wall construction on Trump's Twitter. It brings tears to my eyes. The liberals like a speaker who is quoting Hitler, and simply substituting Trump for Jew, in those quotes! Fog City Midge | Was Plato a Globalist? | Chicken Steemit | Making America Great Again | Americans, in 2013, spent more money to feed the government than they spent to feed themselves. Black Genocide = Abortion. Where is Planned Parenthood getting so much money? Why did Beto get a flu shot? What did they put in that? Batman: The Killing Joke. She told AOC that we need to eat babies to save the earth. AOC nodded her head. Did you see that video? | 557 - 7 WORDS YOU CAN’T SAY ON YOUTUBE! | Eric Cochran Guests | Louder with Crowder. Word of the day is aforementioned. Capitalism vs Communism Debate with Light Eye. Continued washing the truck.

Bit Sick

2019-10-05 - Saturday

I was feeling a bit sick but I then began to recover. Rapper T.I. Learns About a Post Human Future | Why Airplanes Avoid Oceans | Democrats Wants To Turn America Into Dead Europe | Concerning NPC Americans | Conan - Norm MacDonald - The Moth Joke

The Walking Dead 1001

2019-10-06 - Sunday

The Walking Dead 1001 | Super Mario Trump Team Video | Baptism Day. 1988 SUV mentioned. Potluck. Took pictures of mom in dresses. U.S. Marines reserve units activated for “emergency within the United States” which “will come with little warning” – cites “threats in the Homeland”

Marines Are Guarding Trump

2019-10-07 - Monday

Military has been protecting Trump from assassination attempts. | The 2010's U.S. internal Civil Wars | Bit Tuber Over Bitchute | I watched some Joker movie reviews. I had an evangelism with black guys dream. Are you using Windows? I prefer using Ubuntu as my operating system (OS). I like eating pizza. Makes me feel a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT). What do you think about Laura Loomer? Can people evolve? Where do humans come from? Do we come from a creator or from the big bang? Meme Art Endorses Eating Babies. Bingozee Book. The Trinity of Salvation. Differences between censorship, moderating, corruption, collusion, etc. AOC Green New Meal. Babies crying. Youth Group. JSA Trinity. I fear regret over failure. Lost Sheep. Hide and seek tag. Piano. Jumping off a cliff. Driving reference. Other bus stop. Fish. Big bowl. Fridge.

October 2016

2019-10-08 - Tuesday

October 2016 | China is ruling the world. NBA bows to China. Others have been bowing as well. You can't endorse Hong Kong. Well, I praise Hong Kong. I do not bow to China. Is it rude to as a woman her age? No. Iraq = Erech - Son of Nimrod. China = Sinites. Japan = Greece = Javan = Father Jove. Moscow = Meshech. Australia = Cush (Seba). I put my hard drive in a metal lunch box (home-made Faraday Cage). Salad. Dishes. Sweep. Pipe thing help. Hose tied. Stored away. Fire Power Interviews. Two great women. Answers In Genesis. Valuetainment Videos. Infowars Videos. PragerU Videos. Trump teases Hillary Clinton on Twitter. She replied to say, "Don't tempt me." One catch Trump had was that she must expose herself. She must confess her crimes, if she runs in 2020. Well, she is attempting to run, that is if they continue to fail at removing Trump. Pastor Sam called Alex Jones and said Trump should decree a system to allow Americans to protect Trump. Why? Because globalists are trying to murder Trump and others. Technically, we do have some systems like that already. Weekly Photo | Mirror | 380 Pics | Laptop to My External 4 TB Drive Sync. Computer housekeeping. That Star Wars Girl Anna - Joker Review.

RIP Infocomms

2019-10-09 - Wednesday

Infocomms died. I was researching 12 bills as the elections are coming up. I was working on an article about Joker. I was updating my article templates. I was watching Infowars. I was digging into the history of the IWA forums history. Infowars Army on Facebook | Space Battles | Prison Planet Forums Dates Back to 2007

Minnesota Trump Rally

2019-10-10 - Thursday

How can each one of us improve educational systems against the shift that begun in the early 1900's thanks to Oxford and others? Believe it or not, it starts with one alternative at a time. In other words, one book at a time. One question at a time. One person at a time. One conversation at a time. Talk about it. Write it down. Keep a blog. Make a short one minute video about it each month. Just say you are trying your best. That is how things change. Try to donate an Edward Snowden book to your local libraries. Create your own library. Oh, what is a library? Believe it or not, but a library is a school. Trump Rally LIVE in Minneapolis, MN 10/10/19 - 40K+ People | Banned Video Live | Nike, Disney, Hollywood, Google, Facebook, Blizzard, and others, bow to China and go against Americans, actively, directly. We can choose to give these corporations money. We can buy their products. We can also choose to support local businesses first. I've included many links in this daily blog post.

El Camino - A Breaking Bad Netflix Movie

2019-10-11 - Friday

Susan Buchanan is a Terrorist. | Trump needs to stop tech cartels, etc, before they stop Trump. Police Block Roads | I can't help but think that onion is a distant cousin of oatmeal. Trump Rally. El Camino - A Breaking Bad Netflix Movie.

King of Jokers

2019-10-12 - Saturday

King of Jokers | Wiggle has WIFI maps. I know where you live because of your WIFI. Scary huh? Daily Oatmeal Advice | President Trump Delivers Remarks at Values Voter Summit | Don't Tell Her Video - YouTube | Minds | Facebook | Dissenter | 2 | 3 | I was studying U.S. Elections 1789-2016. Are federalists too centralized like democrats? Was George Washington a federalist? The candidate with the second most amount of votes would become the vice president? Imagine that now, President Trump and Vice President Hillary Clinton.

Bat Woman

2019-10-13 - Sunday

Build a local network, just in case Internet dies. If people go after you, send out an SOS. Ask me for how-to steps on how to do that. One thing at a time. Gradual. Walky Talkies. Ham radios. King of Jokers | General Shephard | Walking Dead 1002 | Batwoman 101 & 102. Last chapter for Sunday School.

CNN Leak

2019-10-14 - Monday

China Censors NBA. Do you prefer criminal prevention or criminal correction? Most people prefer prevention. Internally, we should prevent ourselves from doing bad. But externally, federal intervention is dangerous. Correction is better, legally speaking. What is a bot? Should we ban a bot? Should we ban spam? Should we ban people we dislike? Is a bot not a program? Should we run around and play tag? Delete Facebook Twitter Trend | King of Jokers | Project Veritas - PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS | Weekly Photos - 458 Pics | Mirror | Malaysia Church Song Video - Youth Choir | Youth Group.

Dem Debates

2019-10-15 - Tuesday

What is the history of games? How long have we been playing hide and seek as a human race, for example? Do games unite us as people? Do certain games derive from other games? These are the kinds of questions I ponder. I'm thinking about writing articles about the history of things. I like tracing the route that people and things journey through over the years. Truth Stream Media - Bitchute | Project Veritas | Expose CNN | ဆုမြန္ | Pans | Dem Debates | Was reviewing November 2016 | Family Album Work

November 2016

2019-10-16 - Wednesday

Can you filter your water and air? Would you rather feel rotten? Would you like to age your brain ten years or would you rather discover the fountain of youth? Just visit Infowars Store Dot Com. Why not? What are you waiting for? Banned Dot Video. Trump 2020 Win - November of 2016 | Pew Die Pie - Hong Kong vs Joker Ends Fortnite - Love the Joker Memes. Lucretia Hughes. Bible Study. Romans 9. Salvation. Rain. Soup. Family Photo Album Work. Vape.

Killing Trump in Dallas

2019-10-17 - Thursday

Killing Trump in Dallas | Should we have the right to own things without being bothered by government? Do I really need the IRS to help me sell an apple from my apple tree? Why can't you just come to my house and give me money? Do we need a middle man? Why can't we prosper under free markets? Do we really have to rely on taxes, regulations, welfare? DeAnna for Congress🇺🇸vs Nancy | King Arthur was my 41st great grand uncle, allegedly. Friends can write on my wall, any thing at any time on Facebook. Have fun. Photo Album Work.

Facebook Ban For No Reason

2019-10-18 - Friday

Facebook Ban For No Reason | Do you like the rain? Can you embrace it as you're taking care of business? Are your dreams sophisticated? Are you taking the time to recover from life? Miley Cyrus was in Black Mirror. I was watching it this morning. It deals with transhumanism and humanizing robots which minimizes the value of humanity. July 2016 Addition ASOV DJ 2014 | I miss Boy Meets World. But at the same time, I miss vintage YouTube. It was raw. It was organic. You can turn a robot into a organic human, perhaps, to an extent. But there is a difference. It is like GMO. I love science fiction which deals with the debate concerning robots becoming humans. Oh, I miss real Star Trek.

Pew Die Pie is Banned in China

2019-10-19 - Saturday

Pew Die Pie is Banned in China | Why Did Facebook Ban Me? | Can kingdoms unite and build bridges? If they did, who would control the other? The answer is no. One will conquer the other. What are inside blue whirlpool holes inside oceans, especially around the Bermuda Triangle? Did ship get stuck in those underwater rivers, caves, waterways? Are there sea monsters inside them? Was the lost City of Atlantis in this area or on Antarctica? Yeah, Hillary Clinton is strange. Well, technically, I don't mind what people say when compared to what they actually do. So, I try to focus on actions that go beyond mere rhetoric. Watched Maleficent: Mistress of Evil; also: first 3 episodes of Fear The Walking Dead, season 5. Is Tulsi part of CFR? Is Pence part of deep state like Bush Sr who was the vice president of Reagan in the 1980's? I watched awesome science videos. Funny Star Wars rumors are running around. Yummy ice-cream.

Free Geek Day

2019-10-20 - Sunday

Can we teach each other how to build computers? Why stop there? That's what I love about places like Free Geek Computers. Vacuumed the old computer tower. Played basketball with myself. Sore finger, still. March of 2014 | Geeks & Waffles. Church. Last chapter of that book for Sunday School. I led the group. Took some photos of my computer project. Was out in the bookshed. Had a nice walk. It was cool. It rained.

Star Wars Trailer

2019-10-21 - Monday

Only property owners and fathers should be allowed to vote, etc. I watched the newest episodes of Walking Dead & Batwoman. Weekly Photos | Mirror | Did you see the dagger in the third Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker trailer? Do you like the rain? I bought a VGA cable to connect the computer to my monitor. What does it mean to be Irish? What is a virus? Is a virus actually a protein or is it more like a robot? Wait, never mind that, let's just talk about Star Wars. Well, maybe not in this post. But I probably should write more about Star Wars.

My Tetris

2019-10-22 - Tuesday

Tetris prepared me for real-life interior design. I'm always thinking about organizing rooms and websites. As a boy, I began moving furniture around in my brother's room. Well, I guess it was my room as well. I wasn't asking for permission. He would go to school and I went to work making a mess. I began doing things like that in the 1990's. I was homeschooled until high school. So, I was doing that today in the book shed, all day. After that, I was watching the High Council. After that, I took a nap. My mind went back to my Tetris. That's kind of how my brain works to an extent. I think strategy. I think about trying to prevent potential future problems before they happen in the first place. I saw Laura Loomer on the Alex Jones Show in the morning. She is running for office in Florida. Tech cartels kicked her off social networks and yet she is outperforming the competition. She is remarkable. George Lucas Reacts to Star Wars Trailer Deep Fake.

Snowden on Joe Rogan

2019-10-23 - Wednesday

Edward Snowden was talking to Joe Rogan. He talked about how the CIA were sent home on 9/11. Later on, they said they were trying to keep the CIA agents safe. However, those agents would have given their lives to go after terrorists. Snowden regrets not coming out as a whistle blower sooner. You can check out his book, Permanent Record. Snowden talks to Rogan for like three hours. They talked about that fight between safety and freedom. Snowden eventually leaked information concerning the corruption found in governments and tech cartels for example. Snowden didn't come out right away. Snowden was waiting for somebody else to do that. In psychology, we learn that humans generally do this. We wait for heroes to come and save the day. But they never do. But the good news is that we all can be heroes to the people around us, and that is how things improve. Take it one day at a time. Take it one step at a time. If you have any questions about what you can do to help, please let me know. Not all is lost. On Geeks + Gamers, I wrote: "Gary is Beautiful."

Red Ice Ban

2019-10-24 - Thursday

How is Rainbow Brite connected to vampire hookers? I was watching a Bunny Ears video that talked about that. Crossfire Hurricane turned into the Mueller Report. YouTube banned Red Ice TV on Wednesday. So, Owen Shroyer interviewed them. The CNN whistle blower was also on infowars as well, yesterday. We have some encyclopedias in the bookshed from 1909. Story of a rabbit and a rooster at the end. Spent the day organizing the bookshed, day 3. I was trying to tell Trump Twitter to go watch the Snowden interview by Joe Rogan.

Dear Deer

2019-10-25 - Friday

Oh deer. I'm pulling hair, pun intended. We can stop the fires in California and other places. Racist Vanilla Ice-Cream | December of 2016 | I joined the Vigilant Citizen Forums. | I'm sad that YouTube violates Fair Use Law. YouTube terminated around three or more of my YouTube channels. YouTube, Facebook, and others, have been violating laws. That's right, laws. Many different laws.

Banning Add Me

2019-10-26 - Saturday

"Add Me" goes against Facebook rules. You cannot write these two words. It is so evil. That is what I was told. Facebook told me that. "Add Me" is illegal on Facebook. That is what Facebook told me. Uploaded 2011 Ojawall Arnold Attic Films Teaser Trailers to Twitter. Oh deer. Pulling hair, day 2. Cereal. Started reviewing January of 2017. Random Oatmeal Songs | Please don't force boys to be girls. Let kids be kids. But evil people try to promote Drag Time Story Hour. They try to destroy society. Like the Fall of Rome all over the place. The good news is that patriots are rising. You can join us if you want. If you see children trafficking, tell somebody.

Trump vs ISIS Leader

2019-10-27 - Sunday

Trump got the ISIS leader. SNL mocked Trump for that. Are people hacking into Steemit accounts? Fame is wisdom in scale like Cernovich said. Walking Dead 1004. Batwoman 104. No church. How will Palpatine return in Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, in December of 2019, assuming he does? I was watching YouTube videos that talked about Star Wars theories. On Twitter, people were talking about locking Trump up. So, I was on Twitter tweeting random things to see if I could catch anything.

Mandalorian Trailer

2019-10-28 - Monday

What are the top blockchain social networks? I'm aware of a few at the moment. My favorite is Steem. Weekly Photos - 453 Pics | Mirror | What are your favorite cryptocurrencies? My favorite might be the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (SV). Can we decentralize the Internet? The answer is yes to an extent or potentially completely, eventually. People are working on that. Star Wars Mandalorian Trailer 2 broke. I mean, it came out. What is the name of that famous river? It rhymes with while and pile and starts with the letter N. But it is not the N word. It is the Nile river.

Star Wars Retreat

2019-10-29 - Tuesday

January of 2017 | They quit a Star Wars trilogy. Not a movie. Not a game. Said Dday Cobra. Is trick or treat a service, a fashion show? Do we pay them with candy? Wow, nice costume, here is your reward? Oh, what is the origin of Little Red Riding Hood? Did they find men who would dress up like women in Germany thousands of years ago? Are they promoting sex with bugs? Should we protect our children from drag queen story hour men? Is it racist not to have sex with bugs? Should we have sex with weird animals and dead bodies? Anti-humanists want us to. I was trying to fix the old computer tower. Jack Posobiec talked about the Dump Star Wars movement which evolved into the Fandom Menace during the 2010's. Jack was one of the earlier voices. Jack also had the Angry Game of Thrones Fan hashtag. Millions of people got on board. The writers there recently ditched their new Star Wars trilogy plans. After Last Jedi, we saw the rise not Skywalker but the rise of Geeks + Gamers. Oh, the force is not female. The force is human. The force is your intuition. The force is your soul. The force is your heart and soul. The force is inside all of us, thanks to God. That's why we pray, to tap into psychic abilities. Stone Cold Steve Austin: "Don't Trust Anybody." TDA. Nice shirt. You can trust some people. But be careful. My Steemit REP is now 56.

Multiculturalism vs Monoculturalism

2019-10-30 - Wednesday

January of 2017 | Can people travel below the 60th southern parallel towards Antarctica to see if the earth is flat, hollow round, or what? Can a blockchain be private? Do you like Halloween? Multiculturalism vs Monoculturalism. Fear The Walking Dead. Belief vs Facts. Kanye West. Black Choir on the plane. The only kind of people I love more than Asians might be the black people. I was teaching English in Vietnam. Maybe this is why I'm back in America. Perhaps a reason or at least an excuse. The heart and soul of a black soul is so incredibly contagious. The black community is the heart and fire to humanity. The white community might be the brains. The yellow community is the endurance, the encouragers, the glue, the body. Ewan McGreggor is in a sequel to The Shinning and is scheduled to be in a Kenobi series on Disney Plus. Alex Jones Halloween Special on Wednesday Night. Halloween Eve.

Silent 9/11 Planes

2019-10-31 - Thursday

People didn't hear airplanes on 9/11. Why not? Why are people saying that? Did you ask them what they heard in New York City (NYC), New York, USA, back on Tuesday, the eleventh, the 11th, of September of 2001, and who were on those alleged planes? Can somebody post in the comments below a list of the passengers, flight attendants, pilots, people who worked at the airplane or airport control towers and the people who worked at the airports that day? Can we investigate each person that may have been on those aircrafts on that day? I want to know where each person was the day before. Also, I want to know if anybody have seen any of them after 9/11 or not. I'm not saying what happened or didn't happen. I don't know. I'm asking questions. It's not my story. Who killed Jeffrey Epstein? Did his clone die in jail? Is he hiding? If he is dead, then who murdered him? Was it Clinton, the British crown, or who? I hope the government in Vietnam continues to improve. Happy Halloween. They voted on this Halloween of 2019 to continue the Trump Impeachment Inquiry which they were already illegally conducting secretly before today as well. If we don't stop them, they will continue their attempts to impeach, remove, imprison, poison, drug, injure, abduct, blackmail, discredit, and murder Trump and then also millions of other patriots in America. Chinese police are attacking and killing people in Hong Kong. That kind of tyranny will continue to grow around the world. Patriots have to do what they can to stop authoritarians and others before it's too late. It's up to each one of us to do all that we can each day. Good luck.

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