[Short Story #36] - Unicorn meat

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The writing prompt was:

"An argument between a blind and a deaf man."

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“I believe we need to produce more unicorn meat for everyone to enjoy. It is an expensive delicacy, sure, but its health benefits are beyond everything else known to mankind thus far. Also, by increasing production we will effectively lower the purchase cost and make it more accessible by people worldwide,” said a voice much similar to a man’s, originating from a computer.

“While I do agree with the meat providing certain health benefits, there have been far too little studies conducted on these newly-created creatures. We cannot possibly know of all the plausible side effects in only 15 years time.”

George observed first, then fiercely typed onto a keyboard in front of him. Soon the sound of typing died off, and the machine voice spoke again.

“We aim not only to build farms of which the sole purpose is the breeding and slaughtering these animals, but also fund all the research done in this department. We have currently invested a grand total of $450,000,000 into the project, 87 % of which went into research. We are aware that the product needs testing prior to mass consumption, and there is no denying the demand to get ahold of this new substance is skyrocketing further up with each passing day. I believe people deserve to choose for themselves. If they wish to use the product, even though not sufficiently tested, and participate in the studies, why wouldn’t we let them? It’s not like we hide the fact that further research is needed.”

Without his knowledge, all the eyes in the room switched back to Josh.

Josh was blind since his birth 27 years ago. He couldn’t fit in at school because of his condition, but he soon found out he loved listening to documentaries, mostly about politics. At his young age of 12 the big revolution had happened when a new creature had been successfully created. Not inside a test tube, but a real, horse-sized unicorn.

Josh, unlike most of the other children, had no idea what a unicorn looked like. So instead of falling in love with its rainbow mane or its rainbow tale and the glitter everywhere, he grew suspicious of this new living being.

What if it wasn’t what the scientists first believed it to be? What if it was harmful? Why release such a subject into the wild without proper analysis first? Many questions arose inside of Josh’s juvenile head, and he was determined to get them answered.

15 years later he was standing opposite to chief spokesman of Uni-health™, sir George Uniworth, who himself was deaf and seeking appropriate treatment to try and recover his sense of hearing. They were speaking on behalf of two organizations, one for, and one against issuing the law for free-breeding of Unicorns.

“All I am proposing is for all of this research to be done on secluded grounds with proper safety precautions. We don’t even have one specimen fully grown up, and you already want to breed them on every farm in the state.” Replied Josh, and waited for the computer to translate his speech into written words for George.

George’s eyes sparked with an evil flash and his mouth twisted into a grin.

“Tell me, Josh, do you not wish to gain your vision?”

“Alright, that’s enough. Let’s stop before things get heated up and personal, shall we,” the host interfered, then turned directly into the camera.

“So, fellow viewers, where do you stand regarding unicorn meat?”

The camera zoomed out, and George was seen punching Josh in the face, before moving on to commercials.

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