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Chapter 7

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Part 5

When they were all finishing their meals and slowly getting up from the table one by one, Chuck called them to join him. He, too, was very much interested in the life outside the dome, and like Jimmy and John he couldn't fathom that they were having fun out there, havining parties and drinking alcohol.

At some point James just couldn't take it anymore and asked about what their vision of the outside world was. Surprising to both, Chuck described the outside world as far worse than the life they lived under the dome. They believed that outside everyone worked as a slave to their King with no individuality or time off, being tortured for their King's amusement, fighting in wars just for the sake of fighting and all having to be exactly the same without any possibility of being unique. They believed that outside was a far worse world, and to the question of who told them that, they answered with Fishnick, and then Kirk – who took his crown. Whoever came under the dome from the outside was therefore deemed as much a hero, as a refugee who somehow managed to escape the death grip of the King outside. To the question of why they cannot leave from under the dome, Chuck answered that it was to keep them safe from their own curiosity.

Tom and James had then seen what had been going on. Kirk, as Fishnick before him, had been feeding them lies for long enough for the people to believe him. That was why Jack and Jimmy couldn't believe them when they told them they had fun outside, they had been convinced that they were living the best possible lives on the planet and that they are being treated well – when in fact they were being treated as disposable meat bags.

After a barrage of questions on the matter by Tom and James, Chuck then revealed a piece of very valuable information. Their king had promised them not just a better life if they work for him dilligently, but an after-life as well. They have been promised life without work, an abundance of whatever their hearts desire and endless fun, so long as they follow his orders and do as he desires.

Disclaimer: The full story is in its unfinished state. All content is tentative to change.

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

To the question of why they cannot leave from under the dome, Chuck answered that it was to keep them safe from their own curiousity.
It should be curiosity instead of curiousity.

Oh, hey! Thanks! :D
That word always gets me, and I also always check it up. Oh well. Hope I learn my lesson this time.

I'm SURE that everything will be a party in the after-life. (Brisby rolls her eyes, then stops because it gives her a headache.) With as hard as these people work in the mines, they probably meet their "reward" earlier than those outside of the dome. What is the average lifespan of a miner?

Hmmm. I've actually been thinking about the miner's "expiration date" today... and I am yet to include what I have come up with in the story itself... so... No spoilers, sorry!