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Taco Man Spiderman?

A funny Taco Man reunites with Wannabe Spiderman. So, they have these funny conversations about the van and deportation. DACA? Yeah, he was like a Mexican Country Song. My GF left me. My father was deported. Like Doctor Job, he lost so much. Woe is me. May thunder strike me.

Black Vans Matter (BVM)?

But at least you got this cool van. The freed non-black man goes to his daughter's birthday party. But is banned like I was banned on Facebook & other places. Mom is with a cop. But he gives his daughter a funny ugly stuff animal or doll or something cute.

Dairy Queen Knows?

He goes to work at Dairy Queen. The boss finds out he was in jail and praised him but then fired him. The funny Mexican man told him of a rumor, like something he heard from a guy of a guy of a guy of another guy of his like friend or brother or something.

Honey, I shrunk the Kids, I mean, Ant-Man?

Long story short, he broke into an old guy's house & steals a suit. No money there. He puts it on and becomes the Ant-Man. This is my first time seeing it today at 1 AM and loved it.

Can we Talk to Ants?

Forget Doctor Do Little, who talks to animals, or the Water Boy (Adam Sanders) who talks to water over Gatorade and momma jokes tackling football players like Happy Gilmore in golf, the Ant Man talks to ants. Who is that other super hero? The water man? Remember the Water Power Rangers? They can talk to dolphins, right? Dory & Nemo can talk to whales by talking slower and deeper. I really want to know if we can control ants with our brains. They had stuff attached on the head and ears for talking ants through clicking and stuff. I feel there may be some truth behind that.

Getting Too Small?

So, Michael Douglas, the old man, was the original Ant Man. One day, he was trying to stop a USSR missile, around 1987 in the sky over the ocean even as America and others can shoot down missiles using real-life Star Wars satellite laser and stuff. So, his wife, the original Wasp, shrunk very small to get inside the missile to stop it, to deactivate it. He lost his wife but also his daughter's love. Later on, the new Ant-Man became too small to save the day. He became smaller than atoms or anything we could ever see with microscopes. But he had a spare energy source in his pocket to reverse his shrinking machine on his suit. He escaped that universe. It was pretty scary and it makes me wonder if there are mini universes inside our atoms in real life. Ant Man became a super hero in real life and especially to his daughter. He kisses the old man's daughter who is going to be the Wasp in the sequel film. I recommend this movie, as long as you watch it for free through Bit Torrent and the Pirate Bay. I prefer this movie over Dead Pool, even, because it is funny and scientifically stimulating. Plus, I am attracted to the Wasp Woman.

Doctor Ant Man Do Little

2018-06-19 Tuesday 10:18 AM LMS: Doctor Ant Man Do Little
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