Jim & Josh Atkins

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Home Alone: Lost in New York:

My dad's half-brother, Jim Atkins, and his son, Josh, visited us in November of 1992. A month later, we went to see them in California, everybody in our family, dad, me, Ricky, Katie, everyone except mom and Crystal. They went to Roseburg, instead of California. The good old days.

Global Train Tracks?

In November, Josh must have said that the railroad track, behind our 163 house, circles the earth. They walked on the train tracks, took a turn around another block, went around, and came back to us from the other side of the tracks to say that they walked all around the world. I may have believe it or at least kept an open mind as I was only seven years old in 1992 in Oregon.

Never Ending Tower Game

As a kid, I played a game about a skyscraper tower building with trillions of floors, stories, never-ending, and the elevator was my brother's closet. It included me, an old guy. As I got older and older, my voice got even tougher to understand. Very funny skit. Played the game with Ricky.

Land of the Universe Game

Another game, Land of the Universe, which is all about a land that is larger than planets, stars, galaxies, and the land is the foundation of the universe, that space is merely a sky to this never ending story or land. In my game, people were always exploring more land.

That later merged with Power Rangers.

Bonus Game

Another game was called the Bonus Game where me and Crystal would have to run around outside getting points, jumping, swinging, as if we were in a big Mario Bros game.

Never Ending Tree Game

Another game was a never ending tree that must have been growing from the Land of the Universe. These games, these ideas, all came from me, originally, from the early 90's.

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Jim Atkins | Half Brother of my Father
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Josh Atkins | Son of Jim
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Red Couch Josh
1992-11 Jim Atkins and Josh on Couch.png

Ricky | Behind Crystal
1992-11 Jim Atkins Ricky.png

Blue Crystal Girl
1992-11 Jim Atkins Crystal in Blue.png

Jim & Josh Atkins

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