[Short Story] - Surprise coming to you - 5 minute freewrite challenge

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"Surprise coming to you"

I have recently overheard some people talking about the deep web and the Tor browser and all the creepy but interesting things I have never heard of before then.

I immediately googled what I had overheard and came across multiple forum threads warning others it was dangerous to access to the deep web. You had access to just about everything, but it was also dangerous.

But 15 year old me in my puberty induced testosterone craze went straight ahead and downloaded the Tor browser to try and find some interesting websites. I fired it up and my innocent eyes have been forever tainted by what they had seen.

I started with NSFW content, of course, but quickly found my way to some gore material and ultimately to websites where you could freely purchase drugs.

My eyes widened when I had seen pounds upon pounds of illegal drugs, freely available for purchase and to be sent by regular mail. I didn't intend to buy any, my mom would've found out about it, but I was nevertheless fascinated by it.

Suddenly, the computer screen turned black.

Moments later, as in The Matrix, a message appeared in green text.

Enjoy the package sent to Wyatt Dawson, 39b Elm Street.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, rushed to unplug the computer and curled into a ball on the floor and proceeded to cry.

Ding. Time is up.

Now I am waiting for my surprise to arrive.

And have no idea what it is.

While you are waiting for content new,
in the comments below leave me a clue,
an idea for a story you'd love to read,
a journey to the unknown my keyboard will lead.

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See? That's what you get for going where you shouldn't have gone. LOL! What is inside the package can't be good...but this story sure was good! Tip!

Exactly! :D But tell a teenager what he mustn't do... and they'll do just that! Oh man, I was so the same. :P

Thanks for the kind words and the tip!!! <3 <3 <3

So, so, so true!

My pleasure! : )

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Indeed! Who knows what the mystery package holds?

I wonder which pill he will choose, red or blue...

Hahaha :D Perhaps The Matrix reference was a bit too much :P

Not really. It's makes you ask yourself what does he do with the package when he receives it. Does he keep it and hide it? Send it back? Throw it away? Leads to more questions other than the contents of the box itself. What if he chooses to keep it, but he is too scared to open it? I think The Matrix reference was good. It's been a while since I've seen The Matrix, but choosing the red pill or blue pill was just the beginning of a long list of questions.

Perhaps the package is a a bomb. A whole lot of drugs. Maybe a cut-off finger?
Who knows?

OOoooh!!! I LIKE it!!! I like it a LOT!

Thanks! Very happy to hear you like it! :D

very well written as always and a very fun read!!!

you are still looking for prompts I see........

here is a photo I made years ago titled Warm give it a go :D ?

Thanks! Means a lot ^^

Hmmm. Can't help myself but immediately see NOT TELLING YOU... Will write a story in no time! (Actually more like tomorrow :P)

Oh no!! Move before it gets there!! run!! Demons from the deep web are going to get you!!!