[Short Story] - Ending the pain - 5 minute freewrite challenge

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I've been thinking long and hard how to do it.

How to end the pain I've been feeling.

I've thought of everything from pills to doing it the messy way.

At last, the idea of using the rope had prevailed.

I tied the noose around tightly. I didn't mind the pressure of the rope eating into the flesh. In fact, I welcomed it. It was a small price to pay to ultimately free me of the pain.

With the noose in place, I walked around the apartment to pick the room most fitting for the occasion.

I figured the bathroom would be easiest to clean up.

I tied the other end of the rope as hard as I could and pulled on it a couple of times to make sure it would withhold the pressure.

“On 3.”

I proceeded to count down and on 1 I slammed the door door with all the force I could muster and my tooth went flying out of my mouth, leaving blood marks on the floor along its trajectory.

It hurt then, sure, but when healed, my toothache was gone.

Ding. Time is up.

The prompt was:


While you are waiting for content new,
in the comments below leave me a clue,
an idea for a story you'd love to read,
a journey to the unknown my keyboard will lead.

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If you enjoy writing yourself, I am hosting a constrained writing contest, where each week I limit your writing with various rules and force you to be creative in brand new ways! If you're not a writer yourself, check it out and see what others have come up with! :D

I turn your writing prompts into stories.

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Amazing, really good post

Few minutes of intense pain is better than days of moderate pains

Exactly! And who knows, perhaps it could get infected and cause all sorts of problems.

Thanks for reading ^^

Great writing!!!Thank goodness I never had to use a string...just my own hand when I was a kid loll

Thanks! :D And neither did I... I just needed something to make it sound dramatic before I tell you it's about pulling the tooth out. :p And "rope" and "noose" sure sounded dramatic :p

Thanks but no thanks. That method makes an injection look like a nice cup of Earl Grey tea.
I did enjoy the read. :-)

Hahaha :D Nothing would make an injection look less like a lethal gimmick I don't want near me :3
But I agree this method is scary :P I've only seen it on TV, no one I know ever used it :p

Awesome! :D Happy you did :D

I was almost sure it was not about a tooth!

Good! That means I have achieved what I wanted. :D

I am very disappointed it was just a tooth, you know.. and so little blood.

I imagined SCI with all the tools and body scattered in the bathroom floor! ehh

That's what you get when you put a 5min limit on me!
A whole lot of hype, and very little action. Much like just about everything today

You have to change the title to not give it away..... Love the build up!!
Here are your weekend options

15 min 3 prompt exercise

Or single prompt option

Yes, I probably should, and include the prompt at the end :P
Will do that Now! :D

Thanks! Will probably have a look at the 5min prompt, I really relly like these :3

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