Hey! Did you know? There's a weekly Steem Open Mic contest!

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Are you a musician? Singer? Rapper? Karaoke dabbler or GOD? Maybe even a spoken word poet? On its 34th week now, hosted and partially funded tirelessly by @luzcypher for the better part of a year, the Steem Open Mic contest has rewarded many talented musicians and artists.

But I realize that not everyone on the platform has noticed the contest. It could benefit from more eyeballs, and it would be greatly enriched by more participants!

Want to enter? Visit the latest contest post, week 34, to see the expectations for entry and then record yourself doing what you'd like to do!

This can mean your own original song, a cover of a song, or even just a jam. It's open ended, @quinneaker even won first prize for a didgeridoo jam! Be creative and feel free to experiment if you want. All genres welcome.

Way back when, @luzcypher started the Steemian's Open Mic Night contest, with the posts' rewards going to the winners. After seeing the success that @jamtaylor's Steemit Photo Challenge brought to promotion of photography on the platform, I offered to add funding to it in week 2. Not long after that, I started offering STEEM bonuses to those who recorded their original works.

Right now, I'm donating 200 STEEM (about $225 worth currently) weekly for the prizes. And I've been giving away at least 100 bonus STEEM weekly, distributed to those who share their original stuff. @luzcypher has generously added 100 STEEM to the pot weekly for as long as I can remember too. All SBDs earned from this post will go to @luzcypher to use or spend at his discretion. And the SP earned will be added to the pile that I send STEEM from.


Open Mic Week 34 - Record Your Performance On Your Phone, Enter And Win Steem

Open Mic (Micrófono abierto) Semana 34 – Registre Su Rendimiento En Su Teléfono, Entre y Gane Steem

(en español)

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If this contest is up your alley, please join in and participate! There are lots of ways to.

If you think it's cool, and/or you like the music, please browse the posts and upvote what you like!

Do you know a musician, on Steem or not, who might want to participate? Show them the contest post! Let's get some more of Steem's rewards going to some musicians :)

Finally, follow @luzcypher so you can see the winners and the new Open Mic Night posts! Again, all SBDs earned by this post will be given to him to use at his discretion.

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Very cool of you @pfunk to help promote Open Mic as well as sponsor it for so long. People really seem to be having fun with it.

Here is what some people have said about Open Mic.

  • It's great to post in Open Mic again, it was one of the reasons I joined and stayed here on steemit. - @kuttmargo
  • I had no idea that the Open Mic Contest had even been created and had discovered it in the second week of its progress when @luzcypher had graciously reached out to me and invited me to join in. I was pretty excited since I hadn't had the opportunity to do open mics as of lately being so busy but now I had my chance to showcase more of my music on this wonderful platform as opposed to just posting up videos on Youtube, sharing them on Facebook, and not getting much feedback. - @verbal-d
  • oh man i love open mic so glad to be back over here listening to the fresh stuff, every entry was fantastic this week, loved the painted black sounded like a plane was about to crash at the very end in the back ground had me crackin up! @tfeldman that was a great performance and also @ik666 with the looper very cool. The green sleeves on the classic guitar was beautiful and I absolutely loved that pure vocal acoustic rendition of one of my favorite 4 non blondes songs. ! great line up - @soundlegion

So come on over and have some fun playing and singing music on Steemit.
And @pfunk you have been so awesome with your continued, enthusiastic support and as far as your generosity expressed in your post here:

All SBDs earned from this post will go to @luzcypher to use or spend at his discretion.

I will use it to pay it forward and increase the rewards to the Open Mic contest. Thank you.Upvoted, Resteemed, Tweeted, added to forums and added to the Open Mic contest post.

JUST IN: I started an Open Mic contest on Steemit and its in its 34 week. This week 4 time platinum recording artist Paul Carter, aka, @thisisbenbrick played a song for Open Mic. Awesome.


Thank you for Having an Open Mic!!! How amazingly Steemit. I can't wait to see the past entries. SOOOOO much to catch up on.


Thank you -- you are appreciated


You guys are siiiiiiiiiiiic I am just digging into the good shit and its YOU. Dank


Thanks and welcome. Come play or sing something


I would love to... im soooo busy ive been on steem tooooooo much im loving it... https://soundcloud.com/kylewebster msg me on steemit.chat sometime ill check back w ya


Very cool my son plays the saxophone .


Ask your son to play some sax for Steemit Open Mic


Nice ! I play saxophone too some times for the openmic conteste. I would be glade to hear him !


I second this MoonMod! Much wisdom that one has....

@pfunk thanks for the upvote in ben's post. I really appreciate it -- I love the concept of curation, but I would gladly give kudos, with no reward :) You rock!

Great Contest! Thinking on participating..hmm
but, is this open for different languages? We really have cool songs from our dialect. xD
Upvoted and Resteemed!


Yes! It's very open, any language, any genre. Do what you do best :)


Of course, music is the universal language. What language would you be posting in? Here are the rules in Spanish.

THIS is the reason I joined steemit. The open mic has seriously been so important to me as a musician! It's amazing to get to share my original songs with such a great supportive community.


That's awesome to hear!

Hi all! just started on Steemit and the first thing I see is this open mic post! Seems exciting so I'll be entering for fun. also I RS and upvoted.


Wwlcome to Steemit and come play us a song.
Here are the rules for Open Mic


Welcome to Steem! Looking forward to it. Thank you for the resteem.

Love open mic, I steemed and then I steemed again.


Thank you for the resteem!

and I'll try again! :D


Thank you much! Looking forward to your next entry :)

Just steemit, steemit, steemit, steemit
No one wants to be defeated
Showin' how funky and strong is your fight
It doesn't matter who's wrong or right
Just steemit, steemit
Just steemit, steemit
Just steemit, steemit
Just steemit, steemit

upvoted and resteemed best of luck to all participants.


Thank you very much for the resteem

Upvoted and re-steemed! This is a great concept, and the first I am seeing about it.

Awesome news... thanks for the update. Upvoted and resteemed!


Hey @marketexpert and welcome to Steem! Thank you very much for the vote and resteem

Awesome! My friend and I are workin on some original music to release very very soon. We would love to bring it to steem and see what people think!

Hi all! First time on steemit and this open mic post is the first thing I saw. It seems very exciting and I will be entering for fun. RS and upvoted. can't wait to see all the awesome entrys


Awesome, thank you for the resteem :)

Thanks for all you do for openmic @pfunk! RS'd...


Thank you, I really appreciate it! Your first resteem :)

openmic is great fun here on steemit and encourages community bonding through music. great great stuff. Im a huge fan and enter every chance I get. Massive ups for this post to @pfunk and for all you do for openmic and the open mic community


Big fan of your music @soundlegion.


BIG ups its good to hear a language I speak on here @soundlegion im following @tfunk follow @luzcypher +followed up Bellingham WA is watching

I did know it existed, but had not seen a post for a while, so I was wondering if it was still going on... Now that I know, maybe I should post one of my drumming session on a Pan-Art Hang tuned with a Chinese tone called Yu-Diao, or the jam on a propane tank tuned to a Balinese scale?!?

They don't have lyrics, per se, but they sure sing... Namaste :)


Fresh performances are encouraged but that stuff would be cool to see anyway. :)


I recorded everything this weekend?!. :)

Namaste :)

This is a great contest,
I am gonna invite some musician, and show them this contest :)
this contest is much appreciable !!


Please do invite your musician friends

@luzcypher is the best! :)


Ahh, you're a sweetie.


I know ;)

Man ... you guys are freakin' awesome! ... Thanks guys for running openmic :)


Love your music.

Let me know if you want a translation to German or Spanish of this post! I translated his Open Mic contest post to Spanish already :)

Congratulations @pfunk!
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a really nice job done by you

This is my new favorite thing :)

I like it :)

I sing but I don't know why I can't get myself to participate :p


Give it a try, you don't have to put your face in it.


Okay. Maybe I will.

I didn't know. But I'll check it out now! Cheers :)


Mission accomplished!


Yeah, that worked out well! :O


too cool... you're going to turn me back into patsy bisco

Cool contest! Sanchez will enter one soon...


Awesome, that's great to hear

I wish I could be there!!!! :(

Thanks for the post

Se ve muy interesante, ya que las personas que quieran aprender música pueden hacerlo por este medio.

Great news. Thanks for this article :) Stay tuned! @pfunk @luzcypher

I keep meaning to enter this but my one take magic I had when in a band seems to have deserted me long ago!


I'd love to see an entry from you! Maybe a few practice runs will shake off the rust :P


I'm practicing. I will do it definitely at some point!!

Wow, didn't knew these kind of things also happen on Steemit. Power of the community, eh!!!!

wow i did like and enjoy your report, it was very good

Putting on my thinking hat and working hard on this ....

I didn't know,
but now I know.
Nice to hear this :)

Music in my country is dangdut. What do you like?


I'd love to see you share it with us!


Yes i will try to do my best

Ill win this.


Good spirit, and good luck!

@encryption you need to check this out.

Dang... I might have to bust out some Sugar Hill Gang.

This is an AWESOME idea!!!!

Awesome :) might have to finally get around to uploading some spoken poetry! Thanks for the motivation..


Mission accomplished :)

Can I use vocaroo to publish my voice? Or do I need to upload a video ? :o


I don't see why not, but you'd have to ask @luzcypher. It's perfectly fine not to show your face, many people don't :)

Ya estoy preparando mi entrada para esta semana!... Too much fun doing this! :D

Very nice!

You are awesome. Thank you. =]

Was skiming through steemit teaching my coworkers about it. Should have seen their faces when they saw this post's earnings. Thanks for converting about three new steemians!


Wow, fucking awesome! Welcome @swolesome's coworkers :)


I do have some friends that can sing. I'll try and show them the contest!

Wah, this contest is in great demand by music lovers and also to compete to show each talent. Unfortunately, I'm not talented in the music world.

To the participants, show off your talent ...
Good job @pfunk ^_^

Has this happened on one of the open mics yet?

Awesome idea, can't believe I didn't know about it til now. Will tune in


Lmao I really need to watch more of this show.

steem is a great currency and steemit provide us an opportunity to earn it for free great place greate people

Amazing sharing.. :) @pfuck .. going to resteem or upvote. keep going

I like to participate

@pfunk,i'm always follow it's,pleas follow me ,thanks

It's a great contest and encourages original content creators. Thank you and @luzcypher for doing this. It brings a lot of uniqueness and creativity on the platform. Great work!

P.S I need to find my voice soon to participate :P

Probably the best contest and opportunity for steem musicians currently!

QUESTION: Obviously there's no post to link it to yet but if I publish my entry for next week (week 35) on my blog, Today, that won't disqualify it or anything will it?

nice! I'll try to enter next round.

OpenMic Baby!🎤
Major reason I'm hooked on steemit!
Thanks @luzcypher @pfunk...yall rock

ahh, no wonder nobody pays attention to us musical newbies on steemit:( pfunk and crew are holding all the attention!
ha ha

an open mic contest thats ending today? il try and post up soon!, bear in mind that im a little intimidated by all ye platinum holders up there though, i only started last year on my 21 bday:(

Yo @Pfunk, I'm not sure how to get in touch with you anymore. can you message me wherever ;) Thanks buddy. Keep up the killer posts

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Wow this is awesome I had no idea. What about comedy? It'd be cool to have comedy nights maybe. :)

Just saw my wallet, thanks again @pfunk for supporting original music and encouraging others while helping to build the community.


Of course! Thanks for being such a regular enterer :)

@pfunk Please visit me occasionally,i'm follow you please help me

I like your idea.you are smart.

Your posts are full of awesomeness

Hi, I did not know how to contact you and I wanted to thank you for the detail. I just saw my wallet and I was amazed;). As I said to luzcypher you have created something nice.
Thank you very much indeed and it is a pleasure to participate @pfunk

We are so glad to find this, our account is only 3 days old but we have been finding it difficult to interact with other muso's on here, thanks a million!!!

Thnaks for all your help Sr. I'm musician . I am new in Steemit , I hope you can help me . greetings from Venezuela

Hello @pfunk ! I'll share/resteem all your posts if you can follow me and resteem too my future posts ,you have a great blog ,thank you and hope we'll help

each other

I've just followed you :)

I wish you have the best posts !

Hi there ,do you want to follow ALL THE BEST NEWS & VARIOUS POSTS on the web ?

Follow me at @braveheart22 and you'll receive my daily & quality posts !

Thank you ,see you later STEEMIANS !


Wanting to join now! Great work @pfunk excited to jam together now!

Thanks so much for the heads up! I just found out I won 3rd place for week 38! :D

Yeah we are in that contest , thank you @pfunk for this opportunity ;)

Thanks for the information @pfunk
very help me
follow me @hattaarshavin

This is cool. I'm new here, so I will look into how to do it.




Wow!!! I m new to here, but i most say that This is so amazing, a platform were singers are appreciated in this community, i sing but to myself i think i should give this a shot, it will help bring me out of my shell.

How am I 8 months late on this post? LOL. Hopefully another open mic contest pops up soon, because I am down! :D

I dont know how to post this anywhere but my own post...@steamrolla
Steemit open mic week #45

Hi pfunk - this is a great contest that luzcypher is running and i saw your name on her posts. I am also a musician with music released on itunes and other platforms, i saw there is a gap for people like me with produced music to enter a contest. So i started one a couple of weeks ago and it has been a big success with some brilliant artists entering music. Luzcypher came 3rd in the first week and the 1st place went to a really talented singer musician. I wanted to say hi and invite you to check out this weeks contest, the results will be up in around 7 hours. No worries if your too busy, i understand, drop in when it suits you. Keep rockin-David

Oooh now this is a piece of me!

nice post a like it I would be happy if you like to follow me and give your opinion about my posts

Thank you so much @Pfunk for following me..

I so dig this!! Okay, I've been working on my chops to be able to nail some upper range...I will have to work something up!

(Totally doing my new to Steemit geeky freakout dance)

never heard of open mic til this post sounds like a cool idea

amazing contest @pfunk I hope I can be in the contest soon! I like the idea that a lot of new musicians can come out by using Steemit and sharing their own content too.

I wish I could joint to this awesome open mic contest. I love to sing even i am out of tune.I appreciate what is the result of my entry soon even every bodies throw me ripe tomatoes hu hu hu hu @plunk

Hmm¿ A recitation¿ Recorded, then posted where, on my blog¿ under what banner? To someone's 'reply'. Exactly how is this done? Or just written and posted in my blog, but again, under what banner?
I do apologise, but navigation around here is difficult to remember. I still can't find the uses of many of the icons, or how to reach some menus when elsewhere. Computers are really not my field. 😃

That is so rad man! Thanks for the share need to create a steemit song! Maybe in the coming weeks.. it will be fun.