Wild West - Chapter 6 - Part 16 - 5 minute freewrite challenge

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Part 16

The skill they acquired during their long riding trips came very handy in the mining situation as well. Their minds wandered off and it was as if they put themselves on autopilot. It appeared the other workers developed the same skill. They were all surprised and brought out of their trance when the wheelbarrows suddenly started moving. They hadn't noticed the ones with the rocks were full and needed be hauled out.

All the mining work suddenly stopped and the workers sat down on the ground and reached into ther linen bags for their apples or bread, or just chewed on the sugar cane to replenish the lost glucose and satisfy their sweet tooth. Tom and James lied down as well and both treated themselves to a slice of bread and a cup of water.

They talked some more about the glowing ore, which was very cold to touch, and asked their neighboring workers for more information, but they were either too tired to talk or didn't know anything to begin with. It wasn't long before there were new, empty wheelbarrows being brought inside the tunnel and the work needed be continued. Wielding the pickaxe was tedious and even ten minutes seemed like an hour whereas the break went by so fast they could hardly finish their meal in peace. With no watch or even the sun they had no idea how long they had been working already, or how long the break was – they have completely lost their track of time.

Disclaimer: The full story is in its unfinished state. All content is tentative to change.

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There is a definite lack of whistling in this mine. I'm starting to think that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was just a story after all. (Or at least, the Dwarfs had some REALLY good drugs.)

Oh, no, no. It was true. All of it. Just different times and different parts of the world. And different drugs, ofc. ;)

I was talking to a friend about nobody using sugar cane - I spoke too soon!! The last 3 I read were sugar cane stories :)

It seems many of us want to stray away from the common if at all possible. I wanted to come up with something unique also... but just couldnt. :3
I'm happy though, that people rather use it in a new way, than in the same exact manner every time.