Discussed Steemit on Alex Jones Infowars Today

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Just finished up a segment on the Alex Jones show. Due to the censorship threats of both funding and content coming from all directions towards free/new media, I had to mention the value proposition that Steemit provides.

I'll be sure to push the message out more if given the opportunity to be back on the show!

Interview begins about 15m into 2nd hour - Discussion about Steemit comes at the start of the 3rd Hour:


Brand new user checking in thanks to this very mention. I'm really intrigued by the concept.

Welcome to Steemit! It's well worth checking out... around here, content still flows freely and uninterrupted.

Welcome! I've earned more than $500 in my first three months and I hope you'll have similarly great results. Just be aware: payouts are lower than usual for the next two weeks while the payout formula shifts to a new model. Don't worry, cuz they will go way up.

For context - this content would earn you probably $10+ in the normal Steem payout system.

@heymattsokol What's the new payout model?

It's a little confusing to explain - basically, rewards used to pay out of a daily pool (100% of the rewards every day), now they pay out of a monthly pool (3% of the monthly pool each day).

It's the same total payout per day in the end - but the switch lowered rewards for a period of one month. We're about halfway(?) through this reduced payout period.

All you really need to know is - payouts will be a lot higher in a few weeks, and should stay that way.

Welcome! Steemit is a groundbreaking community and is truly awesome. This is coming from one of the most censored, fact-based people on the Internet.

<-- This guy

Blake, I feel like I just heard myself on #Infowars! Awesome job bro! The #SpiritCooking is what led me down the same path you are right now. If people could be so evil then the devil must be real. And for the devil to be real God & Jesus must be real as well. I've was raised catholic and believe in God & Jesus but this whole situation changed my entire perspective on life! I'm 36 with 2 kids and to think about what goes on hurts my soul and lights a fire under it that is forcing me to be involved however I can. Please check out my page and give me a follow as I have yours. Great job and thanks for your service and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know! I'm in this to win this just like you!! God Bless brother!

Thanks brother! God Bless you as well. I'm lit.

Same here. When I learned about it i immediately realized it was for blackmail, but only realized how deep it went as I dug. Thinking about children...or worse, your children going through that situation reallllly tends to light a fire under your ass to do something. Luckily i think many people...especially those with children themselves....are going to say heck no. This is not happening on our watch.

I knew nothing about any of this, so this is direct feedback that your mention at least got me here!

Welcome to Steemit @merlyn! It's a really unique platform. Check your wallet tab and you'll see my transaction. You should do an introduction post with the #introducemyself or #introduceyourself tags.

Thank you for that info, wallet tab? Well got a lot to learn I guess!

Yes, not only is Steemit censorship resistant because the data is recorded to the blockchain, content creators, and the curators, or those who upvote, comment, and share posts, are all rewarded with digital currency. One of the best things about the site is as you earn money, you can also send tips to others, or use it to purchase goods and services, or trade it for bitcoin, and cash out to US dollars. You have a lot to learn, but there are a ton of people here to help! Hope you enjoy your stay.

Go on YouTube and watch videos on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, bitcoin & Steemit.

This video does a good job of explaining how Steemit works. Straight from the creators mouths.

Welcome to Steemit! It's a great platform and a pretty cool community... and the content flows uninterrupted here.

yes @ned )) this was a brilliant way of showing people the clear advantages of blockchain social media that cannot be taken down by the dark hands of the State !! If i were Alex and experiencing the clampdown on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook i would not hesitate one second and sign up for an account !
This is so awesome and the news has made my day !!Go @blakemiles84 , Go Infowars and Go Steem )

I know this isn't the place for this but consider showing the comments that are behind "show more comments" on the same page as the rest.

Currently if I click on show more comments, I seem to be redirected to a new page with only that comment tree showing. It shouldn't work that way. Please look at reddit how they are doing it for an example.

Another tip, notifications; I can't tell if there is a new post on my feed or a comment for me - there is no difference in the UI for an user. This is bad design, again. When implementing these normal social media functions, I'd suggest to look on other popular sites and how they do things and try to replicate.

Thank you for your time.

The only thing missing was Alex Jones walking his viewers through the sign-up process himself. I'm surprised we got as much airplay as we did. This is definitely a good sign that we're breaking ground.

Hi Blake,
Great interview on Infowars. Just joined here as result.
Just to let you know, all the SF down under are listening, awake and ready.

The platform is in beta so lots of discussions and experiments going on. Have fun exploring steemworld!

Welcome to Steemit!

nice plug on the Alex Jones show.

following now.

I just saw that also. That was a great segment you had. And not only was there a plug, but catching his attention with censorship resistance, he spelled out the URL, and the screenshot. Great job!

@blakemiles84 thank you for your service brother

Damn dude! Thank you for helping spread the good word. That is damn awesome!

Alex Jones has millions of loyal listeners. Many of whom post their views on social websites are getting censored. Steemit is looking for more content creators and commenters, this is a good place to market!

"this is a good place to market!"

I see the demons as inbred psychopaths...haha!!!

As in crony?

crony capitalists are just the successful ones and the other kind are just resentful at how the government doesn't let them oppress people too

You could call it crony capitalism, you could call it corporatism; but what we have in the West is not a free market.

I never said it was......
I'm just saying market socialism is the closest to a free market your ever going to get.

you might want to read this ;)

Good work! It would great to have Alex Jones and millions of his followers on Steemit. I hope you and others keep pushing Steemit, also on the YouTube chat, eventually it'll strike a chord with the crowd.

None of this is my cup of tea, but with Communities incoming I'm sure I can get out of the way. That said, I'd be interested in seeing your segment, but can't find a way to scroll back.

i love that alex knows about steemit now. this is crazy i hope he pushes it

Discussion comes at the start of the 4th Hour:

Where is the video? You linked to a live feed, will it start there?

Nice brother, great job.

Do you know if you vote with less than 30% weight then smooth won't downvote the same post, then the author will get more rewards?

That is good to know, thank you @abit.

ew no why did you tell him this deserves downvotes the infowars crowd is not what we want here

sorry I don't tend to like it when the average iq of a platform I'm on drops to 40 lmao

[insert equally useless ad hominem insult here] kek

Wow...this is stunning. Alex has been right on quite a bit. Like him or not...

Says the communist lmao

I am certain you can not even correctly define communism.


Please read this. You will understand capitalism well enough to understand why other systems exist.

I actually do get it - I basically majored in Communist theory and history. There's no chance it can work because it has no method to measure and organize value. Without that it makes no difference who is in power (dictators vs democracy vs local direct democracy) - everyone is poor, and it can be proven logically and mathematically. Use your common sense. And let me ask this - what happens if you don't work? I assume you'd force people to work if you didn't want society to collapse. Yes, communism is such a compassionate system.

So I'm confused... if MY vote was less than 30%, I wouldn't be downvoted by Smooth? Can I fix this? I wasn't aware of this setup. Been out of the loop a bit.

I was talking to @thejohalfiles.

What is the reasoning behind this less than 30% thing ? Something due to the reward pool and the experiment being run? - Do you see whales like us being able to vote with 100% weight down the road w/o messing with the reward pool unfairly? I will continue to do what is best for the platform and help in any way possible @abit.

I prefer a solution that makes people want to horde their sp.

Yes, due to the "experiment". More info here: https://steemit.com/steem/@abit/whales-no-voting-experiment-going-on

Final solution would need a curve change, then we don't need to set another limit.

I heard a linear curve proposal is coming....


That IS good to know

Im not sure what you are saying @fuzzyvest please elaborate

That upvoting with over 30% will give you downvotes from smooth. Im not in agreement with the method (at least if we want people to honestly want lots of sp)...but nice to know regardless.

Yes I believe things will improve. Eventually I will have more SP than smooth and the rest of them at this rate. With that said I believe smooth has good intentions.

I agree with the intetions of all the whales. I just think i have a better solution than whales downvoting everyone in terms of free market ;)

@berniesanders sorry brother I don't want to fight, I hope we can find peace. Take care.

If both of you vote with limited weight, I won't join, and I guess smooth won't either. Otherwise it would be a mess: bernie downvote then I upvote, you upvote then smooth downvote, etc, etc.

Makes sense I will be more conscious about this @abit. Thank you.

Thanks for being so accepting of the experiment. There are many who have been against it from the start but many more users have found the experiment to be a success. Once there has been consensus on the new reward curve I hope there won't be a need for the experiment anymore.

PS. I quickly looked through your comments, respect for being one of the few users here who don't upvote their own comments. :)

Blake, God bless you for spreading #PedoGate and #STEEMIT awareness.

Quick warning, make sure not to give Alex ANY sensitive material. The man is in fear and cannot be trusted. Ask Alex about whistleblower Donald Marshall and see how fast you get the cold shoulder.

Good job man. I am one of many that appreciate you and that interview. Thanks again!

Link to Full Show Video on YT. Steemit-Part starts here at around 1h 26m:

Next time you talk to guys like this. They could make a site similar to busy.org that was a front end to the steem blockchain and have it so infowars.com only showed posts from people they want as authors for infowars. They could also still do their ads and such on the side. There is no reason that they and other websites could not move their content over to the steem blockchain and run the site off of there instead.

You did a great job discussing this with Alex!
Very Appreciated. I would love to get your perspective
on My Talk on Blockchain tech and SteemIt on a Sunday
show, after Alex Jones. I hope you're also bringing several of your "Friends" onto the the platform?
Kind Regards!

Blake... Just caught the show.. and had to check it out. I'm a long time Alex listener but have never joined ANY social media group... till now. Thanks for the tip and your service to this great country. Let us know if you do set up a fund-raiser to counterattack the false narrative. It would be a privilege to donate. My best to you and your family... Arlis!

Alex is looking like a grayback gorilla now he has lost all that weight and started building muscle mass....he should really avoid the male inhacement herbs his company sells...,he is crazy testosteroney as it is!

Dear @blakemiles84! Very clever. Keep posting!


I'm linking this to a new post. Thanks for this. I love Trump, Kanye West, Alex Jones, less taxes, free markets. I'm Oatmeal.

Video stream not processed :/

Awesome dude!!!

love this interview im getting to work now Trump needs up time to mobilize

This could be a turning point for Steemit and I couldn't be more excited about it, along with all the other good things that are happening! I believe Steemit is building something really terrific and I'm honored that we all can have a part in it!

i heard this to keep getting the word out

@blakemiles84 this is not the full clip you should take the full clip of the Ron Gibson channel

Great work! Been a huge fan of Alex Jones for many years. Lets hope those listeners join forces and discover the world #steem

Thank you for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki page about Steem/Steemit In the News. Thanks and good luck again!

The video is gone because Alex Jones was banned off YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Apple, and more. I'm linking to your post in my new article about Alex Jones. Thank you for this.

Thanks for promoting on Infowars, as I am a loyal listener. I too am getting Tired of the Globalist Facebook Censorship. Thanks for recommendation to this site!

Image of Wayne

"The currency [bitcoin] in itself can't be controlled." Are you sure? Can you elaborate? I recall reading that mining is becoming more centralized in China or something like that, and whoever owns the power companies pretty much has the mining firms by the balls. Forgive me, I am a laymen in regards to what the mining process is and how it actually works.

Great job!

Miners do not control bitcoin. They can produce blocks, but they cannot break the rules. Every single node on the network validates every block, so while miners could slow/block things (for a while, until a patch came out making them irrelevant, maybe 24h?), they can't take over the currency.

Oh I see. Thanks.

this is fantastic sooo good great great great

THANK YOU! for spreading the word about Steemit.

I'm not seeing it, you're refering to 2nd hours 3rd hours, all I see is a 23min yt video that doesn't talk about steemit.

Excellent work appearing on the INFOWARS show, It's good to see that Alex isn't opposed to cryptocurrency. Here's hoping that they replicate their content onto steemit for preservation and resisting censorship!

infowars has opened seceret doors to expose the real evil in this world. I very much look forward to help burning them to the ground. spirit cooking, children in cages used as sex slaves and demonic sacrifices, God will enjoy frying these dirty bastards, and the saints will cheer Him on. Vengeance will be the Lords

lol I can't watch any video from youtube since it's blocked in my country :(

Hey @blakemiles84 I'm the Community Liaison for Steemit Inc and would like to chat with you sometime. Please feel free to DM me on steemit.chat or let me know some other way of reaching out to you. Thanks and great job on Infowars!

Okay, I just joined up because of the YouTube channel, Computing Forever, I must say I am glad to see Infowars here..

Very informative post @blakemiles 84 I will follow you

I'm a new 'STEEMITER' thanks to Blake Miles... I'm against globalists pigs and now have a platform to spread information that goes against the controlled NWO media...

Excusing me but I can't find the clip where Steemit is on infowar? I have listened to the video in the post and steemit is NOT mentioned?

Alex knows he needs alternate platforms to survive. Steemit will turn the tide!

Awesome Group of People

Interesting viewing this post years later. Seems InfoWars isn't yet on Steem.

Not a fan of infowars at all, but I applaud @blakemiles84 for subliminally marketing steemit on TV.

a group of flat earthers and climate change deniers will hurt the platform in the long run

Alex Jones never said anything about flat earth and climate change is bullshit so politicians can tax the air we breath. You're a moron and you will see how moronic you are soon enough. You can wake up and come with us into the future or you can left by the wasteside. Your choice.

Cities are literally flooding lmao are you autistic

I believe climate change is a load of horseshit, and I entertain the possibility that the Earth might be flat. Am I hurting this platform?

any sane person who reads that would leave and never come back lmao

Evidently, we must have vastly different interpretations of what constitutes sanity. The world is full of people, each of whom hold differing beliefs. An observer of this thread, in my opinion, would be much more inclined to become a part of the community if they could see that people were not disrespected for having a different opinion. Let's instead show them that anyone who doesn't agree with you is an idiot with an alleged IQ of considerably less than 40. I'm sure that is far more helpful than it is hurtful for this platform.

sanity = not denying clear scientific evidence

Words, whether you find them in a book or leaving the mouth of a scientist, are not "scientific evidence." They are words.

Perhaps the millions upon millions of people that you are inferring to be insane have a stronger grasp on this understanding than your assumed intellect permits you.

All publicity is good publicity. We welcome everyone's speech (even if totally wrong). That's our thing.

Don't sweat it. In the long run, truth is more powerful than fiction, because it can only be ignored for so long.

We have little time to act on climate change

I just hope that so long isn't too long

Hi I am new to steemit. I kept trying to reply to your post about helping bring a pervert to justice but it looks like the comments section is closed so I hope it is okay to post this here. After looking at the information on the mans wrist and your notes, I suspect that what is written on his wrist is an actual tally of victims. He seems to have "target goals" and is keeping track as the event wears on. To the right side of his wrist you can barely read the number 8 written next to the number 10. Subtract the 8 from the 10 and you get 2. subtract the 2 from the 38 and you wind up with 36. Let's say that he is aiming for 6 victims per "session" - he would need to attend 6 more sessions to reach his target goal. To me it looks like he is tallying as he goes and has written his goals alongside his completed crimes. It seems to me also that this photo was taken in the middle of a pedophile event. Last but not least, I took the comment on the post that reads, "you're pushing it" as a friendly accolade like you would hear between friends complimenting each other. Of all the things I have written here, I feel most confident in that interpretation. That comment was friendly and encouraging.

And yet I know for a fact you watch Rupaul's Drag Race religiously.

I have no idea what that is

although I'm sure you have wet dreams about trump

Thank you for quickly identifying yourself as a time and energy vampire of which I will avoid all contact with henceforth.

You're not even clever. Blech.

I guess all mentions of steemit are worth something.

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