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Untested medicine

The doctor handed me a small container full of pills under the table.

“If you have any second thoughts, please let me know.”

I was already sweating since I arrived, but holding the untested medication in hand made me sweat more intense still.

I shook my head no and slowly got up from the chair, subtly tucking the box in my pocket while straightening up.

“Same time next week?”

“Same time.”

I closed the door behind me, drove home and went on with my life the same way I usually did. I took the children outside for a fun afternoon, I cooked dinner and eventually ended up in my bathroom, brushing my teeth before bedtime, then downed one of the capsules with a glass of water and went to sleep.

In woke up in the dead of night with blisters all over my body.

In panic, anger and confusion, I called the doctor’s private number at 3 am in the morning and started shouting into my phone the moment he answered.

“What on Earth have you given me? I thought you said many others are taking this too?”

“Calm down. It’s placebo,” he said a soft relaxed voice.

Ding. Time is up.

The prompt was:

"if you have any thoughts, please let me know"

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An interesting read. Well done!

Thanks! :D

Interesting! It makes me wonder what the pills were being tested to treat.

Timed out before I could explain :3

Interesting. My skepticism makes me wonder if the doctor is just experimenting with him and doesn't want him to know! :)

Was kind of what I was going for.. and at the same time trying to emphasize the power of placebo

I just hate it when that happens, and the doctors never take my calls! 🙄

Interesting freewrite, and you stuck to the 5 minutes too, so great job! 🙂

I.. ugh.. am not sure I want to know what all had already happened to you :o

Thanks! :D

Oh my! That was amazingly good! I didn't see that coming! I want to jump on your constrained writing, too.

Thank you very much! :D
Being fed tic-tacs thinking you're taking some hardcore drug... haha :D

You're very welcome to join anytime! :D
Here's this week's: Constrained Writing Contest #12

Thank you for the link... I'm hoping that my brain will cooperate. I have been experiencing debilitating migraines since October, so I write in between them and on steemit I'm constantly wishing to jump on numerous writing challenges and I have gained so much by doing so. So knock on wood I will be able to do this one!

Sad to hear that :/ and hopefully it stops soon! :D

We'll be very happy of your entry! :D
Also feel free to read the entries of others if you will :D (They are scattered across the post I linked and the main post - that got flagged ._.)

I did read that sad news and it's why I resteemed this. I don't like bullies. :(

Thank you very much for the resteem! :D All effort is greatly appreciated! :D
And thanks to all the support, we now have the biggest reward pool in the history of the contest :D

Woohoo! I'm happy to hear that!

What a great response from the doctor! Now, was it really a placebo or is it like the "water pills" from the Shop in Firestarter? You've got my mind squirreling away now!

Today I'm stepping in for Marianne.

Hahah :D I'm happy you liked it! :D
I deliberately left it open, and hid behind the "Time is up" excuse :P
Up to your imagination to decide what it truly was ;D

Thanks! ;D Did that one already also :D I believe it has even more a surprise ending :P

Sorry,I wasn't able to fill in for Marianne until after work ended today. More surprises you say? 🤔

Not a problem at all! :D
Yep! Always surprises with me :3