Wild West - Chapter 6 - Part 6 - 5 minute freewrite challenge

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 3
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Because Chapter 3 got split into two chapters (namely 3 and 4), we are now at chapter 5.

Chapter 5

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Chapter 6

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Part 6

They were eager to come up with new plans and ideas to learn more – pickpocketing the guards for any documents, attempt to run away from the horde of men, or even steal try and steal the guns and threaten them – but just as as they got the to the top of the hill and they wanted to take action, they were met with the sight of dozens of watchtowers laid out in a circle around the biggest hole in the ground they had ever seen.

Thousands of workers the size of ants, barely even visible at all at that distance, smashing their pickaxes against the ground, or carrying the newly mined ore toward the surface through one of the organized routes. Every so often they could also hear an explosion coming from the depths of the mine, but it was at too low a depth for the blast to be visible from the surface.

While some were working dilligently, the others were waiting in line, supposedly to get their pay for the day, and leaving the premises one by one without their tools, forming a line of men such as the one James and Tom were also part of. Their shift was over and they were readying to go home.

Looking down the hill they also got the idea of just how many they were in the herd – the line was several hundreds of feet long and just as packed with men at the beginning as in the end.

Disclaimer: The full story is in its unfinished state. All content is tentative to change.

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The prompt was:


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in the comments below leave me a clue,
an idea for a story you'd love to read,
a journey to the unknown my keyboard will lead.

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But where are the bathrooms? Or at least, which hole in the ground are they supposed to use?

Judging by your two comments about bathrooms... I think I need to come up with something real soon.
Someone appears to be in a rush.

That is a huge mine - you weren't kidding.

Huge indeed! Now I got myself interested also in just what they are mining there. :D

What a great way to do the 5 - minute freewrite. To make it an ongoing story. That is ingenious! I have just recently started participating in the challenge and it is a lot of fun but sometimes I am stumped on where to begin. Especially on a word like 'document'. I really like your idea. I may try it myself to link a few freewrites together into a small story. Not only would it give me a focal point to use the new prompt but it would help me grow as a writer in general. Thank you for sharing this and thank you for the inspiration.

Thank you so vey much for your kind words and for stopping by and having a read! :D

Yeah, starting anew is always somewhat hard, because you have to envision a beginning, the story, the plot and a good, solid ending. Each and every time. From that point of view it's a little easier to write an ongoing piece, but you face other challenges then. Everything has to fit together, you need to make it like so that it makes sense, ... ... It's a constant struggle, but it's a very good one! :D

I really hope you give it a shot and that you will like it! You can always go back to short standalones if you don't! ;D

And yes, linking together your work and making something long and yet still connected does very much help you grow! :D

Good luck! ;D

Hi,plz check my blogs.everyday I am bloging a new story.I think I can participate on your contests.. so plz check and let me know.

You definitely can participate in my contest! Everybody can! :D I really hope to see your entry next wek! :D

Oh man, I would not want to be in either of those lines. That's definitely a hellhole!

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It is! I wonder what they need that many workers for... What's inside those mines?


The most valuable of minerals indeed!

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