Let me make you a neon sign avatar and text animated signature gif just like this one (for free)steemCreated with Sketch.

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

I recently started using an animated neon signature .gif with my avatar and a generic message written below it with neon letters.

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and since I was already asked if I could make the same one for somebody else, I decided to offer this as a present to anybody from our growing community that wants it.

I wouldn't say this is something tremendous, but it's not too bad either and it's easy for me to customize it for other steemians who might want one of their own.

The animated .gif I'm currently using:


What do you need to do to get your own?

It's going to be very simple. Upvote this post and if you think your followers would be interested, resteem it (not obligatory). You should also contact me on steemit.chat so we can discuss what image (probably your avatar) you want on there and if you want changes to the neon text.

Then after I'm done, I'll give you your brand new animated neon gif to use as your signature.

Please keep in mind that this offer is going to be available as-is and on first-come-first-serve basis and may be discontinued at any time.


I am planning on mentioning your excellent work in my talk at steemfest, It is a tribute to all of your dedication and hard work in a hope of attracting more attention to the promo-steem tag. I hope you concur and don't mind me using your work as a case study. Please let me know if this is not ok for you.

Of course I wouldn't mind, that would be an honor! I'm happy to do what I can and I don't feel like I'm doing anything that big. (I've also written you on steemit.chat)

Great stuff! I have seen SC. The you tube video links didn’t work :( just working hard on the presentation yesterday so was planning to respond to u on SC today.

Thanks for offering this! I've been wondering where I could get my hands on a gif banner for my posts, I would love to try this out!

Sure, just drop me a line on steemit.chat. Is that a good way to talk for you?

it's a great contribution to the steemit community dear @rocking-dave, I appreciate it.

Ahh this one will do. Upvote!

But actually this isn't awful at all. Great offer here and really good quality. When I saw the banner first, for a second I thought it was a legit TV show introduction.

Looks like you've been busy posting since my absence! Good to see more of you around

Thanks for the kind words. The bad part about this gif thing is that the files turn out quite big and the quality is a bit on the low end despite this fact.

I'm still not posting as much as I'd like to, but I'm trying to keep active and to support the people that are bringing in new blood to the blockchain the best I can.

That's more than most people on here do, so keep at it and us consistent users will rule the steem world in no time =D

Well, I'm still below my consistency goals, but at least I have something to strive to. I also try not to post just for post count sake...

But you are right, the people that succeed in the long run are the people who keep at it.

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