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We've had so many great artists saying they'd like to be involved and ahead of the beta launch we'd like to give one artist that opportunity!

If you own the copyrights to your music then please e-mail us one of your tracks to to be considered for the final place.


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To any developers or musicians that want to discuss @Steemsongs please find me at Steemfest in Lisbon next week!


Thank you to everyone that sent me the details about the fantastic DSound project. I'm now in touch with @PRC and we'll be meeting in Lisbon. There are many similarities and many differences between what we are both trying to create so I'm very excited to talk more.


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This is great news

My friend Malcolm mentioned your name. Thank you for putting this together Ben. Look forward to contributing when the time comes!

YYes!!!!! I love music! Thanks for sharing.

cool...steemsongs and dsound also good~

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really happy to have found this. thanks to @samstickkz who brought this to my notice. He heard my "steem power" song and swore it would be considered. I will send my entry right away. thanks a lot @thisisbenbrick

good job

good luck getting what you are looking for.. @thisisbenbrick

Great post buddy

instead of having 2 different sites and projects would be great if you could join forces and deliver 1 super music site to rule them all.


The two sites are quite different. DSound is like soundcloud and Steemsongs is like iTunes

Congratulations my friend, it's a very nice blog



Awesome! So glad to see someone building out a platform for musicians. Just submitted a song from my album just released last week.


Wow interested to hear your album man.

Fantastic and exciting! The universal language of music and Steemit can only be one of the best steps forward for the Steemit evolution. I'll send a song or two tomorrow though can't make it to Lisbon this time around.

Great idea! Upvote and resteem :-)

Great to know that there is this platform where aspiring musicians can showcase their talent.
Gives a happy feeling that this idea could soon flower into a highly engaging and fruitful endeavor for many.

I am an aspiring producer! I definitely see myself using this to get my music out there. Not only is it innovative but it could bring artists and musicians together through these two platforms.

good work..

fantastic news to hear! I am glad I caught this post. Submitted an entry and cant wait to see this take off further. Great to hear you will be collaborating and talking with @prc and DSound which is a great tool here for us artists. great news

Great news! Lisbon! Perfect city!

I am not too technical.I can't figure it out so if you have the time,I have rock and country tunes done with Keri Kelli of nite ranger and alice cooper fame and marty rifkin for country....all at