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In light of the upcoming holidays we set off to decorate the Christmas tree.

I brought it up from the cellar and my wife got the Christmas ornaments from the back of the closet on our balcony.

We had great fun putting on the various shapes and colors of bulbs, LED lights, scarf-like shiny thingies and cookies we punched holes into and threaded.

Much like every year since he's not an infant anymore – he's now 6 – I got him on my shoulders and allowed him to finish decorating the tree with the golden star.

My wife and I both applauded for Timmy and he appeared as happy as ever.

”Now let’s get you some cookies while daddy plugs in the lights, what do you say?” I lowered Timmy down and hinted to my wife to get him some milk and cookies.

”Yes, please!” He replied happily and went to kitchen with his mom.

I plugged in the cord and the lights came to life.

But it wasn’t anything like your usual Christmas tree lights.

The lights were flashing so rapidly they would have immediately caused an epileptic attack had I been prone to that.

I tried fixing the issue, but just couldn’t resolve it.

Ding. Time is up.

Timmy loved it. Me and my wife on the other hand… not so much.

But as always; Timmy won the argument.

We’re keeping the flashing lights.

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This was great :D Flashing lights my son loved too and they gave me a migraine :D every night I could not wait for him to go to bed! :D

Prompt.........for you..........let's see..........hmmmmmm I know!
Green Bubble gum :D

Ah, a good real life example of how children always win! Regardless of consequences... haha :P

That's a good one! I'll have it written as soon as possible! :D

didn't I see or hear green bubble gum recently? somewhere? hmmmmmm lol

did you?????? where???????

@snook - are you a bot? rolling on the floor laughing :)

I don't know and my sock is taking a nap so I have no one to ask! :D

hah! flashing lights!! I can see Timmy being very happy and parents - not so much :)

Exactly! :D

New one already? Sweet! I'll get on it first thing when i come home :D