[Short story] - Pillow - 5 minute freewrite challenge

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I was on my way to work, walking down the same boring street when I suddenly noticed somebody at the top of a building.

It wasn't a constructon worker, nor the chimney sweeper. Nor the window washer for that matter.

It was a person dressed in regular clothes – not working ones – just standing at the very edge of the roof with no harness to keep him safe.

I looked around and there was nobody there. I looked back up and it seemed as if he was building his courage to jump.

“Hey, step back from that ledge, will you!” I yelled to him.

My voice echoed through the street but I got no answer. My shouting alerted some of the residents and they were fast to open their windows and yell back at me for disturbing their sleep that early in the morning. It was 6.50 am after all. I responded by pointing at the man on the roof. Seeing as he didn’t respond to their shouting either, I called 911.

We tried our best to talk him out of it but he just stood there, staring downward, as if dazed.

The firefighters arrived shortly and inflated one of those humongous pillows on the floor in a matter of seconds.

He decided to jump.

Fortunately, the pillow was there to save his life.

Ding. Time is up.

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The pillow totally ruined his plan. It's drama at the end.

Or maybe it was his plan all along to have them inflate that baloony pillow so he could jump on it? I mean... Free entertainment :p

Yeah :D but probably not free at the end, well depends how good actor he was, then.

HAH! Acting depressed? How hard can it be?

Curls into a ball and cries like a baby

You'll have to wait your turn, sir.

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I am glad that the pillow was there...Not so much for him - that too - but for everyone else. They were spared to deal with the shock, the cleanup -all of that.....

The cleanup. ugh. Now I've go that image in my head. <.< Thanks.

You are welcome or I am sorry - Your pick lol