#12 - Happy ending

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The writing prompt was:

"Happy ending."

Provided by: @ackhoo

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»Stop right there!« I shouted, pointing at the hooded man.

He turned his head towards me and in an instant reached behind his back to pull out his pistol. I tumbled behind a dumpster before he managed to fire his first shot. I could feel the adrenaline rush. He fired three rounds and when I heard footsteps I ran straight after him. I reported my position and direction over the radio and pulled out my gun. There was no knowing whether this man would fire again.

Whilst navigating the lonely narrow streets he occasionaly turned around for a moment and fired his gun. Luckily, he was an extremely bad shooter.

Having used up all 12 bullets he threw the gun on the floor and made a left turn. He ran toward the open marketplace. He wanted to mix with the people and disappear amongst them.

»Stop!« I shouted one last time before he hit the crowd and I lost sight of him.

Seeing my police uniform many people moved out of the way and formed some sort of a corridor for me and many pointed in the direction he was headed.

Arriving to the other side I was sure I had lost him.

And had it not been for Jimmy I most definitely would have.

»Over here! Over here!«

I looked around and saw the hooded man pinned down to the floor by a young individual.

»Is this the man you were after?« he asked me, holding the man's hands tight behind his back

I didn't even stop to catch my breath and answer, I just reached for the handcuffs.

I reported my position again and ordered a police car.

»Thank you for what you've done. He would've probably gotten away if you hadn't intervened.« I said having finally caught my breath.

»Not a problem at all, just did what every citizen should. I'm Jimmy, by the way.«


I refused to shake his hand because I didn't want to give the drug dealer a chance to escape.

»Listen, the police department is not going to give you any kind of reward for this. I'd very much like to thank you somehow. Want to grab a beer after my shift?«

»I wasn't expecting anything in return, but now that you mention it, sure!« He laughed.

»9 pm at the Goose?«

»Yeah, I can do that.«

Then the police car showed up and I kindly escorted the suspect to the backseat.

»Turns out you helped us arrest the most active drug dealer in town. Cheers to that!«

I raised my hand to signal the bartender with a distinct V and ordered two beers.

»About time kids stopped buying the bad stuff,« he joked, then continued with a serious voice: »No, but really, I'm happy to have helped. I see what drugs do to people my age all the time. And to think someone's making a profit out of it. Yeah, I don't tolerate that.«

I was happy and surprised at the same time to hear those words from someone his age.

»How old are you, anyway?«

»I'm 22.«

»Most people I arrest are around your age,« I chuckled.

»I believe so, yeah. I've actually lost a lot of friends to drugs myself. Most started with weed back in high school, then switched to something stronger at college. Now they're all dropouts with no vision in life outside getting their next hit. It's sad.«

»I sure wish more people shared your point of view.«

The bartender came with the beer and minutes quickly to hours talking to Jimmy.

The town's most notorious drug dealer arrested and a new friend obtained.

Today was a good day.


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How do I get a writing prompt? I'd love to participate. Your writing is phenomenal. Vey inspiring

Just tell me what you want my next story to be about, and I'll write it for you :P

I just need your initial idea. It can be something simple, like today's was, or it can be more complicated. Up to you ^^

Thank you very much for the kind words though! And I'm happy you enjoyed the read! :D

a fallen angel in love with a whore. that should be interesting.

Sure thing! :D
I'll write it tomorrow probably, because I'm writing something for a contest today, but I'll let you know when it's done. ^^

awesome! Looking forward to reading it!

Just a reply to notify you I've finished writing the story. You can find it here:

Tell me what you think! :D