[Short Story #27] - A dream

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The writing prompt was:

"a dream about an animal."

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I woke up to the sound of my dog squealing and scratching the front door.

I checked the clock and it was 3.40 am.

I let out a loud sigh, which signalled to my dog I was awake.

He came running towards me, jumped on the bed and started licking my face, just the way he always did.

”Alright, alright! We’ll go for a walk,” I said to him as if he understood me. Then I cupped his face with both my hands and playfully threatened him. ”But you better make sure you poop fast! It’s freezing outside. I don’t want to wait for you like I usually do. Okay?” I moved his head in a nod. ”Good boy! Now stop trying to lick me and let me get dressed.”

I put on some warm clothes over my pyjamas and tied my shoes. When I picked up the leash from the table I could swear Rocky’s squealing became twice as loud.

Before I even managed to fully open the door, he was already outside and halfway down the stairs.

”It’s that bad, huh?” I muttered into my chin as I locked the door behind me.

With nowhere to go, Rocky waited at the bottom of the stairs for me to open the door for him.

He was so eager to get out as fast as possible I thought he really had to go and make a potty.

I didn’t want to keep him waiting any longer so I opened the door for him as soon as I descended the stairs.

At first I thought he ran toward a tree or something to do the number 2.

But boy did I regret not putting a leash on him when I realized he didn’t need to do number 2.

In fact, he didn’t even run toward the grass.

He ran straight down the road and I lost vision of him just seconds later.

”Seriously? Again?”

I had fallen for the oldest trick in the book yet another time.

Rocky, much like every other dog, liked to fake his urgent needs. He just needed an excuse to get out the house and stretch his legs. Which is why most of our late-night / early morning walks consisted of me begging him to poop, and him cheerfully ignoring me while taking his time to sniff every inch of the floor. These walks were just brilliant.

Today was slightly different though.

Instead of his usual lazy routine of sniffing everywhere other dogs peed, he sped off like a madman.

Of course, after living with him for a couple of years, I knew what this was all about.

A female dog was breeding and the pheromones in the air drove him downright crazy.

I was young and stupid once too, so I somewhat understood. But did he really have to pick a cold Monday morning to go court the ladies?

I started to feel the weight of my bladder because I didn’t pee in the hurry to take Rocky out, so I decided to head back up and check downstairs again in 20-30 minute intervals and see if he’s back. I just wished he’d come back before 6 am, because that’s when I had to leave for work. I sure as hell didn’t want to call in sick because my dog went missing.

”Will you ever learn to put a goddamn leash on him, George!?!” I could already hear my boss screaming at me through the phone.

I got upstairs, shivered with cold and got rid of all the fluffy clothing. I then placed my hands on the radiator for a while because of reasons I need not mention, and when my hands got warm I left for the bathroom.

I lifted the lid and relaxed.

And then I suddenly felt it.

The warmth in my private area.

The realization of what happened followed soon.

At 32 years of age, I had wet my bed dreaming of Rocky who died 5 years ago.

I checked the clock, and as if the universe was laughing down at me, it read 3.40 am.

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Good work, funny and bittersweet. I suppose in your own way, you were honouring his memory...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! ^^

Yeah... My dog passed away a little over a year ago, actually... really hit me in the feels when I was writing this story... I miss my silly doggo :3

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