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Do you want to see Hoaxed or be Hoaxed, Punked, destroyed, a Trojan Horse, like Rome, like Europe now, like Venezuela, like South Africa, or what do you want for your kids, for their future? Hoaxed is a new 2018 movie film by Mike Cernovich, and it features Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, and others.

Facebook's Dumb Effer's

Mark Zuckerberg called Facebook users dumb effers. Art by Ben Garrison.

Facebook Dumb Effers


We are going through a very difficult situation in Venezuela, there are already people dying of hunger, for lack of medicines or money to buy them, with a superinflation that consumes us every day, which destination we are going to have.

True, stuff is happening in Venezuela, a place that has had a lot of money, resources, and that is mostly due to government, tyranny, and things like that, and it is a pattern repeated in history, again and again.

Been a follower of Alex Jones since I was 13 years old.. when I first ran into him, I am 30 today. The real deal and a legend that sparked independent media to a whole new level. Way more reliable and truthful. Even when he makes a mistake in his reporting, he corrects and his intend is to bring us the truth. Unlike mainstream media.

I'm 33 today and started listen to Alex Jones 2 years ago, in 2016, and more and more since then, and maybe a little before that, and I was always redpilled in some ways, but very red pilled since 2016 at a higher level. But what did Alex say that was a mistake? He did not say Sandy Hook was fake. He said it is possible that it would be as government lies about many things including the 2017 Las Vegas Shooting and much more. Alex plays the Devil Advocate and interviews people who can be wrong and fake news say that Alex said what his guests said and you have to watch hundreds of hours of Alex, like I do, to see what is really happening.

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