Steemit Open Mic Week 59 Winners - See Who Won Open Mic And Join Us This Week

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Thanks to everyone who entered and supported Open Mic Week 59. Community support for Open Mic has been tremendous and is one of many projects bringing the music community together on Steemit.

Open Mic Winners From Week 59


Steemit Open Mic Rules

  • The cutoff date for entries is Friday
  • Only 1 entry per person per week
  • "Steemit Open Mic Week 59" must the beginning of the post title.
  • "Steemit Open Mic Week 59" must be said at the beginning of your video
  • Live performances only specifically made for this contest
  • openmic must be the first tag
  • Add a link to your post in the comments of the contest post.
  • You must upvote this post.
  • If your song is an original song then add the word "Original" somewhere in your title

Entries must follow these rules to earn prizes.

Thank you SO much @ausbitbank for creating the @openmic account and helping to get it funded with 20,000 Steem Power in under 24-hours! Awesome accomplishment that really helps us reward people who enter Open Mic.

A great big thanks to @xeldal who delegated over 20,000 Steem Power to my account in support of Steemit Open Mic. Great news for people entering the contest because now an upvote rewards you more.

When asked why they delegated Steem to my account the response was:

I've got it just sitting here and I'm thinking it does more good for everyone if I delegate it to people who bring life to the network. Plus, it makes me happy.

We all thank you for that.


A big shout out to @pfunk for sponsoring Steemit Open Mic and getting the word out with his post titled, Hey Did You Know There's A Weekly Steem Open Mic Contest --- by @pfunk

I just want to remind everyone that votes are only part of the selection process. Entertainment value and performance is factored in too.

ALSO PLEASE REMEMBER TO SAY "STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 60" AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR VIDEO ON NEXT WEEKS ENTRIES If you don't say that you will not qualify for rewards (other than what your post makes) for this contest. Very important. Some of you would have won the last few weeks if you would just remember to say those words at the beginning of your video.

Also, remember to start your post title with the words "Steemit Open Mic Week 60" so we can find your post easily in the feed.

If you are playing an original song please add the word "Original" in your title somewhere so we can find you and award you a bonus.

To learn more about the rules to entering the contest please read What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways

The coolest thing about Open Mic is it brings the Steemit community together and that is the whole point of this project.

Thanks to @pfunk for helping to sponsor Open Mic and he's even generously been giving Steem bonuses to participants posting original music. You can vote for @pfunk to remain a Steemit witness by clicking here and voting for @pfunk.

@jessamynorchard started a new Facebook page for Steemit Musicians you can read about here or go straight to the page here. A lot of players from Steemit Open Mic are there. Thanks @jessamynorchard!

You can also meet up with us on Discord at The Steemit Local Musicians Society

Steemit Open Mic Judges


Behind The Scenes Look At The Steemit Open Mic Selection Process How We Pick The Top 3 Entries --- by @luzcypher

Official Open Mic Judge Passion Ground S Top 5 Entries For Week 59 --- by @passion-ground

Open Mic Week 59 My Top 5 Judges Selection --- by @krystle

Steemit S Official Open Mic Judge Verbal D S Top 5 Entries For Week 59 Original Blog --- by @verbal-d

Open Mic Week 59 Sound Legion Official Judge Top 5 Picks --- by @soundlegion

Open Mic Week 58 Sound Legion Official Judges Top 5 --- by @soundlegion

Steemit Musicians The New Msp Waves Radio Show Featuring Open Mic Entries And A 20 Sbd Prize --- by @krystle

Special thanks to @jessamynorchard, @soundlegion, @krystle, @verbal-d, and @passion-ground for help judging the contest this week. Great job guys.

Steemit Open Mic is not about winning or losing, it's about building a connection on Steemit through music. Watching the collaboration happen online between musicians who played and met on Steemit Open Mic is very rewarding and many of the people who play and post earn some nice rewards for playing a song.

For many, it's easier to get some Steem in your tip jar by playing for Steemit Open Mic than it is to play music on the street.

Steemit Open Mic Trending Posts

Click here to see the current trending posts on Steemit Open Mic

Winners from Steemit Open Mic Week 59

It was so hard picking winners every week even with 5 judges.

Honorable mentions this week in no particular order are: @afrao0, @brimax, @trillex, @davidfar, @lisamalletart, @steemmatt, @chrisroberts, @mogatiexperiment, @lynnm, @denis.savisko, @joseacabrerav, @the-vile-maxim, @addiesworld, @lucybanks, @jaybird, @jesuszoliz, @jesusman12, @claratymusic, @onetruebrother, @apine, @carlgnash, @beeflomein, @travisacid, and @owner99

and the winners are...

1st Place

Steemit Open Mic Week 59 At All Original Song --- by @melavie

The level of emotion that @melavie is somehow able to routinely express is rather profound! The melodies she constructs alongside her clear lyrical acumen is nothing short of amazing! Yet, she’s just a girl in her bedroom - burning some candles and playing her self-composed music. I don’t know about you, but for me, such a miraculous combination of intense talent and organic purity is simply far too priceless - by any measure - to ignore! - @passion-ground

This was a beautifully haunting and enchanting performance from you. You are able to encompass a suspenseful storytelling aura to your sweet sounding and well-controlled voice. Your vibrato gave your melodies that extra chilling momentum that commands us to stay keen and truly tune in and listen to what you are conveying to us. Your musical talents and skills are certainly not an illusion and your impact on our contest indeed matters. Keep creating wonderful original songs and more success and growth shall come of it. This definitely deserves many playthroughs​. Thank you and I look forward to your next entry. - @verbal-d

2nd Place

Steemit Open Mic Week 59 Can't Be Loved Elle King Cover --- by @sallyswitchblade

*This is a killer song and sung so fricken well, I just love the passion coming through your voice - you have range and control but it's the passion I just swoon for.

I was singing along with you from the first moment, I love the effect you're using on your voice - I love the sliding style that eases from note to note, it creates a wave within the song itself and the voice is what moves it.

This is a perfect example of how to sing a song, I don't mean technically (though I couldn't fault you) but how it builds and has a flow of its own with the music as accompaniment - for me the vocals were just so on point I couldn't resist but to place you, your entry is just so deserving.

You have wowed me a few times now and I really can't wait to see what you have in store for us next time, I look forward to hearing your entry next week - if you haven't already do yourself a favor and check her out now!* - @krystle

3rd Place

Steemit Open Mic Week 59 At Sana And I Wish Or My Own Composition Or 20171112T21378305Z --- by @g10a

*You, without a doubt, sang and poured your entire heart out on this one. From your very first entry that I seen of you, I knew you would bring something special to our contest. I always commend original artists for their creativity, and this song is really heartfelt and moving. The chorus is an Earworm and makes us all want to sing along with you. When you incorporate your true emotions and feelings into music, you connect with your audience so much easier without needing to force anything. You certainly gave an influential performance both vocally and guitar-wise, so this and your growth of impact is what decided me to place you third on my list. Thank you for this entry, looking forward to what else you will surprise us with.. - @verbal-d

I for one thought that this cat, @g10a, was just a karaoke type dude. How wrong was I! He can most certainly play a guitar, compose a meaningful song, and sing his passionate ass-off! For all of that and more, he has earned my utmost respect. @g10a is the quintessential Open-Mic artist/entrant that I so love to embrace and encourage. I know what such encouragement might mean, as I for one, never had any such encouragement. If only I did, perhaps things might have turned out differently for me musically. Be that as it may, and apart from any such philosophical introspection, this is one pretty-darned good song and performance! And I hope that @g10a is able to maintain access to that guitar he managed to get his hands on, - in order to up his game, and follow his dreams! This guy rocks, and he’s a good guy… And that’s all that matters to me. -- @passion-ground

Here's a screenshot of the prizes transferred to the winners this week.


Here are the performers this week

Steemit Open Mic Week 59 Amor Ney Matogrosso And Nacao Zumbi --- by @ricardolvsilva

Congratulations guys! Thanks again to everyone that entered. Thank you @pfunk for sponsoring Open Mic with 320 Steem donation for each week! Very generous of you.

Vote And Enter Open Mic Week 60 by Following This Link


Open Mic Week 60 - Record Your Performance On Your Phone, Enter And Win Steem - Sponsored by @pfunk @luzcypher

Special thanks to @kevinwong for guidance and sponsoring, @verbal-d for inspiration and @pfunk for sponsoring Steemit Open Mic and all the Steemians who voted for the musicians.

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WOW! Thank you guys so much!!! You made a girl in Austria very happy!


Congrats @melavie it was well deserved. You're most welcome


I freaking new it... I was like... melavie... between you and chaifm I'm always melting


That was an awesome performance! Thank you.

This is so cool!! Thank you all!




You did awesome... when I heard your entry I had to stop what i was doing to appreciate it... well deserved...

thank you so much sir @luzcypher and the rest of the open mic team you did a great job. Its an honour to be in the list of the winners, Im so glad that steemit open mic team embraced my own music.


Congratulations! Thanks for being part of Steemit Open Mic.


You earned your win for sure @g10a. Beautiful original song. Congrats

Hey did i miss the first songwriting contest? I wanna do open mic and songwriting at the same time... whens that coming out?

Thanks Luzcypher and sponsors and Thanks Judges!!
Peace and Love


You're welcome bro.
Peace and love see you in the next one!


Thank you

It's really a stunning contest


Thanks, if you have talent feel free to enter inside or tell a family member or musician friend about our contest


We're having a lot of fun here. Come join us.

Wow congrats to all the winners esp our very own @g10a

Totally awesome winner's circle this week, @luzcypher! Ditto for all of your honorable mentions as well! Congrats to all - NICE!


Yeah we have reached another successful week. Only 41 more weeks until we grace the 100 mark :)


This week was really tough choices. Lots of talent.

Holy Crap, no shortage of talent this week eh...?!

Winner's were well picked as far as I'm concerned.


Definitely no shortage of talent, and you've almost always been on the top list :)
I say almost to keep you sharp on your toes


haha, I'm on it!

Since I've been back from Lisbon, I've been working on my singing and guitar playing big time. Learning a lot of tunes and just trying to get my voice into shape. I'm on the verge of where i can do what I want most of the time and not worry about it getting destroyed after a few takes of slamming vocals!


I'm really impressed by your vocal range. Look forward to hearing more of your music.


Thanks Man! I have another one in the works, however Dan's back in town so we've been working SteemBirds double time these last few days.

Question: Am I able to submit an open mic from @jaybird and one from SteemBirds in the same week?

I've not been doing it mainly bc i think it says "one entry per person" in the rules. Not sure if that means per account or per human being...

Anyways, stay tuned for some new shenanigans ;)

Hello, greetings from Colombia, I'm following you and giving like, I would like to see me and support me, thank you