New Group Exclusively for Steemit Musicians on "The Devil's Network" for networking, questions, tips, and post promoting

We have created a group on FB exclusively for Steemit musicians for us to network and promote our music-centric posts, and to drive traffic away from FB to Steemit.

Disclaimer: I hate Facebook, but at this point, would like to use it to help network other musicians across platforms and to help us meet each other, get marketing tools, have good musical discussion, and originally-performed music in one place. If you do not use Facebook, but would like an invite to the Discord server when it opens, please link a Steemit post with your music in this post, and I'll make sure you get on the list.


If you are a Steemit musician, please join this group, network with each other, and promote your posts there. Let's organize and support each other...even outside of Open Mic night! Let's extend the community!!


To Join:

  • Search "Steemit Musicians" on Facebook (or just click the link below)
  • View the Pinned Post
  • Send a message to the Admins with your @username as well as a link to a Steemit post which contains your music (we just want to make sure you are an actual musician on Steemit).
  • Please allow a few hours for admin approval, as I am still working on getting together a couple more admins to speed up the approval process.

Check out the group, view the pinned post, and get further details here.

I will be adding a channel for us on Discord soon as well, and if you are interested in helping me admin this group, please let me know.

Please resteem and share this post to help us get the word out!

Follow me @jessamynorchard for more assorted randomness!

Support Steemian-Original Music by tagging YOUR tunes with # originalmusic
I even blogged about it.

Click here to read my Steemit intro to learn more about what I'm all about.


sent a request to join but couldnt see the pinned post cause the group is set on closed from my view. *Nevermind I see now you said wait a few hours for accepting. gotcha lol

@soundlegion you are in!! So excited to see what we can come up with in this group together. Please get your network of Steemit musician contacts on board with this (who are still on FB of course), because I think we could really get together a kickass community that's genuinely 100% ours if moderated correctly. So pumped about this.

you rock!! thanks girl resteemed! Soon as I drop the soundlegion steemit artist compilation (which i would seriously love to have a song from you) in july I think it would be awesome to connect and do a join show with steemit talk podcast. Are you on that? and for the song hit me an mp3 of an original song of your [email protected] will put you on the compilation, which will promote steemit artist. All post and compilation rewards go to all the artists. ;)

@soundlegion sent you a couple of chats with some propositions in regard to the community. I have ideas. Get with me when you can. I know you are busy.

got a mad travel week coming back from england and im all over it my girl! ;)

What type of wood is that guitar made of? I have one made of cherry, and another made of mahogany, but I've never seen one that looks like that. VERY neat. followed and upvoted.

Nice sound and look. Is it an Ibanez custom wood? I have a crushed maple that looks very similar.

Wow, great playing and a cool looking guitar!

Upvoted, Resteemed, Joined, and Tweeted. Great idea.

So what is "The Devil's Network"?

Facebook is The Devil's Network, Luz. Lmao. 😈

LOL, I thought you were talking about me for a minute. My own guilty conscience at work. LOL. Great initiative and I added it to the @music-trail for consideration and upvotes. I also joined the group and waiting for confirmation.

You should have just received your confirmation. :) Pumped about this. As much as I hate Facebook, we need to use it to drive people away from it, and we need to do it I think having all the musicians in one place will be awesome.

Agreed, I'm all in!

Hey I love this idea. I'm very active on Discord already so let me know if you need help with the administrative side of things. Happy to help.

Awesome. I will definitely be in touch when we get that set up. Especially if the community grows in the positive way I hope it does. :)

Sounds great! Do you have a personal Discord that I could link up with you at? Might just be an easier way for you to reach me in the future!
Let's start here just to toss ideas around...especially in regard to the Discord server. I want to maximize networking across genres as well as maximize original music performances across we may need a few different rooms for that...but I just created this sub in my Jessamyn Orchard Music server that anyone is welcome to come in and shoot some ideas our direction.

Gooood!, i'm in!

Nice. Even tho fuck facebook... :D Can't wait for Steemit communities. Maybe I'll come say hi anyways.

I very much agree on the "fuck FB" front...however, for a lot of folks it's still a necessary evil, and I want to bring us together there especially for the n00bs who are still spending time on FB...we can collectively collab, share, network, bounce ideas, promote, and campaign Steemit as a unified group of musicians, and that potential makes me very happy.

I know. But honestly fb is dead to me. I used ifttt to automatically post stuff for me on facebook. It was quality content. But nothing happened in a very long time. So I decided to pause my efforts. I also think that Steemit is not mature enough. Not yet anyway. So bringing more people into steemit is not the best idea right now. But when the next fork comes and communities are introduced, then... Then, this site might really start to get appealing.

And then, we only need to start linking articles on steemit to facebook. People will learn in time. It is even possible to post things automatically with ifttt. And Youtubers are already raving about Steem.

Exciting times... Anyhow, my thoughts. Thanks for the upvote. Wish you good harmonies and pleasant tones. :)

Were I not a regionally-performing artist in my real life, I would abandon FB altogether, because I hate it. Thus, "The Devil's Network."

However unfortunate for me, it's a necessary evil. I wish I could be done with it, but then my area would stop knowing when and where I'm playing, etc. etc., and I need that at this point in my career.

I wish to alien jesus that I could be done with it. I deleted the app months ago, but keep Pages Manager and Messenger on there for business purposes, and have a few professional groups in which I am a part as well...I use my browser to access it that way, but try to stay away from general newsfeed in general because it's garbage for the most part.

Too many people are brainwashed by the current social media model, and I hope that as musicians, we come together to show people that we have been getting fucked...not only by venues in our real lives, but also by the entire social media model from the beginning.

Yeah it's true. But honestly I have found better engagement on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube. Bandcamp is also awesome for music makers and fans. Soundcloud used to be the best, but is now also turned to the dark side. But yeah, maybe (let's hope) someday facebook will just fuck off. :D

If I didnt already deactivate my Facebook, I would definitely be joining right now.

If you're on Discord, you can use this invite and get in our "pre-group" if you want to stay up to date with what's going on.

Actually I'd love that, I use discord every day. I will join when I get home.

Outstanding. See you there.

Awesome!!! and HA! Devils network!

Success in your projects

Thank you, kind sir. :) I'm hoping the community raises the bar on quality and that the networking and kinship continue to grow. You know I love the love here! :) <3

Great idea, thanks so much! :-)

Glad to have you on board!

Resteemed :)

Congratulations @jessamynorchard - This post was one of the most shared posts on the web from the Steemit website during the past 24 hours. You were featured in my report, here.

@trevorlyman Thank you for the recognition and support!!

Resteemed. So good to see ppl want to help eachother. We are in this together and I am ready to help!! Peace and love

I don't know what Discord is but if you need help, just ask! ;)

Would you be interested in helping me moderate the Facebook group, @rockchickjen?

good idea, joined.

Hahhahaah I don't like FB either and ONLY use it to promote Steemit content! hahahahahaha so guess we are on the same page. I think I just joined this group. Thanks for making it and hope to share good music with our fellow Steemians!

Excited to have you on board with us, @quinneaker, and glad to see your account pinging again on my Feed!!


You are in our Steemit Local Music Society on Discord now, aren't you? Just launched, looking for all things music under one roof. :)

no i am not but would like to be. How do I do that? Not frailer with discord.

Download the Discord app (it's a chat app for gamers, but also being used heavily for Steemit promotion), and I will send you a code directly on FB to get you into our servers, and links to some of the other cool servers you need to be a part of.


Request sent:)

I was wondering today if something like this existed. Awesome job! Resteemed.

I already know you have posted music on here and have vetted you personally irl so I'll go ahead and get you added in if you haven't already signed up.

I sent in the request a few minutes ago. :)

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