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I helped myself onto my dentist's chair and found as comfortable a position as possible.

It was supposed to be just an ordinary visit. A check-in after a 2 year absence.

“Aha. Okay. Okay…” He snooped around my mouth with his little stainless steel mirror and touched my every tooth with another tool resembling a toothpick.

Then suddenly I saw his reach for the drill and I panicked. I grabbed the chair tight as if someone was trying to tear me off it and I mentally prepared for what was coming.

Within seconds the drill was already in my mouth, happily grinding against my upper right 2.

At first it was just the noise, but pain soon followed and I just wished I were home under my sheets, watching cute monkeys on Animal Channel.

I’ll admit it didn’t take nearly as long as I had anticipated and I was overjoyed to learn he was done drilling.

He talked to the nurse to come help him with the dental filling, and I was certain that was it.

Little did I know he would then reach for the dental floss and started flossing like a madman in the place he had made the filling. Apparently he glued my teeth together and now needed to separate them.

The grinding noise, the pain and the taste of blood were far too much for me to handle, so I cried.

Tears came pouring down my cheeks while the dentist was still on his merry way with the floss with no signs of stopping.

Now that I think about it, he must’ve flossed my teeth with my tears.

The prompt was:

"I floss my tears"

*Disclaimer: I have no idea what "flossing one's tears" means.

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GREAT GREAT job with that prompt!!!!!!!! :D

Thanks! :D Means a lot! :D

(I hope remember to upvote your comment tomorrow when I get my SP back. Because today's upvote is just worth less and drains VP more. Lol :P)

WAIT!!! How do you do the smaller font? I know how to make it bigger, but not smaller.

A-HA! Someone hasn't been reading my posts dilligently! :P I'll spare you the search and just tell you :P
<sub>"Text here"</sub> makes your text small and "sinking". Like such.
<sup>"Text here"</sup> makes your text small and "floating". Like such.

You can combine these two and have your text EXTREMELY small :P

Oh, you're AMAZING!!! Thank you!

Please just don't make me squint now every time I read a comment of yours. :P

I'll try :) I was just thinking of this the other day because I wanted to caption a photo with a smaller font, but I couldn't NOT remember where I'd seen the 'how to' so Thank you!

Never a problem, happy to help :D
But that's an awesome idea. Why am I still using this big ol' text for "Image source" and the like? Hmmmm...
Thanks! ;D

Oooh, you did a little too good of a job! You remind me that I need to go to the dentist... but also how much I do not like going!!! Great post!

It's actually based on real life events (me, 2 months ago). Only not the crying part haha. I'm a big boy :3 hahhahaha :D

Thanks! :D

Of course! Lol. I'm sure you'd never cry about it... unlike me!

Okay, so I might not actually cry outwardly, but inside, I'm definitely crying like a baby!

You give me too much credit. But I'm happy you never need to know the truth. Hahaha :D

I feel you. Oh, how I feel you.

I like your footer - really well organised! And great effort on the freewrite too, that's a tricky prompt. Although I would have preferred not to read about the dentist's toothpick. Man I hate it when they do that!

Here's the link for freewrite 82:

Thanks! There's a link to a tutorial should you wish to make the same table for your own work! :D
I.. I... Hate it too. x.x

Thank you, on it right now! :D

the prompt has no meaning beyond pushing people out of their comfort zone :) You wove it in very well.

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