Mission Erased - Part 11 - The End

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The writing prompt was:

"Mission Erased: an alien is transferred into a human body on a supposed research mission, but something goes wrong and he doesn't remember the mission, his training or any information about Earth, just his normal life on his home planet from before joining the program..."

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As I was walking down the narrow street I caught a bright flash of white light with the corner of my eye.

I looked in the direction of the flash and there were two people there in an abandoned valley.

I tried ignoring them and continuing on my set course, but just as I was about to divert my look back toward the Town square I noticed something wasn’t quite right with them.

They had a silver glow to them.

They weren’t humans. They were Oolkins.

Not even a minute ago I had decided to let go of the entire ideas of Oolkins or any other intelligent species whatsoever; but there they were, standing right in front of me. Two Oolkins.

”Rülban!” Called out the taller of the two.

Rülban was my real name. The name my mother had given me. The name from all of my memories.

When he called my name I had dozens upon dozens of flashbacks to my childhood; to my time back on the planet Oolkana; to my time with my family, friends, and the other Oolkins.

”For the sake of my accomplice here who believes we shouldn’t be doing this, I’ll ask you a question. But you’ve got only one chance to answer it right. Okay?” Asked the other Oolkin of the pair with a deep voice, without actually giving me any time to either answer or nod. He just kept on talking at the same pace.”* Good. Do you know why we’re here?”*

Silence ensued. I didn’t know what to say. I could feel the tension building up so I spoke my mind.

”Shouldn’t be doing what? Who are you two? And how could I know why you’re here?”

”See? I told you,” the shorter Oolkin faced his partner, then looked at me again. ”After all we’ve done for you and your family. After everything we have given you. After all the training you’ve been through, you have the audacity to act like you don’t know us? The audacity to betray your own kind? Just tell me… Why? What have we done to deserve this? What have we not given you that the humans have?” continued the shorter Oolkin who was apparently in charge.

I looked around in fear before attempting to answer the question. I wanted to find someone I could ask for help. I just wanted to find another living soul around me to make me feel safe. I just needed to know I wasn’t alone.

But there was no one to be found on the street. Not long ago the streets were filled with people walking in both directions, but suddenly there was no one. Not a single person aside the two Oolkins.

”I… What did I do? I don’t re-…” I wanted to tell them everything I remember. I wanted to tell them how I just woke up on Earth. I wanted to tell them everything I knew.

”You know what? I’m not interested any longer,” the Oolkin in charge interrupted me. ”Rülban, you are hereby sentenced to death for betrayal of your kind,” he said with a calm and steady voice, then reached behind his back, pulled a gun from behind his coat and fired.

I got shot straight in the center of my chest with a poisonous dart. It hit just hard enough to take my breath for a few seconds and make me collapse on the ground.

”Wha-… Why…” I tried to speak to the two Oolkins, now walking away from me.

The poison began to work almost immediately. I could feel it first numb the pain, then make it a million times worse and spread through my entire body.

In the venom-induced delirium I remembered.

I remembered everything.

It all came flashing right in front of my eyes.

The training. The mission. The money me and my family had been given. The respect I have gained for taking this mission. The pride of my parents for having been chosen among 500 other candidates.

I remembered the sacrifices I have made to make it here. I remembered the ceremony before I had left. I remembered being slid into a machine that would ultimately turn me into a human. I remembered I was to spy on humans and find their weaknesses. And their strengths. I was to study their psychology. I was a scientist.

They came for me because I didn’t report back. Not once.

They believed I had gone rogue.

Lying in pain in the middle of the street, moments away from certain death; I remembered everything.

”But had I remembered it all sooner; I would never have fallen in love,” I thought to myself as I drifted toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

The End

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