Wild West - Chapter 8 - Part 6 - 5 minute freewrite challenge

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Part 6

“Not in Ätherock, no. Besides, you’re already registered as miners, so even if you somehow made your way out of here, they’d bring you back. If they wouldn’t shoot you first.” She picked up two bananas from the counter and almost shoved them into their hands. “Now off you go. You don’t want to be late, now, do you?”

They tried to argue, but before they got the chance to speak up, she had already shooed them out of the house and began calling to the others to collect their bananas before leaving. They saw that as the perfect opportunity to move out on their own and plot their plan for the day. They excused themselves, waved goodbye and left the premises.

“Not in Ätherock? What did she mean by that?” Tom brought up the conversation from before.

“Apparently this is a miner-only town. I want to know what people in other towns do, especially Berq, wherever that is. Anyway, regarding today… We both try and get a hold of a wheelbarrow and position ourselves like so that we collect the glowing ore, okay?” Tom nodded without hesitation. James then picked up a stick and because of the lack of a pen and a piece of paper, drew a circle in the ground representing the mine. “Okay, so, this is the entrance we got in through, and this here is where we left.” James poked two holes into the ground inside the circle. “This here is where we saw the train, right?” He made a couple of straight lines into the dirt representing the rails “Remember the watchtowers?” Tom nodded, though James still felt the need to explain further still. “Okay, so there’s one here, and one here. These are the only two with direct vision over the trains at the station.” James made two more stab-holes into the ground that represented the two watchtowers.

Disclaimer: The full story is in its unfinished state. All content is tentative to change.

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Your story is interesting and the first one of yours that I’ve read.

A new prompt ... 🧐 calculational steps.


Thanks! :D I'd very much appreciate it if you read all I've written so far (so 7 chapters :3)

Hmmm. On it! :D


I might.

I like what you have done with the posting pages, how your chapters are laid out with the different parts. I was looking for ideas on how I might keep a story, maybe several at a time, together.


Thanks! ^^

Yeah, it's a hassle as soon as you publish some work, because you want it to look nice and neat, very compact but still in order so it's easily browsable... It's a challenge, for sure, but I like to think a table solves a lot of issues, and if not, you need to connect more chapters together, else you end up with a 2 mile long header/footer of just numbers/titles :P

Definitely check out my guide on how to make them tables look as compact and as pretty as possible! ;D

I want to know what the people in other towns do also. It is a good thing that James found a stick to draw with on the ground and he better erase everything with the stick, feet, whatever...when they are finished. Great way to show another way to draw without paper and pen. : )

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I want to know too! >.< And you can bet I'll explain that somewhere along the story! ;D

You're right.. They should! Don't want anyone to know about their plans, now, do we? :P
Thank you for the prompt! :D


Yay! I am glad that you will be letting us know what the others are doing. : )


Of course! All in due time.

I'd wash this down with a Imperial Stout anyday.