Wild West - Chapter 6 - Part 15 - 5 minute freewrite challenge

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Because Chapter 3 got split into two chapters (namely 3 and 4), we are now at chapter 5.

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Part 15

Soon after they stopped moving forth the men with the wheelbarrows showed up. There was one wheelbarrow per every two miners and they just positioned them behind their backs. There was a bucket of water in every one of them that the men placed nect to the miners' feet and then just waited for them to start filling the wheelbarrows. Some struck up a conversation, others sat down to catch a breath, again third lied down on the ground in hopes to catch a quick nap.

Tom and James were fairly certain they were to mine the glowing ore, but they still watched the others work first before wielding the pickaxe on their own. The workers pounded the heavy iron tool straight into the veins of the material, causing the bedrock to break into several fist sized chunks that crumbled to their feet. They then crouched or sat down on the floor and broke the ore either by hand or by slamming it against the ground and split it into the two components – the glowing blue ore and the worthless rock. Each piece was then thrown into the wheelbarrow – the precious ore in one and the waste in another.

They didn't have much chance but to follow suit. The work was monotonous and once the initial excitement wore off they found themselves bored to tears and tired. Their minds wandered off and they couldn't help but imagine how it would've all been had they not known Ducköden. Would they have been religious? Prayed to god during their time at work? Believed they were being watched at all times?

Disclaimer: The full story is in its unfinished state. All content is tentative to change.

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The prompt was the following picture:

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I was really cruious to see how you were going to work this one into your story! Thank goodness for the creative minds of our characters, eh? :)

Good work!

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It wasn't easy, I'll tell you that much! But neither was "Cane", so... But I love a good challenge, and I believe so do you! ;D

And yes, imagine if they were some unintelligent murmuring creatures instead of open-minded, smart individuals? :P