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“We’re being picked! Hide!”

Chaos ensued.

Everybody tried their best to hide and get as low underground as possible, all the while shouting at the top of their lungs.

One by one we were picked. My colleagues first, then me. Not one of my friends was left behind.

We were crammed inside red mesh bags – our bodies touching – with no room to stretch our extremities, then thrown onto the back of a truck and driven into the unknown. Because of all the bags on top of me I couldn’t see a darn thing. It was pitch-black. For all I knew all the touching I felt could be done on purpose.

After a bumpy ride – about an hour long – we were unloaded onto cold concrete floor. The truck drove off and workers ripped our bags one by one, emptying them onto a conveyor belt. We were all being thrown around wildly and sprinkled with warm water from all sides.

“Is this some sort of an amusement park?”

Just moments later I – along with everyone else – was dumped into a large stainless steel kettle filled with hot water. None of us could swim. None of us could breathe. We could hold our breaths for near 20 minutes long, so we had some time left to be saved from the dark steel prison.

But instead my hopes of rescue were greeted by a loud “Fire her up!”, and the water was slowly, but surely, increasing its temperature.

At some point the burning sensation became too much for me to handle. I accepted my fate and let go of all the air I was holding in and felt my consciousness slowly leave me. My body had died and started falling apart, but my soul was entrapped inside it still.

After about an hour spent in boiling hot water, the water was drained and all our bodies ground and mashed into a thick porridge-like consistency.

Then our decomposing bodies were thrown into yet another kettle, only it was dry this time.

Still hot from all the cooking we’ve been through, we were showered with a mix of malt and water and allowed to cool. At some point, a small, but living organism was thrown in to stay with us.

At first I thought it was friendly, but the moment it got in contact with our rotting flesh it started eating it. It was eating so fast it was burping all over the place. I was happy I couldn’t feel a thing anymore. Being eaten alive must be a whole lot worse than being cooked dead.

We were left in isolation with these strange creatures eating happily what was once my body for roughly four days. Then even they – the parasites – started dying from satiation. I guessed that’s what you get for being so gluttonous.

Not long after the heat got cranked up again, and when it got real hot, I got dragged upward. My spirit had finally left the rotting sludge and I was happy to wave it goodbye.

On my way through numerous funnels my spirit got cooled down and turned back into liquid form.

Exhausted from everything that had happened to me, I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel!

I rushed toward it and jumped into freedom… But landed in a glass bottle instead.

Some human screwed on the cap and slapped on a label.

Potato vodka

Now I am waiting on the shelf, waiting for someone to drink me and ultimately turn me into urine.

The End

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This made me giggle.

And your comment put a smile on my face ;D
Happy to hear you liked it! :D

Wow I love your GIF. Can I also join?

Everything I do is free to join for everybody! :D
Want to leave an idea for me to write a story about? You're at the right place.
want to join my Constrained writing contest? here it is! :D
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If there's anything I didn't list... Just name it and it'll get done! ;D

Oh and, since you liked the gif... @rocking-dave was doing them for free, but I haven't heard from him in like a month, so I don't know if he's still around.

Hi @svashta yes I would love to join but I don't have any idea to write right now. Hehehe

Whenever you come up with something, you're welcome to join in! :D No need to rush things ^.^

Lol. That ending though. Sad but hilarious. I thought we would see the potato spirit go to some potato heaven or something but he just got turned into vodka. Hilarious. Your writing is amazing and unpredictable as always. Great post. I got a writing prompt for you: flight

Hahaha :D I'm happy you enjoyed it and very pleased you found it unpredictable. I try my best to come up with something creative each time ^^

On it! ;D I'll try to deliver as fast as possible. perhaps tomorrow already. :p

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