Improve Your Vision

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Small Baby, Big Glasses.

When I was one years old, I was wearing glasses. Now, I'm 33, and am still wearing spectacles. But is there a way to improve your eyesight? If anybody would know, it would be me, right? Over the past 32 years, since 1986, my glasses have shrunk or shrunken. They were shrinking, are shrinking, will continue to be shrinking.

Every few years, I get a new eye exam, new frames, and new lens. Normally, I go for even smaller frames, each time I go in. In 2018, I got even bigger glasses this time around. My prescription may be too strong for contacts. But can I eat a lot of carrots to get better vision?

Yes, carrots do help with the muscles in the eyes.

Look at the Sun

Alvin Jackson looks at the sun, directly, with his eyeballs, during sunrises, sunsets, for about ten seconds per month, in order to put pressure on the retina of the eyes. But you have to transition into the sun for a minute and then cover your eyes with your hands when you're done an additional minute.

Never SUN GAZE with glasses.

Get Rid of your Glasses or Contacts

Top Vitamins That Help

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E

Vision Foods

Avocados - copper, vitamin E
Beans: chickpeas - copper
Black Peppers
Broccoli - vitamin E
Cheese - copper
Kiwi - vitamin C
Nuts - copper
Olive oil - vitamin E
Oranges - vitamin C
Papaya - vitamin C
Prunes - copper
Sesame Seeds
Strawberries - vitamin C
Trout - vitamin E

Improve Your Vision

By Joey Arnold

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Written in July of 2018

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Fun fact, I am sitting in front of the computer without glasses on.

Usually wearing glasses, I made an effort out of wanting to get rid of them over time a while ago. Having to look for a god of course ended up putting a halt to that because when juggling myself in a new job, that suddenly ended up not being an option anymore.

Good goal, great transition, when it comes to improving. Take recovering from broken bones for example. People go through therapy to recover from injuries, sickness, cancer. We got to view the glasses thing just as another injury thing that can be recovered from in time. It can take work, like weight training class, like when we try diets, like when we do anything that is worth fighting for in life. No pain, no gain. If you don't use it, you lose it.

There are a lot of muscles involved in eye movement and performance. Because we live in a day and age where people tend to look at screens from a fixed distance constantly (as evidenced by me typing this), our eyes aren't used to sudden movements or far sight.

That is why we must be more curious, active, busy, as we train our eyes.

Great advice! There’s so much we can do to look after our bodies and manage our health naturally.

Awesome. My right eye is more lazy, harder to see with it, especially without my glasses, and I was reminding myself that today. I forget which eye of mine is better and which one is worse. I'm telling myself to do some eye exercises for my eyes. Each day, we can make better choices. Thanks for the comment.

I think taking vitamins is important but sometimes glasses add to your personality :)

Yeah, I like looking like Clark Kent and Harry Potter.

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Affirmative Action?

Wow, this is an helpful post.

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Joey Arnold:
I'm the web designer, there, for the website.

Honey? Thats good then as I eat a lot of that :-)

Yeah, I love honey, too. Better than candy.

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