FiveMinuteFreeWrite - "Fire"

in #freewrite3 years ago (edited)

I woke up to the scent of smoke in the air.

You know, the way tires smell if you light them on fire.

I opened my eyes and the room was filled with smoke so dense I could hardly see. The toxis fumes were forcing me to cough and were making my eyes burn as if trying to look under sea water.

I took off mi shirt, since nothing else was equally as handy, and wrapped it around my mouth and nose and got up to assess the situation.

I approached the door to my room and remembered I need to check it if it's hot. And if it was; I wasn't supposed to open them.

The door was blazing hot, so my initial reaction was to call the fire department.

After hanging up and being assured they will arrive very shortly, I realised I wasn't home alone that night.

A friend of mine was staying over and was sleeping on the couch. We had been partying together the other night

I panicked; forgot all about my own safety; and opened the door.

The fire gushed right into my face and I jumped back a little. When I got back to the door to check on my friend;

Ding. Time is up. I'll continue – but be short - for the sake of the story.

He was lying on the couch completely still.


Apparently, he had falled back asleep while smoking his morning cigarette.

The fire fighters arrived and put down the fire.

Aside from a couple of burns on my hands, I was fine.

My friend on the other hand.....

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@svashta just swinging by to drop off your upvote from @echowhale and look over your writing. Ill be following your freewritings now. Thanks.

Awesome! It makes me real happy to hear read that! :D

Happy Holidays @carterx7! :D

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