[Short Story] - Awakening - 5 minute freewrite

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“Could this be it? The awakening of the machines? The end of mankind?”

I was looking through the window of my apartment and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Human-like robots were dwelling the city streets, shooting at everything living they came across.

I closed the curtains and sat down on the edge of my bed, trying to convince myself none of it was actually happening and it was all just a bad dream.

I pinched my forearm, and I felt the sting.

“A hallucination then. Must be. I hadn’t been sleeping enough lately. There’s no other explanation,” I thought to myself.

Suddenly someone knocked at my door.

I jumped up in panic, then again tried to calm myself down with whatever possible logical explanation I could find while approaching the door.

”Maybe it’s the neighbor. She may have run out of sugar or flour. She comes around a lot. Shit! I knew I should’ve bought a door with a peeping hole. Oh well. Here goes nothing.”

I pulled on the handle and there he was.

A student, no older than 20, with a pizza box in his hand.

“That’ll be 8 dollars.”

I just stared at him, speechless.

“Are you okay, ma’am? You look completely pale.”

My consciousness left me and I blacked out.

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Great #freewrite @svashta! I love how you used the prompt to bring to life the idea of a robot uprising.

Please feel free to check out my my #freewrite for today's prompt "Awakening" and let me know what you think =)


That was a fake pizza guy .. a machine disguised in a friendly way I think 🤔 Intriguing freewrite

He could've just tazed her with something for all we know. :P

So that's why I'm seeing things lately! I thought it's the lack of sleep! :P
Will have pizza tomorrow :3

ONLY $8 FOR A delivered PIZZA? We all need to move to slovenia.

It's usually even a bit lower than that ;)
Want to know the best part? Because I'm a student I can get a daily free pizza. ;P Full-size pizza. :P If you want I'll take a picture of it for you when I go next time haha ;P
I eat free burgers on a daily basis. ;P


Because we're the best country evah! ;P
It's because my country supports students up until we graduate in an attempt to educate the masses... Sad thing is, most educated people then leave and work abroad :<... And since I'm leaving for England in June... There's no promising I'm coming back :3

I love that it supports students by giving them free burgers.

Now you made me hungry for a burger.
Fortunately, I'm having another one tomorrow ;D Maybe 2. Who knows? ;P

Oof. All I have is pancakes.

I'm not picky. Not at all. I'll take the pancakes. All the pancakes.