5minute Freewrite - Toilet

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We were on vacation with my family in sightseeing a castle in an old town when I suddenly felt the urge to poop.

The pressure in my abdomen was quickly building up to the point I thought I'm going to do it right then and there.

I excused myself to my wife and children and ran to find the nearest toilet with my legs slightly crossed so as to make sure to keep everything where it should be and not make a mess.

I sped down the granite stairs when I saw the sign ”Toilette” alongside an arrow pointing left.

I followed the arrow and on the end of a 30 feet (10m) hallway there was yet another sign ”Toilette” and yet another arrow alongside it.

I cursed everything sacred in the universe and I ran toward the next turn.

At last; I had visual of the ”Toilette” sign with no arrows to be found.

I shoved open the doors of the uni-sex toilet only to find – not a toilet – but a hole in the floor.

I cursed the universe yet again; pulled down my trousers and squatted like a slav.

My aim was bad, I admit, but the deed was done and the day saved.

Ding. Time is up.

Thanks for reading!



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Hahaha.... Your story made my day.

Very happy to hear that! :D

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Kind of horror story to me, I was afraid that the toilet will be under maintenance or so, when you have finally reached it, but fortunately the end was good.

Yeah, I was thinking of making it that way and making him poop himself... but then decided having to poop into a hole was punishment enough... (ker bi blo tut men bedno če bi bil sekret na štrbunk haha :D)

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I love your daily challenges! And happily also participated in today's! ;D

Looking forward to the next one :D

So glad you joined us!! Let me know when you do your next challenge and I am happy to include a link so the freewriters can join in!

Will do! :D Is posting my story to your daily post okay? :D

yes, of course!!

Awesome! ;D You got yourself a deal then :P

My aim was bad

Oh dear, this wakes way too graphical images in my head. Reading this put a smile on my face :D

Welcome to the gang of awesome freewriters!

I'm glad it made you smile! :D It wasn't supposed to get that horrid graphical image in your head :3

Thanks! :D I'm happy to participate ;D