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Mom broke her arm | Grandma Ann's 85th birthday party in Seattle | Riding Horses | The Land Before Time | Police Academy 5 | Big Top Pee Wee | I remember riding the horses with our church. I remember visiting Seattle for the first time in my life that summer of 1988. The biggest thing that happened that year was when a car or truck hit mom as we were crossing the street. My brother saved my life. I was three years old and he was six. This was in Oregon, where we grew up in.


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1988 - Rough Draft 001

Published - 2019-09-01 - Sunday - 12:04 AM LMS - PDT

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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playing drums

Playing Drums

1988 - I was playing drums in the bathroom

Big Top Pee Wee

1988-07-22 - July - Friday - Saw it at that time or eventually

New Adventures of Pippi Long Stocking

1988-07-29 - Friday

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1988-07-31 - Sunday - July of 1988

Mom's mom's mom, Ann Pickell Pickett, was turning 85 years old. So, probably on Friday, the 29th of July of 1988, we went to Seattle to celebrate her birthday. I was three years old and it was my first time to Seattle. I remember going into probably Karen's car. I remember the road trip, the bridges and buildings. I remember a park with many steps. I saw a piano. I remember being in the swimming pool. We played games. They were holding me up. We went to the Woodland Park in Seattle. People in that photo includes mom, Marilyn Morehead Arnold Mitchell, me, my two siblings, Katie and Ricky; also, Aaron, Greg, (from Irene Pickett or Pickell), Mike, Ted, Karen Williams, John P, Jean C, Marles P.

horses joey arnold jsa joeyarnoldvn 1988 riding a horse elkind rasp morehead oregon

Riding Horses

1988-08 - August of 1988 - Estimated Date

I rode a horse for the first time at the Horning's Hideout in North Plains, OR. It was with our church in Oregon. There is a photo of me on a horse, being guided by Bob Elkind. The third person in the photo is probably a son of his. When Crystal was born in 1990, about two years after that, as kids, we stayed at the Elkind's house for like a few days. As a kid, I would wet the bed. As I got older, less often into my early teens. Part of the reason for bed wetting has to do with heavy sleeping. Also, not wetting your bed is partly a mental skill, meaning you have to teach yourself to be aware and to wake yourself up. As you're growing up, it can be harder as you are growing a lot. That means, heavy sleeping. One of the best things you can do is simply to stop drinking liquids five hours before you go to bed. You have to change your bathroom schedule. So, it's a habit that you have to ease yourself into. So, it can take more time for some people to learn how to do as it is a skill.

Land Before Time

1988-11-18 - Friday - November - It premiered - I either saw it on that day or at least that year, probably

Life Saver

1988-11 - Car Crash

My brother pulled me out of the way. A vehicle hit my mom. It was probably a truck. This was probably in November of 1988. We went to watch Katie who was in gymnastics at a place near the Fire Department in Forest Grove. I remember going to the bathroom at one point. I remember being in the play place. Then we got on the bus and went home. Katie was probably still at gymnastic practice. We went to cross the Pacific Avenue road. We were jaywalking. I was three and my brother was six. I remember laying down on the road where my mother was.


I was crying because my mother was crying. I was mirroring her emotions. We were in the turning lane between a two-way highway. I think I remember the ambulance coming. Maybe my glasses fell off. Maybe I was not wearing my glasses that day. I had some double vision with the lights as I was not focusing with my eyes. I was not sure what to look at. It was dark outside, possibly 6 PM PST. An older couple took us to their house. We played hide and seek maybe. I think I was in the closet for a second. Maybe, they gave us milk. On the TV was maybe like Wheel of Fortune or something. Maybe Jeopardy. Later, dad came and took us home. The dishwasher was in the middle of the the kitchen as usual. I had a sip cup. That is a cup with a lid that is not a bottle but close enough. Dad pour us grape juice which I loved and still do love. Eventually, we saw mom in a hospital. Mom might have lost her glasses at the hospital. Maybe the glasses fell off a table and broke. I remember seeing her arm cast. So, we had to help out more with housework, chores, for like months. Well, maybe not me. She then had a scar on her arm.