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A car mechanic

I got under an old car, the repair of which I've been postponing for as long as I could've. It was in my shop for 3 weeks total, and because I had no other cars to repair at the moment, I had no excuse but to pull my sleeves up and go to work.

It was an old Kaschenka model, one of the earliest Russian cars. The transmission was so hard to handle one could hardly even call it manual, and the steering wheel was so hard to move you damn sure needed all the vodka shots you had drunk.

Surprisingly enough, the car wasn't rusty much. Less than most newer ones, actually.

I never handled such a car before so I started off slow and decided to dismantle just about everything I could. I was interested in how it all works.

I began unscrewing the parts one by one, slowly placing them on the floor. I pulled on the transmission and tried removing it, but apparently forgot to unscrew one of the screws holding it in place. I forced it off, but in going so, shattered a pipe right above me.

I wasn't wearing any safety glasses – as per usual, of course – and when green liquid came oozing out of the broken pipe some dripped directly into my eye.

It burned like hell, I couldn't even open the other eye of mine and thanks to these touch-screen phones, I couldn't even blindly type in 911.

Ding. Time is up.

The prompt was:

"Green droplets"

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Happy year to you all ...2018

Happy new year to you also! ;D