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What is Qurator?

Qurator is a service that helps users who pour their blood, sweat and tears into content creation to get noticed and rewarded for their efforts. Steemit has seen some incredible growth in the last few months and even though this is amazing for the platform, it might make it harder for the new Steemians to get noticed. With posts hovering well over 200 000 you can imagine how hard it is to get the attention you deserve for all your hard work!

That's where @qurator comes in. We want to help those who work really hard but still see little to no rewards on their posts. We are a support system that likes giving back to the community. Do not mistake us for a pay4vote bot.

What exactly does @qurator do? - UPDATED

  • We focus on users who post quality/original content. Each day 5 members will be selected and their posts will be featured in the Daily Qurator.

  • Once a day we will resteem a post from one of our members.

  • Members will get an upvote from @qurator once a day. We are limiting upvotes to once a day because we want to keep it fair for all the members. Since some post more than others. The bot can only upvote you once every 24 hours.

  • Extra trail upvotes from our Streemian @qurator trail.

  • Weekly Photography and Food competitions.

Tasty Tuesday
Photo Friday

  • Qurator exclusive pay4vote support bot, @qustodian. Great for members and investors.

Upvotes valued at 2.65 times the amount of SBD you send it. (limited to 1 upvote a day, any extra SBD sent will be refunded).
Investors who delegate to @qustodian get paid 90% of the SBD sent to @qustodian every 24 hours.

How do you become a member? - UPDATED

We want to give back to the community, but this also means we need some support from the community. We charge a one-off fee of 2 Steem/SBD to register as a @qurator member.

The Registration process:

In the past we said to come and contact us on Discord / Steemit.chat. The demand has become a bit overwhelming and keeping up with all the messages and members has become very time consuming. We are changing the way you apply to join Qurator, please read the rules below very carefully.

To apply for approval send 2SBD/STEEM to @qurator.
Memo must be your name or the name of a friend that you would like to get approved.
All new accounts must be at least 2 weeks old or have a minimum of 10 posts.
Sending in links or random messages might be considered as a donation so please follow the rules!

Example: Screenshot_82.png

What happens after you send the registration fee?

After we receive the registration fee you will be in a queue to be approved.

This can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. (Sometimes longer depending on your content.)

We have a team of moderators who will review your content, only after a unanimous decision will we then approve or deny the account. Please be patient as not all moderators are online at the same time, so it does take a while to get accounts approved. We want to make sure we are approving a member who posts original content.

If you get approved you will receive a wallet message.

If you get denied you will be refunded. If you have not been approved we are open to discuss why, come visit us on Discord and DM one of the moderators. We are always happy to offer advice and help improve your Steemit blogging experience.

You can apply again, but not right away. We have a cool-down period of 2 weeks and at least 10 posts before we will review your account again.

Qurator Guidelines Of Membership

After months, and extreme growth within and, to the @qurator membership list, we have decided to have some guidelines of what is expected from existing and incoming members (awaiting approval).

We understand that sometimes you may want to make a shorter post, share a meme or have photographs and images (that are tagged appropriately for photo challenge and contests; and sometimes these challenge request no text), but what Qurator is meant to do for all its members is clearly stated in the introductory post.

Reasons you might not get approved:

  • Low Quality Content:
    • Copy-Pasted content: Taking most of the information from another article and providing very little additional information of your own.
    • Low-effort content: Posting just images, a few images and no words, an embedded video and little commentary, or anything else that might be seen as low effort. Try to make your text body at least a minimum of 150 words; this not only helps you get more interaction with other Steemians, but it makes your post appear more put together; and that you took the time and effort into making a presentation to your audience.
    • Content with limited text, only a link to a YouTube or Dtube video.
    • One image, or even more images, with no text- unless as stated a part of a photo challenge where text is not requested or needed.

  • Plagiarism:
    • Stealing the entire content of another creator, on Steemit or otherwise. Even if you only list a source, you are likely to end up in the above 'Low Quality Content' category. We will not approve your account and might take further steps by reporting you to @steemcleaners.

  • Incorrect Image Sourcing:
  • Posts related to bad-mouthing other Steemit users:
    • We will not support posts where users talk about flag wars and actively take part of them. We support bloggers and want to stay out of the drama side of Steemit.
    • Flag wars are not encouraged and we do not want to get dragged into it. We will warn and eventually kick out users who constantly post negative remarks about other Steemit users.

Please remember the reason for Qurator is to help members who write quality content to get more visibility to their post(s). Our reputation is your reputation and vice versa.
Even before members are approved into the Qurator group, they read this in the main post, and sometimes we all need a gentle reminder.



Once approved and registered you will start receiving upvotes and be known as a fellow Qurite. This does not mean you are in the clear and can lower the quality of your content or spam random posts just to get your daily upvote. Q-Police is there to keep our members in check and works the same way as the first time being approved. Our moderators can and will review your account again if we see any suspicious activity. Warnings will be issued against bad/low quality content. We take this very seriously and we will take action. Maximum of two warnings before being removed and blacklisted from Qurator with no registration refund. Stick to the rules, every respectable Steemian should know and respect the rules.

We also ask that if anyone sees any suspicious content on any post upvoted by Qurator, come visit us on Discord and let us know. We try our best to monitor all our members and make sure we see constant quality.


Qurator's Discord Channel that all Steemians can join - https://discord.gg/pJtWp57

Post Promotion Rules for DISCORD

Please have a look at the new rules:

  1. Before you post your own link comment and upvote one of the last posts in the room.
  2. Paste your link mentioning the person (using @username) you just upvoted.
  3. After someone mentions you, check if your post did receive an upvote and a comment and give a thumbs up on the tag. If someone tagged you but did not comment/upvote your post, alert a moderator and we will deal with it.
  4. Only ONE LINK PER DAY is allowed.

If you notice that someone left the link without respecting the rules, please report it to one the Moderators.

Not respecting the rules will have its consequences.
Failure to comment/upvote will result in a warning.
Three warnings and you will be banned from using #postpromotion. FOREVER

This room is strictly to post links.
Please keep conversations in #general-chat

We will give permission to the #postpromotion room manually to all Qurator members who read the rules, understand and obey them.

Please contact one of the moderators on Discord to receive permission.


We worked out our voting weights to ensure we always stay very close to 80% Voting Power. According to the number of members there will always be a basic voting weight. We have seen a large number of members in the last few days and thus our voting power is a bit lower than we like it to be. We will keep improving our system to get it closer to 80%

There are 2 ways to get Tier access:

  • Upvote @qurator's posts for Tier 1 and Tier 2 access

We know some members don't have a lot of SP and even their 100% upvote is not worth $0.01. We will still count your vote if we see a 100% vote even if it's below $0.01.

Below your can see examples of upvotes that will and/or will not count towards the Tiers:

1% = $0.00 will not be counted
100% = $0.00 will be counted
Any % = at least $0.01 will be counted

Qurator is a community project to benefit not only one, but many users. Most of our profits go towards leasing SP to give better support to all our members.

  • Delegate to @qurator for Tier 3 to Tier 5

Steem Power to @qurator. (We can help with that, simply visit sp delegation support in our Discord channel.)

Registration fee of 2 steem/sbd is mandatory/a must.

TIER 0.pngBasic 2 STEEM/SBD registration fee. Basic upvote for life from @qurator.
Tier 1.pngDelegate 100SP to @qurator or Upvote @qurator's posts 4+ times a week
Tier 2.pngDelegate 200SP to Qurator or Upvote @qurator's posts 7+ times a week
Tier 3.pngDelegate 300SP to @qurator
Tier 4.pngDelegate 400SP to @qurator
Tier 5.pngDelegate 500SP+ to @qurator

What if I upvote and delegate?

Yes, delegations and upvote tiers stack.

Example: Delegating 300SP and upvoting the Daily Qurator 7+ times a week will place you in a T5 membership slot.

After reviewing the Tiers you can decide how you would like to jump up in tiers or invest. @scrooger is available on Discord for any assistance or questions or you can comment on this post if you have any questions/concerns.

Delegation links:


After you click the link you will have to check the value, click next and then enter your steemit NAME and Private Active Key to delegate. Please remember to leave at least 50SP in your account!

When and how do we count the upvotes?

We will normally have 10 posts each week. We normally count the upvotes from the last Tier update post to the next Tier update post. The upvote counts are for all @qurator posts, not just the Daily Qurator posts. We also suggest setting up steemvoter to help out and always keep you in Tier 2. =)

Please note: For the upvote related Tiers, we check the upvotes on posts once a week and adjust the Tiers accordingly before the next tier update.

All the members can see their Tier Status once a week it will be posted in a separate post every Tuesday. Upvote Tiers are adjusted once a week and delegation Tiers are adjusted within 24 hours.

Qurator Banners

Feel free to use our banner created by awesome Steemians.

Simply copy and paste the link into the bottom of your post, this will be awesome support towards the project and we are sure many of you are proud to be a Qurite. =)

<center>[<img src="https://steemitimages.com/DQmSQnxEBigCNXYe3hUB5ujRMmAvq1r851wGFc5LwZTkfRv/rebelheart.png">](https://steemit.com/qurator/@qurator/qurator-2-0-update-post-guidelines-or-registration-details-or-tier-changes)</center>

<center>[<img src="https://steemitimages.com/DQmSSjgs1swFwv64uXRVpB9DAtzSnDv2Eeqr3CnPAup4WVV/Banner.png">](https://steemit.com/qurator/@qurator/qurator-2-0-update-post-guidelines-or-registration-details-or-tier-changes)</center>

<center>[<img src="https://steemitimages.com/DQmarWRv4wXiqPZbmtDCDRTwE5jewDQrG1ATrXcFrTThxht/Gifbanner.gif">](https://steemit.com/qurator/@qurator/qurator-2-0-update-post-guidelines-or-registration-details-or-tier-changes)</center>

Thank you @mrlightning | @rebelheart | @royalfinest for your designs.

Help us, help you.

The majority of our profits will go to leasing SP so we can support our members with quality upvotes. We will however start using some of the SBD profits to pay our Qurator Staff members. They work long and hard to bring you the Qurator service and also need to see some rewards for their efforts. =)

Qurator Stats and Tier upvote values:

Steem Power1 749
Delegated86 717
Voting Power61%
Upvote Weight T00.3%$0.11
Upvote Weight T13.2%$0.69
Upvote Weight T24.4%$1.03
Upvote Weight T35.8%$1.37
Upvote Weight T47%$1.54
Upvote Weight T58.2%$1.72

Upvoting or Resteeming this post will help us grow and in turn enable us to give better upvotes to our members and quality content creators.

Your Quality Content Curator


The Qurator project is brought to you by:

@scrooger | @boontjie | @goldendawne | @ewkaw | @ackhoo | @em3 | @brumest

Special thanks to @kryzsec for the SBD contributions.


Hi @qurator, I sent you 4 STEEM 12 days ago but I haven't heard anything yet. Could you have a look?

It's a very helpful project for writers. I hope you won't presume that single images are LOW EFFORT though. - I get it. Steemit is not Instagram but photographers know it's not simple to take high-value images. Someone must gauge/review images as well to appreciate their value. Also, a high WORD COUNT doesn't guarantee that the article is valuable (even with 100% original rant). On the other hand, a single GIF with a strong message, as long as it's original, can be valuable. It's hard to see these points of view on Steemit probably because it's not just an image sharing site. - But still, there are photo contests here where you're not supposed to explain your photo. It's just a different genre but please, never assume that ALL posts with short text and a single picture are low effort/value posts.

Low Effort.png

Perfectly understood. That's why we have several mods who manually approve the accounts. =)

hopefully, a new guide will be released with the updated registration fee as well as a change in your perception of "low quality content."

I read the blog and if people just followed what you said about writing good content and not just post pictures they could actually achieve something.

Wise words!

They're indeed yours. I will resteem this post so it can reach out to people who are writing good content and go unnoticed. I'm sure it will help them in some way or the other.

I’m gonna join as soon as I can

If I register then how much will I get on my post daily? If I invest 2SBD on registering with @qurator

Absolutelly trilled to become a prt of this comunity! as soon as I get some author rwards i'll send the inscription :)
By the way, I want to state that I was in a flag war (about a week ago) wich has been the first and most surely the last one I'll ever be.
As for disclaimer I can say that a guy downvoted to $0.00 all my posts from the last 7 days and nothing more.

You guys are usually spot on with your guidelines but this one a little off

"RE: YouTube and Dtube- if the video links you are posting are NOT your own, you need to give credit to the person(s) responsible for creating and making the original video posting."

By embedding a youtube video into a post you've already been granted permission to use the content. This is how YouTube works and embedding actually helps the creators tremendously.

So please don't put hoops in front of this common practice.

Embedding is not the same as reuploading as when you watch the video you are rewarding the original creator with a monetary reward. There is no copyright breach here.

Of course, copy and paste should not be allowed without some commentary to go along with it.

Also, you may not realize that embedding a Youtube video in each and every post will help to improve the google search results for that post and overall will help the platform.

There is no need to "give credit to the person(s) responsible for creating and making the original video posting" period.

Just don't re-upload.

You know what, you are absolutely right! Saw this comment and thought about it for quite a while before I decided to reply. Think we might have taken that rule and made it a bit too strict. We are just seeing so many posts with only a youtube video and little text. If we can at least get some info about the video and real opinions we will appreciate it.

We will remove the rule and appreciate the feedback and views on this. Thank you!

Yeah, totally agree Youtube links by themselves are about as useless as a photo with no supporting commentary. And I appreciate you taking another look.

Good advice i ll try all my best

Very cool indeed!

Now to get that 2SBD first lol

Thank you @qurator! The effort you're ourring on this project is really commendable. Great job, people!

And i love the banners too. I'll have to put it on my posts too. I'pick whick one when I'm not on the mobile 😅

Awesome! We can't do it without all our awesome members! Thanks and appreciate the support with the banners! Can't wait to read posts and see Qurator banners at the bottom! =)

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