Wild West - Chapter 6 - Part 8 - 5 minute freewrite challenge

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 3
Chapter 4

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Because Chapter 3 got split into two chapters (namely 3 and 4), we are now at chapter 5.

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Chapter 6

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Part 8

Tom and James laughed along with his remark, and Tom added: “So if we got no family, all the more money for whiskey, right?” By this time they have both already been missing the taste of the hard liquor.

“You got a place to stay?”

“No, but we can sleep outside.”

“Outside? No. You can’t. You can’t sleep outside.” He chuckled to himself. “You’ll have to stay in a hotel, and that’s four ribes per twelve hours. For one.” He then looked at the clothes and shows they were wearing, measuring them from head to toe. “You’ll also need some new clothes to fit in around here. That’s 5 ribes a piece. You’ll need some general goods too, and those aren’t cheap either. Oh, and-…” Tom interrupted him.

“Wait, wait. You lost me. What do you mean we can’t sleep outside?”

“Well, unless you wish to work overtime or get shot, you can’t. You pick.”

“So you’re telling us we need to spend all the money we make just to survive? And be able to work more?”

“Quite literally, yeah.”

“Bullshit!” Tom got reckless. “How about your place? Can we crash there a couple nights?”

Disclaimer: The full story is in its unfinished state. All content is tentative to change.

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The prompt was:


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Sleeping outside is definitely out. Those Ribes don't get you too far, do they?

I mean... I still don't know the price of whiskey, sooo :P
You know how it is, keep the people working, tired and busy to minimize the risk of mutiny.
Such is life under the dome. :3

HaHa! Off to catch up on what I missed. : )

Oh my, that's one expensive bed and breakfast. Always enjoying your creativity.

  ·  last year (edited)

Since you mentioned breakfast. Hmm. I need to come up with some more strange food that they eat on a regular. Maybe today's "red wine" presents a good opportunity? We'll see ^^

Thank you! shy

I can't wait to see more. You are quite welcome. <3
red, red wine....goes to my head....

Today's "dude" is giving me an empty head with which I don't know what to do.
Did they even use the word "dude" in ~1870?
Well, it did.

he word was first used in the late 1800s as a term of mockery for young men who were overly concerned with keeping up with the latest fashions. It later came to stand for clueless city folk (who go to dude ranches) before it morphed into our all-purpose laid-back label for a guy.

I think I'll try and do something with this, rather than today's dude, that basically just means a "guy" ...

Noooow you got songs stuck in my head! >;O How do I write with this Jumbus in my head?! :P

Haha.... Sorry about the tune, but I was compelled. That's interesting information about dudes. I remember dude ranches! I did not know about th origin, though, ao thank you! ;) I'll be over!

Yes, there was word about dude ranches found with google also!

But no, no, it's not the origin! Its origin is from "doodle" or... Ugh, I need to google again.

Wow, I think this was one of the very few freewrites with this prompt that used the word literally... to literally mean literally.

Also, I don't think I'd WANT to sleep outside in this place!

As always, Thursdays are my day to help @mariannewest deliver the prompts, so on that note… here I am with my crazy scattered thoughts to deliver Today’s Daily Prompt: Red Wine for the freewrite. Feel free to join us if you have the time and thank you for joining us today! It is such an awesome community to be a part of and now we have a new page with contests, new challenges and even more community:

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Hheh, so everyone else made the effort not to use it that way and use it as something creative instead? :P Or just, you know, the usual use of "literally", the meaning of which is... null. "I'm literally dying right now", and such spring to mind. :P

I don't think so either! But hey, 80% of your income just to be able to sleep at night!? I'd wager my options for that one! :P

Thank you! On it right now!

Yeah, a lot of them seemed to use it in the 'typical' "OMG, I literally died" kind of way (or making fun of those people) OR a commentary on the use of the word! A lot of actual free flowing train of thought writing today instead of stories.

A lot of actual free flowing train of thought writing today instead of stories.

It makes me somewhat sad to read this.
I mean, don't get me wrong, speaking your mind and writing down whatever springs up is exactly what freewriting is supposed to be all about (at least I think so), but there's just something special to a.. story... that carries the same message the mundane throught-train would anyway.
Plus, writing a story instead of writing down whatever your brain produces in its free state requires a certain amount of effort. Can't just be full-out random. I like the struggle of it. The need to get ahold of that next sentence and type it down asap before you lose it to another thought already arising in your head haha :D

Oh, I agree. I find it more fun myself to actually try for a story, and that's what people usually do. This week was the first time I'd noticed several free-thought type posts. Of course your fell in the middle of the ones i was reading, too, so maybe there were more.

I think that very challenge is why I love the weekend freewrites so much.

Yeah, stories are awesome! :D Both challenging and rewarding. For the writer and the reader alike! :D Supposing I'm not the only one who feels Fantastic after having finished a story :P

I still haven't picked up on the weekend 3 prompt challenge!
Maybe this week, but at a random time!
I'll try!
And maybe fail miserably and not post it. :P