[Short Story] Multiple personality disorder - An internal struggle

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The following story is inspired by this week's constraint of my Constrained Writing Contest, which requires you to write a story for the perspective of a person with a multiple-personality disorder and tell us about one (or many) of their internal struggles.

I hope you will like the following story and will consider giving the Constrained Writing Contest a shot yourself.

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“No, not broccoli. George doesn’t like broccoli. I know we don’t know if he’s coming today, but he might. Let’s opt for carrots instead. I think we all like those.” I reached for the carrots and about halfway Mary stopped me.

“But carrots don’t go well with beef, Paul. Why not just make beef goulasch? We only need potatoes, we’ve got everything else back home.” I took a step back and held my hand close to my chin, thinking.

“No. I wanted steaks and it’s my turn to pick what to eat.” I was somewhat irritated. I never questioned their decision when it was their turn to decide what we’re having for lunch. Not once. “I’m open to suggestions about the sides, but I want steaks. Fries, maybe?”

“Fries? Oh, no, no, no. We need to lose weight, remember? Fried foods are a no go. I think we agreed about that.” Mary was right, we have agreed to a diet about a week ago. I didn’t want to apologize for having suggested it, so I just suggested something else instead.

“How about rice on the side and a big green salad with cherry tomatoes?” I just wanted to get it over with and settle with something, so I tried to appeal to her – I knew she loved cherry tomatoes.

“Cherry tomatoes?” I was very happy she took the bait. “I’m sold on the salad, but the rice is bland if there’s no sauce. Maybe if we at least get some peas to go with? That would be good.”

“Sure, whatever.” I would’ve agreed to just about everything at that point.

“Peas? Are you out of your fucking minds? No way we’re having peas!” George suddenly showed up, and with the sudden shouting many of the other customers gave us a strange look. He was like that. He came in a flash and vanished just as fast. But George wasn’t like me or Mary. No. George wasn’t the type of person to compromise. He wasn’t even the person to be able to coexist with us. When he showed up we got retracted deep into the subconsciousness without retaliation for as long as he was in charge. Mary and I only got to watch what he did with our body from the first row, and so had to watch as he put frozen fries into the shopping cart, and of course forget the salad. George was like that. He had to win every argument, even if just for the sake of winning it.

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