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Forbidden love

I'll admit. I was obsessed with her.

I spent every waking hour looking at her across the desk, waiting for her to look back at me. When she returned the look – even if unintentional or only for just a second – my heart skipped a beat, my cheeks turned red and I forgot how to breathe.

I spent days, weeks even, imagining what it would be like if we had ever met in person.

”Would she have liked me? Would she had loved me? Or hated me?”

But we never did meet.

When I was working, she was resting, and when she was working I was resting.

I envied all of my younger, classier colleagues who had their loved ones with them at all times.

But deep down I knew. I knew our love could never be.

For I am a pencil, and she an eraser.

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Oooo. This was good. I wasn't expecting the ending.

Thanks! :D I'm glad you liked it :D

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I can say that I truly enjoyed this! thank you for posting it!

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But.. But... I could see right through! If you wanted to fool anyone with that poorly treated piece of plastic... scratch that. You could possibly trick Orcs. Orcs are dumb. :p

Thanks! ;D

LOL I'm not so mariannewestish after all :-P


Loved this!

*Sorry I'm out of VP but really wanted to come read everyone's #freewrites.

:D Awesome! :D I'm so happy to hear that! :D

It's not a problem at all :D A hearty comment makes me laugh and all fuzzy-feeling on its own, so it's all good :P